45 Very Interesting Facts About New York

5:47 am  |  25.10.2020
New York: top view

Did you know that 20,000 dead are buried in Washington Square Park? That the famous naked cowboy in Times Square is now a millionaire? And that a taxi license in New York costs a million dollars? And that was just the beginning!

For many people, New York is the world’s number 1. This is where the coolest, freakiest and most successful people live, this is where the most sensational parties take place and this is where the best shops, whether Victoria’s Secret, Michael Kors, or real worlds of experience from Nike and Co., pull people out all over the world for shopping in New York. So much for the New York fantasies, you already know.

A Dramatic Sky Over Midtown Manhattan

According to historians, a full-fledged settlement in New York was formed about 3 thousand years ago. Indigenous people – Indians, first saw Europeans in the first half of the 16th century. After that, a series of “discoveries” of New York by various Europeans began, and then the formation of the first settlement.

The modern history of the city dates back to 1978. Starting from it, the city gradually began to recover. In the 1980s, Wall Street gained its worldwide fame and New York received the title of the economic capital of the world. In the 80s, culture flourishes, famous musicals appeared on Broadway. The tourism industry begins to develop.

Times Square

1. New York is one of the largest cities in the world, it is also one of the symbols of the United States.

2. New York was founded in the early 17th century by Dutch colonists.

3. Initially and up to 1664, New York was called New Amsterdam.

A Perfectly Placed Cloud Over The New York City Skyline

4. After the British captured the city, it was renamed New York, in honor of the Duke of York, the younger brother of King Charles II of England.

The Plays Of Broadway

5. New York was the capital of the United States of America from January 11, 1785, to August 12, 1790.

Manhattan, Queens, And Brooklyn From Above

6. Of the five boroughs of New York, four are on islands. Boroughs of New York: Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island. Manhattan and Staten Island are independent islands, Queens and Brooklyn are located in the western part of the huge Long Island.

Brooklyn Bridge

7. About 40% of the population of New York is white Americans. Thanks to immigration from different countries, their percentage is getting smaller every year, which makes New York the most cosmopolitan city in the world.

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8. Three of the four largest financial exchanges in the world are located here.

9. The capital of the state of New York is not the city of the same name, but the other is Albany.

The New York City library

10. In the eponymous state of New York, only 8 different road signs are used.

11. Kennedy Airport, located in New York, is the largest in the world.

12. New Yorkers are called New Yorkers. More than 30% of New Yorkers were born outside the United States. All New Yorkers suffer from PTSD to one degree or another. At the mention of 9/11, even men have big tears.

Albert Einstein’s brain

13. Doctor and Nurse are 2 professions that are among the twenty most respected professions in the United States. The average salary for an aspiring nurse in New York City is approximately $ 75,000- $ 80,000 per year. The doctor’s income is much higher.

Moving day

14. To become a nurse in New York, you need to graduate from university with a bachelor’s degree and pass the most difficult state exam. Some cannot pass it 5-10 times.

The Lights Of New York At Night

15. More Poles live here than in any other city in the world, with the exception of Warsaw, the capital of Poland.


16. Skyscrapers are commonly referred to as towers by New Yorkers. And there are more skyscrapers in this city than in any other. More even than in Singapore or Hong Kong.

The entire NYC subway system

17. The Empire State Building is currently the fifth tallest skyscraper in the United States, behind the Freedom Tower in New York, the Willis Tower, and the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, and the 35th tallest in the world. It even has its own postcode. More than 30 suicides have been committed since the opening of the building.

Grand Central Terminal

18 one of New York’s skyscrapers has no windows at all.

19. The Jewish population in New York is the largest in the world outside of Israel. The situation is the same as the Chinese (relative to any single city in Asia).

Empire State Building

20. Almost 8.5 million people live within the city. Half of them are in Brooklyn.

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Blocks Of Central Park

21. The New York subway is the largest in the world with over 460 stations. It carries about 8 million passengers daily, which is comparable to the number of inhabitants of this city.

The Statue of Liberty

22. The metro is both underground and aboveground. It has its own tunnels under the East River. The East River is not a river at all, but an oceanic strait that separates Long Island (with Brooklyn and Queens) from Manhattan and the Bronx.

23. More than 12,000 different life forms have been found in the New York subway, including bacteria.

24. The length of all streets in New York is 10259 kilometers. Manhattan is not only the most expensive area in New York, but also the only one without a main street.

The Moving Light Of The September 11th Memorial

25. It was in New York that the first chewing gum factory was built.

26. Until the early 20th century, the Brooklyn area, which is home to about 50% of all New Yorkers, was a separate city.

27. Hudson and Harlem – rivers that separate Manhattan from the mainland.

28. There are 5 common support bridges across the Harlem River.

29. New York holds about 25% of the world’s gold bullion reserves. They are 24 meters below the Wall Street branch of the Federal Reserve Bank.

30. The annual budget of New York is larger than the budget of the vast majority of all countries in the world.

Lightning Strikes The Statue Of Liberty

31. All the islands of New York are connected with each other and the neighboring state of New Jersey by 12 giant suspension bridges and many tunnels, 4 of which are automobile tunnels. Many are more than 3 kilometers long, and some are 12 car lanes wide.

32. Almost all bridges and tunnels in New York are paid.

33. The most expensive apartments are in Manhattan, followed by Brooklyn and, slightly behind, Queens. Renting an apartment is the most significant budget spending. The poor spend 90% of their income on this.

34. New York is the birthplace of musicals. They are given every evening at numerous Broadway theaters. One of the oldest and most popular in Chicago.

35. With about 800 foreign languages, New York is the most linguistically diverse city in the world.

36. There are a lot of museums and galleries in New York. The most popular of them are the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Gallery, the Frick Collection, and the MOMA Museum.

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37. One of the symbols of New York is the Statue of Liberty. She was brought to the city on June 17, 1885, aboard the frigate Isere, a gift from the French people to the United States. The height of the Statue of Liberty (from the top of the base to the torch) is 46.05 meters.

The 7 Train Crossing Into Queens From Manhattan

38. You can climb the Statue of Liberty. To get into the crown of the monument, you need to climb 354 steps of the spiral staircase.

39. New York City authorities are actively fighting to smoke. It is forbidden to smoke in restaurants, bars, city parks, near playgrounds. But, like ours, many bypasses this prohibition.

40. The first pizzeria in the United States was opened in New York in 1895. The price of a slice of pizza and the cost of a 1-way subway ride ($ 2.75) have been roughly the same for the past 50 years.

41. New Yorkers are very tolerant of different religions. In New York there are temples of all 15 autocephalous Orthodox churches.

42. About 13 thousand taxis operate on the streets of New York. Just $ 1 million is enough to get a license (medallion) to drive a taxi in the city.

43 It was no coincidence that taxi cars in New York became yellow. A certain John Hirtz, the founder of a transport company, commissioned a study, in the results of which it was written in black and white: yellow is the most pleasing color to the eye.

44. In New York, it is forbidden to turn right at a red light. Although in all other states this maneuver is allowed. Except in emergencies, honking is prohibited in New York, but honking is still.

Times Square From Above

45. New York is one of the ten cities in the world with the most terrible traffic jams. The average New Yorker spends about 40 minutes commuting from home to work.

New York is exciting and always worth the trip

Today’s facts show once again: New York is just a charming city. Let yourself plunge into your own city trip to the Big Apple and be convinced of the uniqueness of this metropolis. If you are looking to save money on sightseeing, we recommend the popular New York Pass, which gives you discounted access to many attractions.

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