New York is Full of Surprises. Let’s Talk About Rooftop Bars

6:35 am  |  02.10.2020

The United States is a land of endless possibilities, and New York is the most iconic city. The Big Apple is the cradle of power, money, and breathtaking skyscrapers. If a person is cosmopolitan at heart, it doesn’t matter who he is, a millionaire, or no savings at all. But definitely New York is a city primarily for such people. A tour of it will feed your life energy for further conquest of heights, inspire new ideas. And of course at the end of the day, after a standard walk, sample the local rooftop establishments, they are very popular here.

It is already a tradition when the bar is located on the roof of a hotel or business center. Your time in New York will not be complete if you do not drop by for a couple of cocktails or glasses of beer in the bar on one of the rooftops, especially during the warmer months. We have specially prepared a list of bars on the rooftops of local skyscrapers. They will give an unforgettable experience with their beautiful, romantic, and sometimes non-standard setting.

The Skylark

The Skylark bar will delight its guests with unforgettable views of the Hudson and Manhattan skyscrapers, because it is located in the heart of New York’s Garment District, at the very top of the building of the same name.

There are a summer veranda and a lounge bar with extensively covered space – The Skylark is the perfect place for all occasions. The bar is also distinguished by an excellent and rich range of cocktails, music will not leave indifferent even the most quivering music lover and circular lamps make for perfect Instagram photos.

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This luxurious bar is located on the 30th floor of the Kimberly Hotel. A truly heavenly place, no matter if it is hot summer evenings or in winter, when it snows in New York. The owners did their best to equip three separate rooms with a total area of more than 900 square meters. Here, from a bird’s eye view, you can enjoy the view of the famous Chrysler Building at any time.

The establishment has its own signature cocktails and snacks. Here they will be very attentive and courteous to you. Everything is well thought out, and even at rush hour the atmosphere remains calm and every client has enough attention.

Press Lounge

The Press Lounge was founded in 2010. He instantly became famous throughout Manhattan, and in 10 years he gained worldwide fame. The Press Lounge is now considered one of the best bars in downtown New York with a rooftop terrace. The bar has its own signature cocktails, according to a special recipe, which are much tastier than standard cocktails according to the general template. Their signature cocktail in the summer is the refreshing Electrolyte. Perfectly prepared Irish Coffee will warm you up in winter.

There is a very rich panorama of the best views of New York. It’s no coincidence that the New York Times lists The Press Lounge as one of the city’s most attractive bars every year. Drew Barrymore chose this bar to celebrate her engagement.

Plunge Rooftop Bar

Plunge Rooftop Bar is located on the rooftop of the popular Gansevoort Hotel and Club. The bar features a pool and nightclub, and spectacular views of New York and New Jersey.

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This institution is open all week long, but there is a strict rule – on Fridays and Saturdays it is good form to order a bottle of alcohol. The place is very popular, so it is better to book a table in advance. It has an excellent view from the roof and good energy. Bar having several rooms to suit different preferences. One of the rooms is quieter, it is good to communicate and make new acquaintances here. DJs try their best in the second room. There is an incendiary atmosphere and dancing all night long. On weekends it is better to have time to come before 22:00, as then it is very crowded here until the morning.

And one more important point, Plunge Rooftop Bar has a rather strict dress code. Try to keep your appearance neat. There is also a spacious swimming pool at the disposal of guests.

The Roof

The Roof at the PUBLIC Hotel is another New York bar that opened recently, but from the first days, everything is at its best, literally and figuratively. The Bar offering a beautiful panorama of Downtown and Midtown. The Roof is located in the Lower East Side and is the only rooftop bar in the area. The establishment has an indoor bar and two terraces. One of the main advantages of the bar is the best visibility among competitors. From here, you can see all of Manhattan’s high rises, including the Empire State Building, the One World Trade Center building. And how wonderful it is to see off the sunset here…

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From 17:00 to 19:00 you can get to the bar quite easily, you don’t even have to comply with the dress code. Later in the evening, and especially on weekends, the bar becomes a real hotspot, and entry rules are tightened. Although The Roof is at the very top of the PUBLIC Hotel, it can be reached very quickly. To do this, you need to go around the escalator in the front door and go to the elevator, it will take you straight to the bar.

The Lookup

The Lookup is the new start-up of a creative team of Instagram-famous milkshake makers at Black Tap Burgers & Beer. Try this place, it will be very interesting. The summer cocktails on the list are designed by renowned mixologist Pamela Wiznitzer. But even in cold weather, The Lookup will find something to surprise even the most pampered regular. Here you can find both alcoholic sorbets of a secret recipe and hybrids of well-known cocktails. And the main view from the window is the Empire State Building.

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