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New York is a city that is constantly changing, but despite constant construction, old historical buildings are comfortably intertwined in its urban fabric. Among its majestic skyscrapers and sprawling stores, Manhattan houses several centuries-old treasures: buildings dating back to the 1700s, many of which played an important role in the American Revolution, from colonial taverns to farmhouses.
In the bustling streets of New York, food delivery couriers face a myriad of challenges, from earnings deprivation to the constant threat of robbery, all while feeling neglected by law enforcement. This article explores their daily struggles and how couriers navigate through adversity, establishing recreation centers and forming patrols for self-protection.
Credit Score represents your credit history, quantified in points. If your Credit Score is below 700, securing a rental home becomes challenging. Lack of any credit history may lead many homeowners to prefer another tenant over you.
We tell you where are places in New York for a free overnight stay. They may not be perfect, but they are achievable. If you’re unsure where to go, use this article to help find accommodations.
Imagine this scenario: you’ve just landed in New York City with only a few hundred dollars in your pocket, and you’re faced with the daunting task of finding accommodation and surviving in this sprawling metropolis. However, at first glance, the odds seem stacked against you – no Social Security Number (SSN), limited finances, a modest credit history, and a lack of documents instilling confidence.
In 2015, corporate lawyer Songe LaRon and financier Dave Salvant decided to revolutionize the hair salon industry by establishing Squire Technologies. After investing a few hundred dollars in hiring a graffiti artist to create “Download Squire” signs on the streets of Manhattan, they embarked on their journey in the hair appointment service sector.
The landscape of Manhattan’s real estate is experiencing a significant transformation as nearly half of the new luxury apartments built since 2019 remain vacant. This shift is attributed to changing preferences among wealthy buyers, seeking more affordable and less centrally located housing options.
Since the onset of the pandemic, a paradigm shift has occurred in the way offices operate, embracing a hybrid work model. The bustling daily commute of thousands in downtown New York has given way to a more sporadic return to office desks, significantly reducing the pre-pandemic workforce presence.
Property listed for sale in New York occasionally garner a negative reputation due to its high costs relative to limited space. Fortunately, there is a way to significantly mitigate these expenses through a mechanism known as a buyer’s rebate.
As an experienced real estate professional, we have enjoyed observing the dynamic development of the real estate market in New York, the city that never sleeps. This city provides a wide range of investment opportunities, each with its unique charm and potential for high returns. Let’s take a look at ten promising real estate investment options in New York City.
Dormant real estate in Manhattan offers a diverse range in price and style. Comprising approximately 25% condos, 65% co-ops (cooperatives), and 5% townhouses, there are few single-family real estate for sale on the island due to the dense population of Manhattan and its metropolitan style. Whether you’re an investor seeking income from your property purchase or a new resident aspiring to find a permanent home, it’s crucial to understand the types of properties accessible to you.
Will Brooklyn become the next Manhattan? Brooklyn is not just one borough, but rather a collection of unique neighborhoods with distinct cultures, lifestyles, and architecture. Some of these areas have acquired the status of exclusive and expensive.
Forty percent of the world’s financial institutions are controlled in New York, making the city a desirable destination for American and foreign tourists. While some only dream of visiting the Big Apple, others decide to buy real estate in this metropolis, even if it is incredibly expensive.
New York, the city of opportunity and hope, has become a global virus hotspot during the Corona pandemic. Everything that made New York special and charming suddenly disappeared.
The Best Burgers in New York
New York offers a wide selection of burgers and other fast food. It will be underestimated, but a good hamburger is a real work of art. The best burgers are of course in New York. Here is a list of the five best burger addresses in New York City.
New York
In this section, we collect all the things we find and found amazing and noteworthy about New York and its inhabitants. It is ideal for building useless knowledge – but somehow is interesting.
Jogging in New York
Be Healthy: Jogging in New York 14:09  |  16.06.23
Jogging in New York, for example through Central Park, along the Hudson River, or over the Brooklyn Bridge, will give you the feeling of being a real New Yorker. Personally, I sprinted at most to the front door when the pizzabote rings, but for those who appreciate a real workout, I have created a selection of the best jogging tracks in Manhattan. Did you know that some of them pass by the city’s most famous sights? If the New York Marathon is a bit too much for you, but you want to work in the city still sporty, the following tips are just right for you.
Grand Central Station
The Grand Central Station in the heart of Manhattan is the pulse of the city. It fathers people here, it’s loud, full and everyone seems to be under time pressure. Unfortunately, most people forget how much iconic the building they are located in is.
The Bauhaus Ideas
The famous art and design school has its roots in Weimar, Dessau, and Berlin. But Bauhaus greats such as Walter Gropius and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe also left their mark in the USA.
The 5 Best Ice Creams in New York
It seems as if there would never be a bad time to eat ice cream. Luckily, there are many ways in New York to pamper your palate with a little cold, creamy, and delicious!