July Gringuz, the founder of a charter operator Novans Jets

6:27 pm  |  07.06.2020
July Gringuz, Novans Jets LLP
July Gringuz, Novans Jets – international Private Aviation Group providing aircraft charter, sales, leasing and management services worldwide

Novans Jets 
is an international aviation group, specialising in private jets and helicopters, focused on providing customised solutions, such as aircraft charter, sales and acquisition, leasing, management and maintenance of aircraft.

Novans Jets LLP
Novans Jets fleet

Novans Jets philosophy is comfort, security, full confidentiality and individual approach. 

All aircraft that Novans Jets provides are fully compliant with international civil aviation safety standards and certified in accordance with the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO).

Novans Jets fleet
Every industry is demanding. Business aviation is a especially demanding! We, Novans Jets, analyze changes, demands and tendencies of the market to respond to increasing needs of our clients!

In recent years we have performed more than a thousand flights at highest level, all tailored to our clients. Complete confidentiality of information is maintained at all time.

Novans Jets fleet
Novans Jets

Novans Jets provides premium services. Therefore, we do not use standard solutions. We develop a tailored solution for each particular client, taking into account our previous experience. For each client a personal manager is assigned providing 24/7 services. 

Novans Jets fleet
Be assured that we will find the most comfortable option for you next private flight 

We have a strategic network of certified partners worldwide, so we are able to ensure delivery of highest calibre services across our spectrum.

All financial transactions concluded between Novans Jets and our clientele are completely clear and transparent. We always provide all primary documentation in its original form. The price of services is agreed in advance and takes into account all your requirements.

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