Just Teresa: Became a Millionaire Twice and Set a Record?

3:51 pm  |  20.04.2021

A certain Teresa P., a resident of the small American village of Ossining in the state of New York, loves to play in the casino with her husband. The couple occasionally travels to the nearby major city of Yonkers to place some bets and have some fun. The couple often dreamed that they would hit the jackpot, but when it actually happened, they never decided what to spend the winnings on.

Teresa P. became a millionaire at Empire City Casino in March 2018. The woman chose the Wheel of Fortune and spent only $ 20. She placed two bets and in return received a check for $ 2.9 million.

No sooner had Teresa and her husband spent their first win, than in August 2018, the lucky woman hit the second jackpot, and again on the Wheel of Fortune in the same Empire City casino. For the second time, the spouses were paid $ 1.4 million.

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Empire City representatives even decided to throw a party in honor of the winner. Teresa P. didn’t just win almost 4.5 million in 5 months and hit the jackpot twice at the same casino. The woman also set a new record. She received the largest amount ever paid in a New York State casino.

New York Has a Casino in the Best Traditions of Las Vegas

In the favorite resort of New Yorkers, the Catskill Mountains, a casino has appeared in the best traditions of the glittering Las Vegas, the goal of which will be the economic development of the region.

The entertainment complex still includes an 18-story hotel and the casino itself, which houses more than 150 tables for table games and 2,150 slot machines. Resorts World Catskills is the fourth of four casinos to emulate the traditional casinos that Las Vegas is famous for. They open in accordance with a 2013 amendment to the state constitution that allows seven casinos to be established in New York State, including its capital. 

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The casino has become the focal point of a 1.2 billion resort complex that will also include entertainment venues, an indoor water park, and an 18-hole golf course. The casino has attracted urban gamblers, so locals have been advocating for a casino here for decades to breathe new life into the region by making it a tourist destination. Resorts World Catskills plans that the casino resort has provided more than 1,400 jobs in the region.

About Gambling in the USA

Gambling in the USA is legal, but with a huge number of all kinds of buts and restrictions. Each state has the right to enact its own laws on gambling zones and the types of gambling allowed in them. Gambling includes everything that is somehow connected with the possibility of winning: from playing “bingo” for money, lotteries, and poker tournaments to roulette and sports betting. The most serious restrictions are imposed on commercial casinos.

Commercial casinos are permitted (with different types of restrictions) in the following states: Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Washington, Oregon, California, West Virginia.

And only two states have casinos allowed throughout the territory: Nevada and Louisiana.

There are about 450 commercial casinos in the US.

In another 30 states, there are several hundred casinos or places for all sorts of gambling in the territories of Native Americans, that is, in Indian lands. Games there are regulated by the National Indian Gambling Commission and agreed with the Federal Commission.

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Today the largest gaming centers (with commercial casinos):

  • Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey.
  • Casinos on the water (not on land: on boats, pontoons) are legalized in Louisiana and Illinois.

The rules and nuances of the game are governed by federal, state law, the Federal Gaming Commission, and the rules of the casino itself. Therefore, in different casinos, even in the same city, the rules can be very different.

You can start playing only from the age of 21. People under this age are usually not allowed in casinos at all. In some casinos (if it is located in the hotel lobby, for example, and you can go through the casino from one building to another), those who are under 21 years old can walk along specially marked routes, but at the same time, they cannot stop or linger along the way.

Usually, it is not allowed to take pictures in the casino. In some areas, it is not even possible to carry a mobile phone with you.

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Dress codes vary from casino to casino. In the hall with slot machines, you can also sit in shorts, and in halls with high stakes, which may require a separate invitation, there is usually a strict dress code close to black-tie.

The maximum bets in the casino are the business of the casino. In Nevada, for example, there are no legal restrictions on the size of the rates. The larger and richer the casino, the higher the stakes it can afford. In some casinos, rates go up to $ 50,000 and even higher. Usually, in the high-stakes hall, bets from $ 100 – $ 10,000 are accepted. The story of a businessman and billionaire from Omaha – Terence Watanabe, who one evening in 2007 lost about $ 100 million in a Las Vegas casino, is notable. And this is possible only at very high rates.

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