New York with Kids: Itinerary and Budget Tips

3:40 pm  |  22.07.2021

Many people are probably wondering if New York with children is a good idea. We guarantee that everything will be fine. New Yorkers are very friendly, polite, and generally very open – you will notice this wherever you are.

Since travel planning is indeed a little different when you are in New York with children, I have here my best tips for you for a relaxed, varied, and yet exciting time.

A small note: there is enough time planned for all days to rest, after all, the trip should be relaxing for all family members.

Day 1: Times Square and the Top of the Rock

The first day is the first impression of New York. It starts in Times Square: this is the beating heart of Manhattan and is impressive. There is something to discover everywhere, and now all the walls of the house are flooded with LEDs.

Choose a loop in the suburbs (ideally with BIG BUS, 42nd Street, and Broadway). This tour takes you past many of New York City’s top attractions, from Bryant Park to the Metropolitan, Central Park (zoo), and Columbus Square, all-inclusive. The best part about this is that you can get off wherever you want and then just take the next bus to continue the tour.

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Next target? Top of the cliff! You will love the observation deck from Rockefeller Center because it offers not only great views of the Empire State Building but all of Central Park. Spend a little time here – it will fly by here anyway because there is simply something to see here.

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After all the impressions, you slowly return to Times Square, where there is another attraction for children: the M&M Megastore.

Here you can try all possible combinations as much as you like. You can also get another glimpse of Times Square from the 2nd floor. End of the first day – Bryant Park: This is a small green oasis in the Public Library, there are many restaurants and cafes, and a beautiful view of the Empire State Building from here.

Day 2: One World Observatory & SoHo

The second day of your week in New York with children takes you to the southern part of Manhattan with the towering One World Trade Center. 

Depending on where you have your hotel or accommodation in New York, you can either take the subway directly to the 9/11 Memorial or walk along the Hudson River Park towards downtown. There are several beautiful playgrounds there, our favorite is the playground at Pier 26 directly on the Hudson and a view of the One World Trade Center.

For me, the most beautiful viewing platform in New York is the One World Observatory – your kids will love it too! Just taking the elevator up will amaze you. Once at the top, a 360-degree view of Brooklyn, Manhattan, New Jersey, and the New York harbor with the Statue of Liberty and all the ferries, sailing boats, and container ships awaits you. It’s like a miniature wonderland big and real.

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There is the New York Fire Museum. It is only small but designed with great attention to detail. Part of this is an interactive show for children, which shows how the fire brigade proceeds during an operation. A small 9/11 exhibition forms the heart of the museum, as this fire station is also on duty. In Soho, you can also end the day in one of the many gastro spots.

Day 3: Statue of Liberty & Lower Manhattan

For many, the Statue of Liberty is THE attraction most associated with New York.


The boat tour to the Statue of Liberty alone is a great thing because you can see the skyline of Lower Manhattan from here. When you’re back, for example, you can sit outside at Pier A Harbor House and have a bite to eat – with the best view of the harbor and Miss Liberty.

Depending on what you prefer, you can either get back on the Hop-on-Hop-off buses towards Times Square (this is the downtown loop) or walk towards Washington Square Park. Here New York is quieter and greener and a good contrast to the big attractions.

Day 4: Off to Brooklyn

This day takes you across the East River to Brooklyn. Because with the Brooklyn Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge Park, two of our favorites are waiting for you. You can walk comfortably over the Brooklyn Bridge (this takes about 30 minutes) but stay on the side that is intended for pedestrians. The cyclists are quite brisk.

The view of the East River, the beautiful bridge itself, Brooklyn, and the skyline of Lower Manhattan are amazing. And you have an even better motif from Brooklyn Bridge Park with Jane’s Carousel and the rooftop terrace from the new Timeout Food Market.

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There are some nice playgrounds, lots of green and lawns that invite you to take a breath. Now it’s time to just let the city work its magic on you. And when the children have lived their urge to move, you should take a short detour to the two-master “Pilot Brooklyn”, which invites you to linger at the southern end of the park.

A real insider tip is the newly designed Domino Park on the site of the former sugar refinery. With great attention to detail, elements of the factory have been brought back to life in a stylish playground – while the parents can enjoy a well-deserved cocktail in the Tacocina.

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