The Top 9 Things to Do in Manhattan’s Gramercy Park

10:01 am  |  10.12.2020

Gramercy Park is a small private park located in a quiet and prestigious area in the south of Midtown New York. Initially, the park received the Dutch name Crommessie, which meant “small swamp”. In those days, life in the city was concentrated in the southern part of Manhattan, few wanted to live in the wetlands where Gramercy Park is now located. With the draining of the marshes and the growth of New York, that changed – by the end of the 19th century, it had become a popular destination for evening walks.

The park has a long list of rules. In particular, any commercial filming or photography, including wedding photography, is prohibited. Other rules include a ban on walking on the grass, walking animals, drinking alcohol, listening to music, and playing sports. Despite all these restrictions, many interesting entertainments in the park will please every tourist. We’ve picked out the top 9 fun things to do in the vicinity of the Gramersea Park.

Gramercy Park Hotel

Once it was one of the most famous New York hotels – John F. Kennedy, Humphrey Boggart, and many other celebrities lived here. Anyone can enter the building, but you will not be allowed to take photos and videos. The cost of living in this hotel is now more than acceptable, but before, not everyone could afford to stay in this place.

Gramercy Park Hotel | Travelzoo

Gramercy Park Hotel

The hotel’s restaurant occasionally hosts concerts of local singers and stand-up comedians. Places must be booked in advance.

Drawing New York

In this place, you can feel like a real artist. Real people will pose for you, and a professional teacher will tell you if you need help. Usually, artists gather in this place to paint portraits, but the doors are open for tourists who want to see the process of painting.

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Theater club the Players Club

The name of the club was taken from the work of Shakespeare (“the whole world is a theater …”), and the building was rebuilt by the famous architect Stanford White. The Players Club included Mark Twain, Laurence Olivier, Churchill, Sinatra, and many other famous personalities.

In the picture below, just behind the Players Club is the house occupied by the NAC – the National Arts Club. This home was rebuilt by Calvert Vaux (the man who designed Central Park and Prospect Park) at the request of Governor Tilden.

Inside The Players, NYC's 128-Year-Old Private Theater Club - Gothamist

Theater club the Players Club

Outside In Walking Tours

This rather interesting tour starts at Morris Jumel’s mansion. First, you will find a short story about the mansion and the history of Washington. To avoid getting bored, the guide dilutes his speech with jokes and fun historical facts. The tour ends at Hamilton’s house. Throughout the tour, you will learn many interesting facts about Alexander Hamilton.

Free Dublin walking tour outside St Patrick's Cathedral - Picture of Dublin  Free Walking Tour - Tripadvisor

Outside In Walking Tours

Tourists are advised to bring something to eat and soft drinks. At the end of the tour, everyone can buy souvenirs and take memorable photos.

Mansion N15

The mansion N15 on 20th Street was built in 1845. Then, in 1884, rebuilt by Calvert Vox in Victorian Gothic style with elements of the Italian renaissance, for Samuel Tilden – New York Democrat mayor, who lost the presidential election in 1876 under rather suspicious circumstances.

Tilden is said to be so worried about his fate because of the scandal associated with them that he ordered an underground passage from his house to be cut through to 19 Street for an emergency escape. It is unknown if this is true, but the rumors are especially impressive when you consider that the city stands on a monolithic granite rock.

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National Arts Club - Wikipedia

Mansion N15

After the death of the owner of the mansion, according to his will, a public library was opened in the house. Then in 1906, the prestigious National Arts Club settled here, whose members included such famous collectors as Henry Frick and J.P. Morgan, whose bas-reliefs now adorn the facade of the building.

These days the club has a very wide range of activities related to culture, art, and even fashion. The club hosts art exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, presentations, and literary readings.

Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site

Born and raised in New York, Theodore Roosevelt has a close relationship with the city. In memory of the only US president who was born in Manhattan, a museum was opened. The small house where Theodore Roosevelt was born is now free to visit. Even if you are not interested in the biography of Theodore Roosevelt, the house is interesting to visit to see the typical interiors of a wealthy New York family mansion of the mid-19th century.

Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site, New York City -  Tripadvisor

Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site

The 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, is revered in America and around the world as a strong-willed and courageous ruler. His image is still used in media culture – from computer games to films (for example, “Night at the Museum”). Theodore Roosevelt was the first American citizen to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. He also became the first ruler of the country to invite a representative of African Americans to his residence (the White House in Washington).

Gramercy Theatre

The Gramercy Theater is located on 23rd Street and is one of the locals’ favorite non-format theaters. Shows anime, art-house theatrical performances, comedy performances, and much more. This theater only seats 500, so tickets must be booked in advance. Tickets are usually sold out one month before the event.

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Gramercy Theater in New York, NY - Cinema Treasures

Gramercy Theatre

This atmospheric place will win you over at first sight. The Gramercy Theater has become a rising arena for hundreds of stars.

Police Academy Museum

Did you know that the history of the valiant New York police force goes back over 160 years? And the fact that New York police officers are considered some of the most highly trained police officers in the country?

NYC Police Museum to put cop cars on display at New York A | Hemmings Daily  | Police cars, Police, Old police cars

Police Academy Museum

The Police Museum contains a documentary and material evidence of the difficult path of the valiant law enforcement officers in various periods of American history. Imagine, for example, how difficult the work of a police officer was during the period of Prohibition or periods of mass immigration, after wars and cataclysms in Europe!

Modern Pinball NYC Arcade, Party Place and Museum

In this museum, if you can call it that, you will find different pinball machines. Games are inexpensive – for about $ 5 per person, you can get an unlimited one-time pass. Try your hand at the Kiss car or the good old school of Elton John. Recommended for those looking for unstructured activities and wanting to have fun with friends.

店内の様子 - Picture of Modern Pinball NYC Arcade, Party Place and Museum, New  York City - Tripadvisor

NYC Arcade, Party Place and Museum

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