New York City Fire Museum: The Fire Department Museum in New York

11:39 am  |  29.05.2022

The New York Fire Museum is a small but fine museum in Soho dedicated to the history of the New York Fire Department. We recently visited it and here we show you what awaits you!

What Can You See at the New York City Fire Museum?

The New York Fire Museum is housed in a former fire station in Soho

The New York Fire Department Museum is appropriately located in a former fire station. It’s in the middle of Soho and you can’t miss it as you can see from the pictures! The beginnings of the fire brigade in New York are shown on three floors, starting with small medals, stories and anecdotes up to entire fire engines.

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Exciting for Children

The regular events are particularly exciting for children, where they show exactly how the fire brigade proceeds in the event of a fire in an apartment – even with real smoke (= fog)!

However, the most important area for me personally was the small exhibition in honor of the firefighters who died tragically on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center. You will see many originals that will definitely give you goosebumps.

We were also fortunate enough to speak to one of the survivors during our visit to the Fire Brigade Museum – he is one of many firefighters who volunteer for the museum. You really get a very special picture and appreciation of the work of the men and women.

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Who is the New York City Fire Museum For?

First of all, for everyone who is a fire brigade enthusiast! We were there because it is super interesting for children and because of the exhibition on 9/11 also for everyone who wants to look a little behind the scenes of the attacks.

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Tickets and Admission to the New York Fire Museum

Tickets for the New York Fire Museum in Soho are $10 per adult and $5 per child (3+) – they are available directly from the box office. The children also get a coloring and handicraft book!

If you’re in the Volunteer Fire Department, you’ll get a $2 discount on your entry. Just let the ticket counter know.

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