What Is the Point of Choosing the Right Skyline View Point in NYC

11:27 am  |  08.11.2020

Getting the best skyline views in New York is probably one of the best attractions that can be found for visitors from all over the world. For that reason, it is important to know all destinations and its specialties, so that viewer’s choice can be made wisely and as many other attractions can be seen from the chosen point. Here is the list:


There are no other skyline viewpoints, which are regarded as the iconic part of the skyline in New York such as The Empire State Building. This is a real sport where the heart of the NY city can be appreciated on the full scale. There are two points where observation can be made from. The first is the platform located on the 86th floor. This platform is located on the open-air and has protective fencing so that the visitors can feel safe and secure. The second platform is located inside the dome of the building on the 102 floors. This is a well-protected place that is considered as being extremely safe and offers impeccable views of the surrounding areas of the city’s skylines.

C:\Users\Максим\Desktop\111\The Empire State building.png

Empire state building

There are lots of attractions that can be seen nearby, such as The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Times Square, and Brooklyn Bridge. There are lots of other famous places that can be seen from both platforms of the building. People can enjoy the daily life of the commuters, which smoothly runs beneath them. This is undoubtedly one of the best attractions in New York and clearly, a must-visit place for everyone. It also has one of the best illuminating lights that make it very special at night. This place is a real jewel of the city and certainly the point where the beauty of New York can be appreciated in a big way.


This is one of the most lucrative destinations of skyline views as it is located in One World trade center, right on the 102 floors. The observatory offers an outstanding 360-degree view of all Manhattan. Viewers will be captivated by the scenery by standing in the clouds.

Even if this is a bright and sunny day the astonishing views of The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center as well as Hudson River along with boroughs of the Atlantic Ocean will leave unforgettable impressions of the city.

C:\Users\Максим\Desktop\111\One world observatory.png

One world observatory

The whole Manhattan skyline is located remotely, so every attraction and major skyscrapers will be seen with ease. The observatory is located remotely and for that reason everything that a viewer wishes to see will be located right in front. There are lots of places where people can stay nearby, including: Courtyard Soho, Renaissance Time Square and POD 51 as well as plenty of other wonderful places.

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This is definitely one of the most desired skyline observation locations in the city. Located right in the heart of New York on 50th Street, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, it offers probably the best views in the heart of Manhattan. The deck has protective fences and paid binoculars, which allow seeing the surrounding area in greater detail.

The deck is located on the open air, so this considered as being absolutely fantastic at the times when the weather is fine. One of the greatest advantages the Top of The Rock has is that there are fewer visitors in the winter hence if a trip to New York is planned during winter months; this is probably the best place to get the views of the city.

C:\Users\Максим\Desktop\111\TOP OF THE ROCK OBSERVATION DECK.png

Top of the rock observation deck

Every individual who gets to the deck will be able to see The Empire State Building right in front of them, enjoy the views of Central Park and Hudson River. Due to the fact that this is located in the heart of Manhattan, all other skyline buildings are located nearby and their roofs located on roughly the same level as Top of The Rock deck. This is an incredible feeling to stand there are be part of this marvelous city. There is no doubt that this is going to be one of the best experiences ever for any tourist or a person who visits New York.


The tramway is clearly one of the most unusual ways of getting the views of the skyline of New York City. It has a length of 3100 ft. or 940 m. It commences its way from the East River and descends to Roosevelt Island by connecting in with the upper side of Manhattan. This is a great opportunity to get the views of the city whilst being on the move. It is not costly either, as it will only take a swipe of a metro card and the traveler is on his way. The trams depart with decent frequency, so very often people prefer to take several trips.

C:\Users\Максим\Desktop\111\ROOSEVELT ISLAND TRAMWAY.png

Roosevelt Island Tramway

The passengers are going to raise through the city along the East River, so the views of Manhattan and Queens can be enjoyed. The tram can be taken at virtually any time during the day from 12.00 a.m. The last train will depart at 11.45 p.m. therefore people who would like to experience the views of the night city can do so. It is crucial to point out that it does not operate at the weekends, so this is definitely one of the major disadvantages of the tram. It is not overcrowded and certainly regarded as one of the most unusual ways to enjoy the views of the city’s skylines. Again, the prices for traveling on the tram are very fair, so it is considered to be very affordable for every individual.

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Lots of people agree that spending some time at one of New York’s roof bars for lunch or dinner is a great idea to enjoy the views of the city’s skylines. There are lots of bars to choose from with delicious meals and exquisite drinks on offer. More importantly, all of them offer various locations throughout Manhattan hence the views may be different all the time. The coolest thing is indeed the interior design of each place as viewers may comfortably sit and enjoy not only the views of the city but the atmosphere of the place too.

C:\Users\Максим\Desktop\111\ROOFTOP BARS.png

Rooftop bars

There are quite a lot of places that offer such facilities. Among them, several bars stand way ahead of the others in terms of the level of service quality, range food, and drinks on offer. The list below provides a clue to the best rooftop bars that offer marvelous services and jaw-dropping views of the city:

  • The Press Lounge is located on the West Side;
  • Mr. Purple that is located on the LES;
  • Le Bain as well as the Top of the Standard located in the Meatpacking District ;
  • 1 Rooftop located in Brooklyn;
  • Bar sixty-five, which is located at the Rainbow Room.

Working hours may vary but visitors can be sure that views of the skylines can be enjoyed during daylight and at night too. There are also plenty of other lounges and rooftop bars that can be found in the city of New York.


If a visitor would like to experience something very special, then indeed the Edge at Hudson Yard is the place to go for. This is the tallest observation deck not only in New York but in the whole Western hemisphere. The building is 1000 ft. tall, whereas its observation platform is located right at the top of the building.

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It is surrounded by the protection glass at the edges, so every viewer can feel one hundred percent secure. The deck has an exceptionally modern design and features a glass floor section in the middle. People may walk across it freely and securely and it also adds plenty of charisma to the whole observation platform.

C:\Users\Максим\Desktop\111\EDGE AT HUDSON YARD.png

Edge at Hudson yard

The scenery, which opens up from the observation platform is astonishing. It looks as though the City of New York is laid on your hand. All attractions and famous places are clearly visible. It includes the Hudson River, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park.

If the weather is fine people can easily observe the borough of the Atlantic Ocean. This is certainly one of the best views that people can experience when visiting New York. The place offers a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, it is cute and very modern. No matter what is in the plans of the viewers to see, everything can easily be found from this place.


This place is unique in many ways. First of all, it is not lactated at the top of a building or at one of the top floors. It is located in Jersey City in Liberty State Park, right in the mouth of Hudson River. This is probably the best waterfront view of the whole skyline of Manhattan from the land.

Secondly, the waterfront makes the view of the skyline very special and it is great for capturing images when the majority of the skyscrapers are seen from the land. Thirdly it is totally free and people can stay there for as long as they like as well as enjoy amenities and amusements that are offered in the park.

C:\Users\Максим\Desktop\111\LIBERTY STATE PARK.png

Liberty state park

The other very important aspect of this place is that the night views of the skyline can also be enjoyed every evening. At the disposal of visitors, there are paid binoculars available to be used. People are free to come there at any time they want to and capture images in the best weather conditions.

This is an incredible opportunity that should be used by every person who comes to New York. The scenery is absolutely amazing and will long live in the memory of every individual who comes there at least once.

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