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The 6 Best Food on Foot Tours in New York: Free Entry with the New York Pass
If you’re just as foodies, then we recommend the Food on Foot Tours in New York. These are guided tours that take you to the gastronomic insider spots in the city. Whereby the “on foot” is to be taken literally: you walk around the respective district and stop at many small and large spots that are important for the New York locals.
The Best Cupcakes in New York
The Best Cupcakes in New York 15:57  |  24.04.21
New York is under the spell of cupcakes. It’s no longer just about burgers, pizza, and hot dogs in New York. The delicious, colorful cupcakes, which come in so many different flavors, are on the rise. The popularity of cupcakes has risen through the television series Sex and the City, among others, and when you think of cupcakes today, the thought of New York City is almost inevitable.