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Coinbase is a compelling narrative of overcoming challenges and pioneering a revolutionary product that would later emerge as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States.
In 2015, corporate lawyer Songe LaRon and financier Dave Salvant decided to revolutionize the hair salon industry by establishing Squire Technologies. After investing a few hundred dollars in hiring a graffiti artist to create “Download Squire” signs on the streets of Manhattan, they embarked on their journey in the hair appointment service sector.
Doreen Granpeesheh, founder of the Center for the Study of Autism and Related Disorders (CARD), grew her center into a vast national network and sold it for $600 million to the investment fund Blackstone. Now she faces a new challenge – buying out a bankrupt company.
Artist Phil Ross’s MycoWorks made history by unveiling the first-ever commercial mycelium-based synthetic leather production facility on September 20, 2023.
The coronavirus pandemic has profoundly altered people’s work, daily routines, and shopping behaviors. The most significant impact is arguably on the realm of work, with employees experiencing the unprecedented opportunity to work remotely for extended periods. 
According to the CentiMillionaires 2023 report, published by Henley & Partners in collaboration with New World Wealth, there are 28,420 centi-millionaires worldwide. This number is double what it was 20 years ago and 12% more than in 2022.
Purchasing luxury homes is not just an investment; it’s a status symbol that signifies success and foresight. Jeff Bezos and Ken Griffin are solidifying their positions as major players in the Miami real estate market, and they’re not alone.
The landscape of Manhattan’s real estate is experiencing a significant transformation as nearly half of the new luxury apartments built since 2019 remain vacant. This shift is attributed to changing preferences among wealthy buyers, seeking more affordable and less centrally located housing options.
Best Banks in New York in 2022
Banks are in the business of securing financial treasures. However, they have diversified into other key areas of the financial institution. To be honest, we can’t keep all our cash at home and the idea of getting interested in your money is not an offer you would resist, so you would need the services of a bank.
Living in New York
When you hear that New York is the business capital of the world, you don’t always know what’s behind those words. In terms of population, this mega-city can compete with any small European country – 8.86 million people live and work here every day. New York’s annual budget in 2019 was $84.86 billion.