Cheap Food: Where to Eat in New York if You Don’t Have Much Money in Your Pocket

12:18 pm  |  15.09.2021

The first rule of thumb to save on food in New York is to stay out of the touristy areas of the city. Since it is natural that it is in them that restaurants unreasonably raise prices due to high traffic.

The Great NY Noodletown: Chinese Сuisine

Right in the heart of Manhattan’s Chinatown is the Great NY Noodletown, one of the most famous restaurants in the area. Locals, as well as tourists from all over the world, come here to try the special Cantonese cuisine.

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So if you are in Chinatown and want to have a quick snack in the evening or a small meal in between, the Great NY Noodletown is the right address. In addition to the quality, the price is right here. The baked duck is the specialty dish at Great NY Noodletown and something you should definitely try. The noodle soup is also absolutely delicious and comes highly recommended.

Lunch price: $ 10

Le Pain Quotidien: Real European Bread

Le Pain Quotidien New York, a Belgian restaurant chain, has delicious home-baked bread! Anyone who wants to have a really European breakfast is in heaven here: there is frothy milk coffee, croissants and brioche, many different egg dishes, muesli-yogurt parfaits, full baskets with rustic European bread, and so on.

This location is especially for vacationers looking for cheap food in New York. No matter where you are in New York, you will have a Le Pain Quotidien close by, as there are now around 40 restaurants in the chain in New York City. You can find our favorite location in Bryant Park.

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Price for a breakfast plate with coffee and orange juice: about $ 16

Halal Guys: Kebab in New York

If you get hungry quickly on the streets of New York, we have an absolute insider tip for you: The Halal Guys. Her trademarks are the yellow-red parasols, her yellow shirts, and a delicious smell of gyros pita and kebab.

These curb restaurateurs offer huge portions of good, fresh food that you don’t have to worry about quality. On the contrary, you will see the long lines and line up for 25 minutes because New Yorkers love the Halal Guys! If you are on a low budget in New York, you will be able to fill your stomach with the Halal Guys for little money. Check the Halal Guys website for the locations of their booths.

Price for a pita or doner kebab: around $ 7

Eating Сheaply in New York: Tips

Do you need more tips on cheap food in New York? You will discover many opportunities on the streets of New York. New York is very famous for its food trucks and therefore you will find delicious stalls and snacks on every street corner. You can get good food for a small price on every corner. The Halal Guys mentioned above are a good example.

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So don’t be shy about buying food from the food trucks in New York. A long line is always a good sign. Here, too, you can try your way through the kitchens of the world, because there is really everything from the Greek food truck to the Indian food truck that the heart and the hungry holidaymaker’s stomach desires.

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$ 1 Pizza Slice

The famous “one dollar slice” has definitely lost its reputation in New York. You don’t eat these deliberately here, but rather because you have no time, no more food in the refrigerator, or no salary for this month. Nevertheless, the one-dollar slice is probably one of the best savings tips for New York.

You can find the one-dollar slices really everywhere in New York, but not all of them are necessarily so tasty. We recommend Champion Pizza, 99 cents Fresh Pizza, or Percy’s Pizza. If you’re really hungry and want to save money, just dare to go to other pizza places and go where the longest line is.

The Сlassic: New York Deli

Probably the best and most obvious low-budget restaurant in New York is The Deli around the corner. Deli – what is it actually? It actually comes from the word delicatessen and is a long-established delicatessen store, most of which have a snack. There you will find all kinds of finger food, salads, sandwiches, wraps, and snacks.

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One of the most famous deli’s is of course Katz’s Delicatessen. But if you want your pastrami sandwich for a cheaper price, then take a look at the following delis: Mile End Delicatessen, Pastrami Queen, or Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen.

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