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Six Traditional New York Shops that Fell Victim to the Pandemic
Like everywhere else in the world, Covid also meant that many shops in New York had to close. It is particularly sad when companies with a long tradition going under. Here are five companies that were New York veterans and, unfortunately, ended their existence.
Hart Island
Hart Island has been New York’s poor cemetery for 150 years. Actually, the isolated small island in front of the Bronx was supposed to be turned into a public park, then the Corona crisis intervened – and threw Hart Island into the spotlight.
How Coronavirus Influenced the City
In March 2020, the metropolis almost made it close to this morning. The state of emergency has shaped the life of the residents – and will continue to influence it.
Taxi Driver Riot and Crisis Trouble
How the right to be a taxi driver in New York was sold for a million dollars, became a tool of financial fraud and a reason for suicide – and what the city authorities are doing now when desperate taxi drivers are standing outside the windows of the City Hall.
Will New York City Survive the Pandemic?
“New York City must end quarantine now. The Governor and the Mayor are destroying this city!” – A recent Twitter by former United States President Donald Trump. Of course, the main reason to criticize the New York City government is in his usual way. Yet the concerns of the former American leader are shared by traditionally critical New Yorkers. The headlines “New York City Is Over” and “New York City Is Dead” are increasingly in the local press and social media.