The Best Restaurants in the Meatpacking District: Add this to Your List

3:52 pm  |  11.06.2021

Are you looking for the best restaurants in the Meatpacking District? Then you’ve come to the right place – because I’ll show you the hippest and most authentic places where New Yorkers hang out. The choice of restaurants in New York’s Meatpacking District is huge – so there is guaranteed to be something for you. Because that in the Meatpacking District is one of the districts where New Yorkers like to go out – including visits to restaurants and bars.

Bagatelle NYC

French restaurant in the Meatpacking District.

If you want to go out in New York, there is one spot you can’t miss: Bagatelle NYC. With outposts in every major jet-set party town around the world, Bagatelle NYC is best known for its champagne-heavy boozy brunch. The French-Mediterranean hotspot is located in New York, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Rio, St. Barth, Miami, Punta del Este, St. Tropez, and Monte Carlo. Bagatelle NYC is a magnet for the rich and famous, so if you want to see a celebrity at dinner, make sure to stop by the Meatpacking District.

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Bagatelle NYC: An Institution

The plan of the two founders was actually to create a trendy restaurant with a spectacular atmosphere, which is also known for great food. 

The special thing about Bagatelle NYC is that you not only get a good meal here but also have a very authentic experience. The experience is difficult to put into words. In a way, it’s like a trip to the south of France, a visit to a high-class restaurant and a night of dancing in a nightclub at the same time: You marvel at the glittering chandeliers and the countless champagne bottles and would like to convert the restaurant into a dance floor because that’s the way the music is good is.

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Well-dressed people sit on the leather sofas and enjoy the delicious food: grilled lobster or truffle chicken with roasted rosemary potato wedges, ceviche, calamari, and many other delicacies are on the menu here. The cocktails are unusual and nicely decorated to match the interior of the restaurant.

From Restaurant to Nightclub: Bagatelle

At Bagatelle NYC it is definitely the case that the music gets louder the later it gets. So if you want to stop by for a romantic meal for two, you should be ready around 11 p.m. From Thursday to Saturday in particular, the hotspot almost becomes a nightclub.

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Bubby’s High Line

American restaurant in the Meatpacking District.

We found this great location very close to the High Line Park and The Standard Hotel: The Bubby’s in the Meatpacking District. It is a typical New York combination of restaurant and bar – very stylishly furnished with really good food and local beers.

Ambience, Furnishings & Style: Everything is Just Right Here

We really like Bubby’s Bar & Restaurant in the Meatpacking District: the long counter has a copper surface, the bartenders are in a good mood and the selection of beers that have been brewed in and around New York is good.

Dos Caminos in New York

New York really has some very good Mexican restaurants. Aside from El Vez in Lower Manhattan, Dos Caminos is another of my favorite restaurants.

With 5 locations in the city, you can hardly get past Dos Caminos. Dos Caminos is best known for its spicy guacamole and very good sangria. The charm that the restaurant exudes in each of the 5 locations is absolutely authentic Mexican and ensures a successful change after a long day at work, or in your case, a strenuous day of sightseeing.

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The Asada tacos or the Mexico City-style quesadillas are incredibly delicious and those who love margaritas should try these too. Dos Caminos is always an exciting place to catch a celebrity or two at dinner. In particular, the SoHo location and the restaurant in the Meatpacking District are known for their famous guests.

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in the Meatpacking District

Very close to The Standard High Line Hotel at the end of the High Line Park, the restaurant is located in one of the old “warehouse” buildings that are so typical of the area.

The food is typically Mediterranean – a casual blend of French, Italian and Spanish cuisine. All the staff was welcoming, friendly and in a good mood, so you can have a truly relaxing evening. Order three types of bruschetta and delicious white wine. The main course is chicken and fish. In the end, you will find a wonderful expresso.

As you can see from the setting, the restaurant is very stylish. In terms of price, the Fig & Olive restaurant in Meatpacking is in the middle of the field: the starter dish costs just under $ 10, the two main courses are between $ 21 and $ 25.

Sugar Factory

If you are in one of the hippest areas of New York City, you have a lot to discover: the High Line, the Whitney Museum, and many small boutiques. You can get hungry quickly. If you need a sweet break, the Sugar Factory in the Meatpacking District is the place for you.

From the outside: inconspicuous. Once inside, you can’t stop being amazed. Warning: If you are into rustic interiors, you will not feel comfortable here. Huge chandeliers hang from the ceiling, everything glistens and shines and candy dispensers can be found everywhere on the walls.

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