The Most Famous Shows and Theaters on Broadway

6:30 am  |  01.04.2021

What do you want to see on Broadway? – One of the most popular questions among those who come to New York. Broadway… It’s a world of great performances, great scenery, great dances, fascinating voices. A world of bright posters and shiny signs. A world of emotion and experience.

Each of us has heard the expression «Broadway Theatre», but not everyone knows that today such theatres are forty-one. They all wait for their viewers every night.

Broadway is the longest street in New York City. And here, on Broadway, is the Theater District, the dream of anyone who first came to New York to see famous musicals and shows. The first theatres appeared on Broadway in the mid-18th century.

Theater Majestic, Musical “The Phantom of the Opera”

Theatre «Majestic» – 1645 places.

The theater opened in 1927 and has seen many impressive shows. Since the opening of this famous Broadway theater, dozens of shows have been staged. But they are history. The main bestseller of the theater Majestic – «The Phantom of the Opera», a musical that has been going on since 1988. The music composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, a half-hearted plot, a romantic love story, and beautiful voices all made The Phantom of the Opera the longest-running musical in Broadway history. 

The Ambassador Theater, the Musical “Chicago”

The Ambassador Theatre is not very large, but it is cozy. The theatre is a little less than a hundred years old, it opened in 1921.

The action of the musical takes place in the 20s of the twentieth century in Chicago. One of the main characters is Velma Kelly. Once she was shining in vaudeville, and now she is serving a sentence in prison: Velma killed her husband and sister, finding them one day in bed. Velma Kelly tells her story in song while welcoming the audience of the show.

The viewer then meets Roxy Hart, who killed her cheating lover Fred Keisley. Roxy has always dreamed of a glamorous life and fame. However, her life did not turn out that way, the girl has long been married to the mechanic Amos. Her life revolves around her husband and home, but she is tired of this state of affairs. Roxy decides to become the mistress of Fred Keisley, who convinces her that he will help her with a career in a cabaret. Fred tells the girl that among his acquaintances there is a cabaret owner, whom Caseley will gladly recommend Roxy. However, it soon became clear that Fred had no acquaintances. This news shocks Roxy – she kills her lover.

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There is a popular musical «Chicago» about passionate love of money, fame, and success. Six Tony Awards means something! It will be everything we love: All that jazz, Cellblock tango, Mister Cellophane, and the most incendiary hit Razzle Dazzle!

Minskoff Theatre, the Musical “The Lion King”

Finding the Minskoff Theater is very easy: it is located in the heart of Times Square.

However, if you are nearby, you will know exactly where to go when you see a poster with huge letters written: The Lion King. The musical «King Lev» has been held at the Minskoff Theatre since 2006, and it is popular in 2019 as well as on the day of the premiere on Broadway. «The Lion King» is a show for children, but the adults are absolutely delighted with it.

Al Hirschfeld Theatre, Musical “Moulin Rouge”

Al Hirschfeld is a very pleasant, small theatre, one of the most «atmospheric» Broadway theatres.

This theater is worth going to see the Broadway novelty, the musical «Moulin Rouge», the novel of the poor poet and the beautiful, terminally ill courtesan about the great power of love and art. 

Nederlander Theatre, Musical “Pretty Woman”

Since the summer of 2019 on the stage Nederlander Theatre there is a musical «Pretty Woman» – a romantic love story between Vivien and Edward.

You must have seen a film of the same name with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The Broadway version is no worse (of course, with other actors).

Neil Simon Theatre, the Musical “The Cher Show”

“The Cher Show” is a musical about the great Cher, her career, her passions, her life.

Opened in 1927, the theatre was then called the Alvin Theatre. In 1977, other owners renamed the theatre and named it after the famous playwright Neil Simon.

Broadway Theatre, the Musical “King Kong”

Since mid-August 2019, the musical «King Kong» can be seen in the Broadway theater.

The modern version of the famous film comes to life on the stage of one of the largest Broadway theaters (it has 1761 seats). We do not know when King Kong will «return» to New York next time, so if you have an opportunity, do not miss this musical while you can see it.

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Theater New Amsterdam, the Musical “Aladdin”

One of the oldest theatres in Manhattan, New Amsterdam was built in 1903.

And if the facade behind the bright signs is not visible, the hall will delight everyone. In the theater New Amsterdam we watch the Disney musical «Aladdin».

St. James Theatre, the Musical “Cold Heart”

In this theater, the two-time winner of the «Oscar», the director Alejandro González Inarritu directed the film «Birdman».

The St. James Theatre is easily recognized by a beautiful high balcony with three arches on the facade. Today there is a production of Disney «Cold Heart», which is based on a cartoon of the same name.

Eugene O’Neil Theatre, the Musical “The Book of Mormon”

The theatre, named after the American playwright Eugene O’Neill, has for many years been home to one of the most popular Broadway shows, The Book of Mormon.

If you have watched (and you like) South Park, and if English is almost your native language, be sure to watch the musical «Book of Mormon» in New York.

Musicals Based on Famous Films

Many Broadway shows are based on films. There are many such performances, and they all deserve attention. And isn’t it a great idea to watch a movie before you travel, and start your New York journey before you leave for the airport? Click on the titles and you will see a description of the show, but the names of these shows speak for themselves.

If you are wondering if it makes sense to watch something on Broadway at all, if you doubt your level of English, then the answer to your question might be musicals based on films. It’s a great choice. But classic musicals such as The Phantom of the Opera and Chicago are quite a “safe” option.

If you’re going to New York, be sure to buy a ticket for a Broadway show, because Broadway shows are as bright and unforgettable as the city itself.

When the first Broadway theatres appeared (and according to historical data the first theater opened in 1750), other performances were popular. They might look funny and simple to us. Broadway today is an industry and a particular theater culture. Broadway productions have their own analog «Oscar» – prestigious Tony Awards, which takes place every year at the beginning of June.

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Broadway is a very special world. Here are some of the most incredible stories. Did you know that last season, some buyers were willing to pay up to $40,000 a ticket to see Bruce Springsteen’s show, “Springsteen on Broadway”, during the last week of his performances? Can you imagine a woman from Ireland who waited four days on the sidewalk outside the Richard Rogers Theatre so that her family could see the most popular musical, “Hamilton”; and when her turn finally came, she was horrified to realize that she was short of $20, (and a sympathetic New York cop pulls a $20 bill out of his pocket and gives it to a woman)? And in the line at the box office of “The Ferryman”, a man tells a story of how he flew from North Carolina to London when the play was going there, but he couldn’t get into the play, there were no tickets, and he quickly booked a flight to New York, when I found out this play was on Broadway.

There’s a lot of stories like that. The reason is? Broadway magic. Don’t treat Broadway as just a checkmark on a list of things to do or look at in New York. Feel the power of each play. Appreciate the attention to detail, the importance of history and morality, subtle creative experiences, and emotions. Your impressions of the Broadway show will be remembered forever – these are the moments you will share with those with whom you have come to see the play, as well as with the actors on the stage and with the thousands of strangers in the room who experience this moment with you.

It is no exaggeration to say that some performances, actors, or even songs have the power to change your life. Despite all the wonders of modern Hollywood cinema, special effects, Netflix, the highest class of television programs, there is nothing that compares to the magic of the theatre – full of emotion and life of the Broadway world.

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