Cameron Crews and Her Must Read Poetry Book “To The Monsters of My Past”

12:37 pm  |  26.01.2021

Drawing from the photo on the cover and the interview we had with her, Cameron Crews is a beautiful, blonde girl from Texas whose smile, genuine kindness, and childlike nature alludes to the idea that she has not known hardship. That is a common misconception.

In her 24 short years, she has experienced a life twisted in pain that the young writer sees as a blessing for pushing her to be the person she is today. Cameron channeled her struggles into a love of writing that this winter was published into her debut work “To the Monsters of My Past” (published by Xlibris). “To the Monsters of My Past” marks Cameron’s debut in the literary limelight, and the work’s success underlines the fact that people appreciate a chance to look behind a book’s cover.

Her desire to share her work on a larger scale came following the death of her older brother Ike. “Ike was my person. He was my best friend, my loyal advisor, and my biggest supporter wrapped up in a loving older brother. Through writing and sharing the blog I made in light of his death, I feel that I’ve gotten to a place where my gratitude for him outshines the pain of the loss. I’m so glad he was here at all, and when he was mine,” Cameron states. Cameron’s blog sharing her experience with grief had over 20,000 viewers in over 50 countries and inspired her to continue sharing her writing as a way to help people while helping herself. It was the outpour of gratitude and support from the blog that pushed Cameron to publish a book.

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“I wouldn’t change anything in my life. This book was my own therapy practice. I always find myself writing about unsettled emotions to make sense of them. From the book, it seems I have suffered and struggled which, like everyone, I have. But that is not to say I have not had an amazing life. I absolutely have. I see these tough circumstances thrown my way as a chance to grow and an opportunity to become a better person. If my life had been perfect, I don’t think my writing would be half as good,” the writer shares, smiling.

Cameron saw her publishing deal as an opportunity to share the success and immediately asked one of her best friends, Cassie Legg, to be her illustrator. Cassie’s artistic talent pairs seamlessly with Cameron’s words and the two together create a powerful piece of art that has already sold over 30,000 copies and is in the running for numerous literary awards. “Cameron has truly been one of my biggest supporters when it comes to my art. I never really saw it going anywhere and viewed it more as an outlet than a professional endeavor.

Having the opportunity to work in a professional creative realm with one of my closest friends has made the process one of joy, acceptance, and support. Our friendship really has been the backbone of this entire process and the reason I believe it’s been so successful,” Cassie reveals. 

By publishing “To the Monsters of My Past”, Crews hopes to give words to emotions and experiences others have been through yet often go undiscussed. Strength is demonstrated through vulnerability as resilience shines from one page to the next. “If someone is touched, entertained, or comforted by my own hardships and epiphanies, then the goal of this book will be met,” the author adds.

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Cameron is currently writing two other novels, running a poetry Instagram (@camjcrews) with her friend (@cassiecrawford_), and writing for LA based art galleries and fashion labels. Buy your own copy on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Xlibris, or Indiebound. More information is available at

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