Sailing in New York: Breeze and Incredible Expanse

11:08 am  |  02.07.2021

Sailing in New York or off New York is an incredibly relaxed and impressive way to experience the city from the water. We love to be out and about by boat or ship because it always somehow conveys a vacation-on-vacation feeling. Great weather combined with a sailing trip on the Hudson River, the East River, or the port of New York is an experience that we warmly recommend.

The Manhattan skyline is really impressive, especially imposing and impressive with a little distance from the mainland. Whether you take the free Staten Island Ferry to admire the skyscrapers of Lower Manhattan or take one of the many boat tours around Manhattan Island, you will love the combination of water and New York.

There is nothing more relaxing for us than going by boat or sailing (the port of New York is a difficult sailing area, by the way, because different water currents meet here), watching the waves, or listening to the sounds of the water.

Why is sailing in New York crowning it all? The clatter of the rigging and the movement of the sails in the wind are often associated with port facilities in the Mediterranean – but you can also enjoy it right in New York. Really sensational!

Sailing off New York: an Overview of the Tours

Sunset Sailing Tour with Wine & Jazz

Lower Manhattan boat tour.

Once a week from June to October, or more precisely every Sunday afternoon, it’s “Manhattan by Sail” on board the Shearwater. With this sailing tour including wine tasting onboard the beautiful old (but of course completely seaworthy) sailing ship, you will explore Manhattan and parts of Brooklyn.

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Evening Sailing With Live Jazz

You travel south on the beautiful tall ship “Clipper City” from Battery Park to New York Harbor and admire the illuminated One World Trade Center and the skyline at close range. The atmosphere on the tall ship is really special: you are surrounded by locals, the hustle and bustle of the city are far away and you are instantly deeply relaxed.

The 2-hour Sailing Trip Into the Sunset from Pier 62

Boat tour in Chelsea.

The sunset sailing trip is definitely one of my highlights in New York and, for me, is one of the best boat tours there are. On this two-hour tour, the Statue of Liberty awaits you, which you can enjoy with a drink in hand in a very relaxed atmosphere.

Boat Tour With the Big Sailor “Clipper”

Sailing in Lower Manhattan.

Onboard this historic sailing ship you will travel through the New York harbor with a wonderful view. Enjoy a truly breathtaking view of New York City, the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island, the Manhattan skyline, and other treasures of the harbor. During the sailing excursion, there is a selection of cocktails and other beverages available for purchase onboard.

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Manhattan by Sail: Clipper City Statue of Liberty

On this boat tour, you will sail relaxed from the small marina at Brookfield Place to the Statue of Liberty.

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Manhattan By Sail: Clipper City Jazz Cruise

Spend a relaxing evening with live jazz music on the sailing ship. You can of course enjoy fantastic views of the New York skyline. A great activity for the evening!

Manhattan By Sail: Craft Beer Tasting Sail Aboard Clipper City Tall Ship

Do you like beer and sailing? Then this boat tour is just right for you. Here you can not only enjoy a great sailing trip with incredible views but also test yourself through various beers. A fun evening is guaranteed with the boat trip!

Champagne Brunch Sail

Sailing in Lower Manhattan.

At the Champagne Brunch Sail, you start the day very relaxed with the historic tall ship “Shearwater”. The two-sailer is located in what is probably the most expensive marina in Manhattan in the immediate vicinity of the One World Trade Center. It starts right on the Hudson River, from where you sail towards the harbor. From the Shearwater, you can relax and admire the skyline – ideally with a glass of champagne in hand!

Boat Tour With the Tall Ship “Shearwater”

Beautiful View at the Ship.

Enjoy the fresh sea air and the city’s greatest sights from the deck of this magnificent 25-meter tall ship. What more do you want. The view is really breathtaking, the crew is friendly and a drink is free.

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Fantastic: Sailing in New York

The selection of tours that offer sailing in New York is wide. Since the number of seats is limited and sailing off New York is very popular, you should grab it quickly if there are still tickets for your desired date.

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Even the daytime boat tours with the tall ship are extremely relaxing – but there are also sailing tours in the evening and at sunset.

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