20 Captivating Attractions in New York You Must Visit

6:44 am  |  03.10.2020

The Big Apple, like the forbidden fruit, attracts millions of travelers to visit New York every year. Of course, there are many travel guides to New York that help to form an impression of the city, but we offer our rating of the most beautiful spots. If you haven’t visited such places, consider that you have not seen New York.

Whether you are a tourist or a local, New York provides a whole universe to explore at any time. That’s why we’ve rounded up 20 New York City attractions that are worth seeing at least once.

1. Statue of Liberty

Of course, this is the main symbol not only of New York but of the whole of America. This is a legendary monument that every American is proud of. The height of the monument is 93 meters. The statue of a woman, who holds a torch in one hand, and in the other a tablet with the date of the country’s independence. She can be seen from afar, and in the evening and at night it is illuminated by many lights.

To get inside, you need to take a ferry. You can get to one of the main attractions of New York by ferry that runs every day. But if you don’t want to spend money on travel and admission tickets, we suggest taking the free ferry from Staten Island and sail past the Statue of Liberty.

2. Empire State Building

You’ve probably seen this skyscraper in American films. Its construction began back in 1929. Surprisingly, such a tall building was completed in just 15 months. Several thousand workers worked on its construction, including the Mohawk Indians, who have no fear of heights.

Since that time the building has been considered one of the most recognizable landmarks in New York and the heart of the city. There are two observation platforms open for visiting, climbing on which you will see the whole of New York at your feet.

3. The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the Eight Wonders of the Modern World. It was built in the late 19th century to link two economically important areas – Manhattan and Brooklyn. The building, unique at that time, was built over 14 years. Due to its design, it is considered an ingenious architectural structure.

The construction of the two-kilometer bridge was complicated by several features. First, to install the main pillars, it was necessary to hollow out the bottom, which was a hard surface of the rock. Secondly, the structure of the building had to hang on steel cables, which was unheard of in those days.

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4. Rockefeller Center

You should go to the observation deck of this skyscraper at sunset, at which time you can see the Empire State Building and the whole of New York, drowning in the dying rays of the sun. Comfortable city binoculars are installed on the site.

5. Times Square

The famous New York street is located in the heart of Manhattan. This is one of the main attractions worth visiting while in the city. Times Square is where the most famous cinemas, restaurants, and theaters are located. At various times, the attitude of locals and tourists to Times Square was ambiguous.

At the beginning of the last century, from the central street of the city, where one could find entertainment to one’s liking, it turned into a breeding ground for vices. Gambling clubs, porn theaters, and other similar establishments appeared here. Times Square later became a truly dangerous place, where robberies flourished, and entrepreneurs faced lawlessness every day, which was repaired by corrupt police officers. But, no matter what times this legendary street goes through, it has always been and remains the center of New York life.

6. Broadway

Broadway is the main “artery” of New York, 25 kilometers long. This legendary street stretches through all areas of the metropolis and Manhattan 12th Avenue. It is impossible to walk the street in one day, but it is worth setting aside time to explore its sights.

The architecture of the buildings on Broadway is so diverse that it can help to study American history. Once in the southern part of the street, you can see low-rise colonial-style houses and the surrounding squares, and in the center of the city, skyscrapers are lined up.

7. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

A colossal architectural object and one of the main attractions of New York. St. Patrick’s Cathedral was built in the middle of the 19th century. according to the unique project of the architect Renwick the Younger. During the years of the opening of the temple, its 100-meter Spiers towered over the buildings of the city, but today it is surrounded by skyscrapers, the neighborhood with which accentuates the unusual architecture, made in the neo-Gothic style.

Why visit this cathedral? Its interior decoration evokes awe and admiration. The walls are decorated with frescoes and paintings, and the light penetrating through the enormous stained glass windows creates a unique atmosphere. You can get to the cathedral by subway, getting off at 53 Street station. Address: 460 Madison Avenue.

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8. The High Line

This unusual city park was opened not so long ago – in 2009. It was built at a height of 10 meters above ground level on the site of a former railway line. In an area of 160 hectares, there are many secluded places with benches, sun loungers, and tables where you can enjoy a break and a snack.

9. Metropolitan Museum

One of the largest art museums in the world is located in downtown Manhattan. A month will probably not be enough to view the entire exposition, but it is worth visiting it for at least a couple of hours. You can visit this museum in New York and get acquainted with the collections of one of the leading museums. Some secrets of the Metropolitan Museum will allow you to understand the history of New York much better.

10. World Trade Center

The construction of this skyscraper was completed only in 2014. The building became a new symbol of freedom and was built near the site of the September 11 tragedy. The building, 381 meters above ground level, houses the One World Observatory.

11. Central Park

There is a real oasis in the concrete jungle of New York – a massive park with an area of 3.41 square kilometers. You’ve probably seen in the movies how the locals go for a morning jog or a leisurely evening walk here. If you are in New York during the warmer months, be sure to take a boat and ride on Jacqueline Kennedy Lake. You can also go cycling and visit the zoo. In winter, a skating rink opens in the park.

12. Museum of Memory 9/11

If you want to pay tribute to the victims of 9/11, visit the museum on the site of the Twin Towers. More precisely, in place of the destroyed buildings, there are now two unusual pools and a small park, and the museum itself is located under them.

13. Guggenheim Museum

The museum building itself is like a work of art, let alone the collection gathered in it. If you want to admire the rare masterpieces of modern art – you need to visit this place when visiting New York.

Be careful, the exposition is updated quite often, and at the time of preparing a new exhibition, the museum is closed for visiting. You can follow this on the official website. The price of the entrance ticket should be specified there.

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14. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

If you’re in New York in the spring or summer, be sure to check out the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. The most beautiful place, the gardens are open to the public every day except Mondays. Although admission is usually paid, it is free on Tuesdays. You can also go free on Saturday from 22:00 to 00:00 if you want to take a romantic night out.

15. Wall Street

Wall Street – the financial center of the world, here you can find out how and how business America lives, and at the same time, you will see one of the iconic symbols of the Big Apple – the “Attacking Bull” statue, which, as conceived by the architect, should symbolize the strength of the American people.

16. Grand Central Terminal

Just come and see the beauty of the Grand Central Station building in New York. The ceiling of the main hall is decorated with an amazing fresco depicting the signs of the zodiac and 2500 stars, 60 of which are illuminated. It is also at the train station that you can taste the most delicious bagel bun in New York.

17. Soho District

Once there were factories, in the mid-80s this area of ​​Manhattan was chosen by bohemia and created many galleries and atmospheric establishments. Today, Soho has become a residential area, where tourists also come to visit local shops and cafes.

18. New York Public Library

If you have time, go to the New York Public Library. Not to read, of course, but to appreciate the monumental architecture of her building, which, without exaggeration, can be called a temple of science.

19. Williamsburg Bridge

Due to its cult status, the Brooklyn Bridge is always filled with merchants, tourists, and the police. In case you don’t like feeling like you are in an anthill, take a walk along Williamsburg Bridge. It offers beautiful views of the skylines of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

20. Brooklyn Grange’s Rooftop Farms

It is a natural space with an inexplicably attractive atmosphere. Operating on two rooftops in Brooklyn and Queens, Brooklyn Grange grows more than 50,000 pounds of organic produce annually, as well as creative cooking classes and yoga evenings.

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