7 Splendid Botanical Gardens of NYC

6:44 am  |  04.04.2021

In such an overloaded with traffic and people city like NY, there can’t be a better place on the Earth to relax than a botanical garden. Here one can enjoy fresh air, charming aromas of a huge number, and a variety of colorful flowers and rare plants.

Whether you are looking forward to spending a weekend with family in the way your children learn something new and get closer to Nature, or you need to escape from the megapolis fuss and stay alone in a meditative mood, you will find your dream spot in our list of 7 splendid botanical gardens of NYC below.

1. Brooklyn Botanical Garden

This is probably one of the most popular and well-known gardens in NY. It has the spirit of Brooklyn itself and is an outstanding mix of different species of plans from all over the world. It even has so-called three climate zones, where the environment is created in a way that you feel as if you are traveling to other countries. A zen Japanese garden, an English-style Shakespeare garden, a Rock garden, a wide conservatory of trees, – that is not the full list of attractions that would for sure amuse you and your friends.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden was founded in 1910 and its first director was Dr. Charles Stuart Gager, who created this unique atmosphere. He also opened a Children’s garden in the park, where kids can learn more about plant breeding, see and understand how they grow and bloom. In 2000 the Center for Urban Restoration Ecology, CURE has started its work based on Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and in the same year, BBG Florilegium was created here.

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2. The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx

Bronx Botanical Garden is the largest in the city and is located on a 250-acre (100 ha) site. Besides a huge variety of plants, including local ones, it also provides to visitors such amusements as cooking classes, garden-to-table family dinners, and the Edible Academy for gardening. The territory of the park is so big that one can even get lost here. If you visit Bronx botanical garden in winter, you should have a look at the architectural holiday train show.

This garden starts its history in 1891 and since then hosts over 90,000 visitors per year. The park is officially considered to be a National Historic Landmark, and its architectural masterpieces are listed as NYC landmarks.

3. Queens Botanical Garden

This is a very cozy garden with a unique atmosphere that makes you feel at home. “Green home” is the way the locals call this park. It has its ecological team that creates small but very interesting things and projects such as a fountain that reuses rainwater and a parking garden. This place is full of shadow alleys that are perfect to chill out after a stressful working week. Anyone can become a Garden Member and join this creative team of nature fans.

Queens Botanical Garden was established in 1939 and is located at the northeast corner of Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Flushing, which makes it a part of one big ecosystem. It also has an art gallery inside and amazing bee, herb, roses, and wedding mini-gardens.

4. Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden, Staten Island

As it stands from the title this garden unites nature and history in one place. Here you can feel the real oriental spirit in every building and path. Try to spend a day here and you will have the impression that you have crossed the world to a completely another atmosphere. The New York Chinese Scholars Garden, which is situated here, emulates the ancient Ming Dynasty Gardens (1368-1644). Also, a Healing Garden would impress you and will for sure become one of your favorite places for relaxing.

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Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden in Staten Island were opened in 1800 as a home for retired sailors and now is the biggest reuse project in the USA. It has over 20 historical masterpieces that should be on your must-see list.

5. 6BC, Manhattan

There are over 70 small gardens in Manhattan, but the 6BC stands aside from all other parks of this kind in the world. Being a Botanical Community, this is a very special place, where one feels a part of the family with other nature-lovers. Every small corner, every path, and ally are used smartly and extraordinarily, which makes visitors feel themselves in a wonderland.

6BC was founded in 1980 in Manhattan. The work of this botanical garden is based on the enthusiastic energy of its members. The community is permanently looking for volunteers who are eager to become part of the family and help the environment.

6. Narrows Botanical Garden, Brooklyn

The garden is situated in Bay Ridge along Shore Road. It is one of the most entertaining parks in NYC in terms of shows. Here you can come even at night and enjoy a movie outdoors, or imagine yourself an ancient philosopher who is relaxing in the shadow of trees and listening to a poetry reading. Narrows Botanical Garden also organizes lots of fun for teenagers such as youth camps.

Narrows Botanical Garden was founded in 1995 and since then is the central spot of NYC for harvest festivals and many other outdoor activities. Come here with the whole family and everyone will find something amazing.

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7. Wave Hill, Bronx

This botanical park has specialized aquatic gardens and native NY-woodlands. If you like pools and lakes this place is made for you. This is a real oasis in the heart of a busy city. It also has architectural masterpieces, the oldest one was founded in 1843.

Wave Hill was established at the end of the 19th century in the Bronx. Nowadays it is a part of The National Register of Historic Places and is a New York City designated landmark.

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