The Best Parks in Manhattan: Where to Look for the Piece of Nature

4:27 pm  |  26.08.2021

New York is the city of extremes: huge skyscrapers, surrounded by 2 rivers, right by the sea, and yet there are many green spots. Sometimes very small and with a waterfall-like Paley Park in Midtown or huge like the popular Central Park, the green lung of Manhattan. The best parks in New York including our insider tips on what you should definitely do there and why you have to go there, you can find out here.

High Line

Park in Meatpacking District

The High Line Park, opened by the mayor at the time in June 2009, stretches from Gansevoort Street in the south to 20th Street when it opens. The second section was completed in June 2011 – now New York’s Westside can be admired from lofty heights up to 30th Street.

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Hudson River Park

Park in Chelsea

With a size of 2.2 square kilometers, the Hudson River Park is the second-largest park in Manhattan after Central Park. The Chelsea Piers is part of it and the park extends down to Battery Park.

The publicly accessible piers with restaurants and bars (be sure to try The Frying Pan) are part of the park and, along with the tennis courts, the skate park, a soccer field, basketball courts, and several green areas, are among the most popular parts of the Hudson River Park. The park offers many activities such as free kayaking on the Hudson River or sailing tours.

John V. Lindsay East River Park

Park in East Village

The John V. Lindsay East River Park is a really great park right on the East River, from which you can look directly at the Williamsburg Bridge. A nice photo opportunity for me is the East River Park Fire Boat House – the best way to explore the area here is by bike, it’s comfortable and you get around quickly.

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Madison Square Park

Park in Gramercy

Located right by the Flatiron Building, Madison Square Park (opened in 1847) is a popular green oasis in the Flatiron District. The park extends on 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue from 23rd Street and 26th Street. Many New Yorkers use the park for their lunch break, especially at lunchtime.

Paley Park

Park in Midtown

The entrance to the only 390 square meter park is on 53rd Street – and what is immediately noticeable: the 6-meter high waterfall. During the day in summer, the spray from the waterfall is wonderfully cooling. And: it “swallows” all the surrounding noises and the park is such a spot with a really fascinating atmosphere! Midtown’s Paley Park is one of those secret places in New York that almost no one knows about.

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A normal tourist doesn’t even consider the existence of such a park, but neither does a New Yorker. The fact is, it’s an oasis that exudes an aura of calm in the middle of the New York hustle and bustle.

Battery Park

Park in Lower Manhattan

Many know this park on the southernmost tip of Manhattan as the landing and dropping point for the Staten Island Ferry. Battery Park is one of New York’s oldest public parks and is of historical importance to New York: this is where the first Dutch settlers are said to have arrived when they founded New Amsterdam.


Bryant Park

Park in Midtown

Bryant Park is a small oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Located between 40th and 42nd Streets and 5th and 6th Avenues, it is directly adjacent to the Public Library. It’s in close proximity to Times Square. By the way, Bryant Park is especially magical in winter, because then the fountain at the entrance to the park freezes over completely and the sight of it is really impressive.

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Central Park

Park in Midtown

Central Park is a popular meeting place for New Yorkers with its 340 hectares. With over 25 million visitors, the man-made idyll is a magnet not only for tourists. New Yorkers love Central Park and the peace and quiet that you can find there, even though you are in the middle of the big city.

City Hall Park

Park in Civic Center

City Hall Park in Manhattan New York is one of those parks that you don’t immediately notice. The names of the other parks are too big. But there is a lot to see and discover in its area. As the name suggests, it lies at the foot of New York City Hall. It is the oldest of its kind in the United States.

Columbus Park

Park in Chinatown

Columbus Park is the largest park in Chinatown. It is a great place to sit and watch life unfold around you. Many New Yorkers gather here to do everything from playing chess to exercising to sitting and reading a book. It’s a well-known social hangout in the city. It is a great place to sit down and eat some of the street food you picked up on the nearby streets.

In the morning you see people doing tai chi to recharge their batteries for the day. Then in the afternoon, it is mostly fortune tellers and people who play cards. After that, in the warmer months, Columbus Park becomes a popular place to escape from bustling Chinatown.

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