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The Best Restaurants in the Meatpacking District
Are you looking for the best restaurants in the Meatpacking District? Then you’ve come to the right place – because I’ll show you the hippest and most authentic places where New Yorkers hang out. The choice of restaurants in New York’s Meatpacking District is huge – so there is guaranteed to be something for you. Because that in the Meatpacking District is one of the districts where New Yorkers like to go out – including visits to restaurants and bars.
The Best Cupcakes in New York
The Best Cupcakes in New York 15:57  |  24.04.21
New York is under the spell of cupcakes. It’s no longer just about burgers, pizza, and hot dogs in New York. The delicious, colorful cupcakes, which come in so many different flavors, are on the rise. The popularity of cupcakes has risen through the television series Sex and the City, among others, and when you think of cupcakes today, the thought of New York City is almost inevitable.