GolinHarris, New York

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Last year, a new structure was introduced at GolinHarris Interpublic, which changed the traditional names, divided employees into four departments: strategists, creators, catalysts, and communicators. The reorganization also affected the intra-office location of employees. All these steps are called “Prevolve”.

It is not known how this will affect the long-term goals of the company, but the short-term benefits already indicate the potential of the new system. Immediately after the restructuring, business ties were expanded, the company entered into cooperation with Slim Fast Bertolli and Unilever, which increased its annual income by about 9%.

Additional wins include contracts with Crown Imports, Aramark, Discover Financial Services, and Cephalon. The new business system helps the company deliver meaningful and successful campaigns, such as social media activities for Magnum.