On the Maid of the Mist to Niagara Falls: A Boat Tour in New York State

5:25 pm  |  22.11.2021

One of the United States’ most impressive natural spectacles can be found near the city of Niagara Falls, New York – a family-friendly place with fun neighborhoods, great shopping, lots of outdoor activities, and even wineries. In addition to the main attraction of every visit, the legendary Niagara Falls, hiking trails, helicopter tours, and over 200 outlets await you on site.

The three waterfalls Horseshoe, Bridal Veil, and American, which emerged from melted glaciers around 13,000 years ago and still have a lot of power, are powered by over 2 million liters of water per second. The best way to marvel at this natural wonder is to take a Maid of the Mist boat tour, which will bring you up close to the unique Horseshoe Falls.

A Rich History

The legendary ship Maid of the Mist from a bird’s eye view

The family business Maid of the Mist first sent its ferries on the Niagara River in 1846 and, after a few generational changes, now operates the ships Maid of the Mist VI and VII. Each ship can accommodate 600 passengers and includes a spacious upper deck from which you can marvel at the waterfalls and immerse yourself in their misty haze. This is the only sightseeing fleet whose captains have been navigating the waters of the Niagara Gorge for over 100 years. The illustrious guests who ventured to Niagara Falls on a Maid of the Mist include former US presidents and foreign guests of honor, Marilyn Monroe, and the British royal family.

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Thrills with Goosebumps Guaranteed

Passengers wrapped in the famous blue ponchos on a boat tour on the Maid of the Mist

The blue rain poncho that is offered to you to protect you from the elements is secondary because the real purpose of a tour with the Maid of the Mist is to feel the water on your skin. The sheer power of the raging current and the waterfalls thundering into the depths directly in front of you are a truly unique experience. The misty haze of the natural spectacle floats up and refreshes your faces, and with the stiff breeze that prevails at the waterfalls, you will certainly not hold your breath just once. You can’t get any closer to Niagara Falls, so make the most of every second.

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Incomparable Prospects

A Maid of the Mist approaches the falls from below

The water, which comes from four of the five Great Lakes, passes the falls and eventually flows into the Atlantic. Tours depart every 15 minutes near the Rainbow Bridge in the Niagara River, run along the American and Bridal Veil Falls, and then head for Horseshoe Falls – so there’s plenty to see along the way. In addition to the unstoppable rush of water and the resulting white clouds, spectacular cliffs, rocks, forests and surprisingly brave seagulls await you. On sunny days, with a bit of luck, you can even see a rainbow in the misty steam.

Three Sisters Island: Picturesque and Peaceful Nature

There are also plenty of expansive green spaces in Niagara Falls State Park. A train takes you to the Three Sisters Island, which is named after the daughters of a prominent historical figure from the region. From the bridges that connect the individual islands, there is a beautiful view of the rapids. A leisurely stroll through the varied landscape of the park in the fresh, clean air promises pure relaxation.

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Leisure, Shopping, and Fine Dining

Entertaining, exclusive leisure activities await you in the city of the same name, named after the waterfalls. The Seneca Niagara Resort is in no way inferior to the glamor of Las Vegas. In addition to numerous boutiques, you will also find various gourmet offers here, such as the Western Door Steakhouse, the KOI with Asian cuisine, or the Thunder Falls Buffet.

Niagara Falls attracts nearly 10 million visitors from around the world each year. What many don’t know: Niagara Falls is also an excellent shopping destination. Not far from the waterfalls are the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls USA, where you can get various branded items at discount prices. In addition to well-known names such as Coach and Burberry, we also discovered various individual shops here.

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Niagara Falls and Niagara Falls, New York, guarantee you fabulous views and varied entertainment in every season. It is best to start your travel planning today so that you can soon explore the spectacular nature and the diverse shopping, leisure, and dining options yourself.

Getting There

The best way to get to Niagara Falls and the Maid of the Mist is to fly to Buffalo Niagara International Airport in New York State, which is just 30 minutes from downtown Niagara Falls. Maid of the Mist’s boats docks at Prospect Point, which is in the middle of Niagara Falls State Park.

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