Central New York: Craft Beer and Baseball

2:39 pm  |  12.11.2021

Between the world-famous waterfalls and the breathtaking metropolis, there is a lot to discover for visitors to the heart of the state of New York.

Central New York stands for the ultimate American experience: The region offers traditional craft brewing culture as well as countless kilometers of untouched nature, through which the picturesque Erie Canal meanders. Here you will find the National Baseball Hall of Fame with an attached museum and experience vibrant city life as well as historic villages, whose atmosphere makes traditional rural life in the USA tangible. A visit to the rock formations that are millions of years old is almost a must. Numerous lakes and waterways offer excellent opportunities for rowing or swimming and are just waiting to be discovered. The region’s diverse beers are part of rich history and craft beer tradition. The friendly locals will welcome you everywhere here.

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This is Brew Central

A cold beer for the thirsty guests: a scene from Central New York.

The region’s hop gardens produced 90 percent of the hops of the entire United States in the late 19th century. Central New York was thus the most important beer producer in the whole country for decades. In the region known as Brew Central, the stories and traditions of the local breweries, craft pubs, cider factories, distilleries, and wineries combine to create a beverage culture that is unique in the United States. Here you can feel the flair of the American beer competitions up close, try the victorious varieties from international competitions, and stroll through a hop garden in “America’s best craft beer destination”.

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Outdoor Adventure

The crystal clear waters of Central New York can be explored perfectly by kayak.

The rolling hills, sparkling lakes, waterways, and state forests (144 to be precise) of Central New York stretch from the southern tip of Adirondack Park to the peaks of the Catskill Mountains. Outdoor fans can hike the varied landscape on a network of 560 km of hiking trails and discover a total of five waterfalls and hidden natural beauties. Cast your line in West Canada Creek, which is teeming with trout, or hunt big sunfish in Oneida Lake. Those who like it sporty can paddleboard or kayak on Cooperstown’s Otsego Lake, but you can also relax on Verona Beach. Everyone will find their own little natural paradise on over 3,500 public and private campsites. Visit one of the 14 state parks or pack your golf bag to swing the iron on one of the region’s 60 golf courses.

Culinary Delights

Fresh fruits and vegetables at the local farmers’ market.

Central New York has something for everyone, especially when it comes to culinary delights. Many restaurants serve traditional dishes made from local ingredients that pay tribute to the region’s rich agricultural heritage. A visit to New York’s traditional farmers’ markets, where locally grown produce is sold, is also recommended. A particularly beautiful sight is at the end of summer when the leaves of the trees change color and glow in the most beautiful autumn colors. Don’t miss the pleasure of harvesting fresh apples or pumpkins yourself on the numerous orchards and fields in the region.

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Brew Central and Babe Ruth

The region known as “Brew Central” is considered to be one of the best microbrewery centers in the USA, but it will also delight visitors who are not into beer. While the adults allow themselves a sip or two, the children can z. B. go in search of the perfect pumpkin. 

Our first stop was the Harvest Moon cider factory in Cazenovia. Since it was still a little early for alcohol, we first took part in a tour of the facility before we were convinced of the excellent quality of the cider. We wandered through a corn maze in the shape of a cat and examined the 120-year-old cider press with 4 screws, with the help of which almost 300 liters of cider per day are obtained.

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For a non-alcoholic change, we headed for the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, which is dedicated to America’s No. 1 favorite pastime and provides interesting details from the history of baseball. Did you know that George Herman (“Babe”) Ruth had 714 home runs over the course of his career? Or that Jackie Robinson was the first African American in professional baseball and the first black player to be inducted into the Hall of Fame?

At lunchtime, we reached the Ommegang brewery. After a tour of the home of the official “Game of Thrones” beers and other Belgian-style ale varieties, we went to the café to indulge in delicious mussels steamed in beer and a croque madame with a Hennepin Belgian-style season ale.

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