Williamsburg New York: The Hipster Mecca

3:48 pm  |  07.09.2021

Williamsburg is New York’s hipster wonderland and not a dangerous area as many still think. Particularly popular with creative, artistic, freedom-loving residents of New York, the district is currently the focal point.

What else is special about Williamsburg? The nightlife with countless clubs, lots of green spaces, such as the Domino Park created in 2018, a great view of the Manhattan skyline as well as urban lofts and new luxury-class buildings. Many old factory halls are painted with graffiti, here you ride a bike or skateboard – yes, they also say that the beard has found its second spring here.

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In this guide, you will learn what Williamsburg has to offer and which insider tips you should definitely know.

From Working-Class District to Trendy District

As a former working-class neighborhood, Williamsburg in New York was an unpopular area in the past. A taxi took the passenger over the Williamsburg Bridge just for a really good tip. It’s hard to imagine that this area could one day transform itself into one of the most creative and popular areas in New York City.

Surrounded by young people who take their life easy and relaxed, you will find the absolute contrast to the stressful, sometimes austere Manhattan. In Williamsburg New York, the East River breeze blows one thing above all: “The easy way of life”.

Williamsburg as a Magnet for Artists

Meanwhile, 6500 artists who live in Williamsburg, New York, can develop freely here. Actors, photographers, musicians, and street artists, in particular, enjoy the advantages that Williamsburg in New York brings with it.

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Great opportunities for going out, lots of green spaces, a wonderful view over the East River to the skyline, as well as urban lofts or new luxury buildings. Many old factory halls are painted with graffiti, here you ride a bike or skateboard – yes, they also say that the beard has found its second spring here. To put it bluntly, it’s the hipster capital.

Williamsburg seems far from any stress or rush. It’s a different way of life in this part of town than in the rest of New York. If you want to experience the history and culture of Williamsburg up close, a guided walking tour of the cultural highlights and street art could be the thing for you.


From donuts and mussels to bacon on a stick, fancy burgers, and a dessert that looks like a raindrop – you can find it all here: at the Smorgasburg Food Market in Williamsburg. Smorgasburg means something like “a mixture of food” and offers a huge selection of small stalls that offer the most delicious delicacies from the area.

The hippest open-air food market in New York City takes place every weekend of the warm spring and summer months and attracts New Yorkers as well as numerous visitors and tourists to Williamsburg. Eat, drink and enjoy the magnificent view of the Manhattan skyline on the East River Waterfront.

Tip for gourmets: Take a 3-hour gourmet tour through Williamsburg! You will explore some of the best restaurants and cafes in the district and learn a lot of interesting insider knowledge about Williamsburg. Usually, there are at least 3 savory and 3 sweet stops – comes on an empty stomach!

Grand Ferry Park

Our favorite place in Williamsburg, however, has nothing to do with hip clubs, vegan restaurants, or dusty second-hand shops, but rather: with a magnificent view and lots of relaxation.

The place is inconspicuous and maybe not as chic as Central Park. But it’s calm and relaxed here and New Yorkers sit relaxed on one of the benches, let the sunshine on their faces, read a book, and enjoy the view of Manhattan.

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The Domino Park

Taco Cina

Since 2018, Williamsburg has had a beautiful park with a view of the city. The Domino Park on the East River invites you to play volleyball, picnic, and go for a walk. The view of Manhattan is terrific.

The Brooklyn Brewery

As one of the most famous breweries in New York, the Brooklyn Brewery should not be missed on a stroll in Williamsburg. In the middle of Williamsburg is the headquarters of the Brooklyn Brewery. Every day on the weekend from 1:00 p.m., there is a half-hour tour of the brewery.

Shopping in Williamsburg New York

Shopping in Williamsburg is as special as the district itself. Compared to many other areas of New York City, you won’t find H&M, Zara, or other retail chains here. Vintage is bought here, preferably at flea markets or second-hand stores such as the popular Buffalo Exchange.

An absolute insider tip in Williamsburg is the Brooklyn Night Bazaar on 150 Greenpoint Ave. Every Friday and Saturday evening, the largest market in the area takes place in an old factory building. You can buy vintage clothes, groceries, jewelry, and great souvenirs.

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Listen up, music lovers: In the Rough Trace NYC record store, you will find old records, music equipment, and CDs. Music magazines and books complete the inventory. Absolutely worthwhile and just typical Brooklyn.

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