The Perfect New York Weekend: Top of the City’s Best Movie Theaters

8:57 am  |  07.04.2021

New York is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the world. It is often difficult for many residents of the city and its guests to choose a cinema that suits their taste and location. Each of the cinemas in New York presents its own unique repertoire: indie, popular cinema, arthouse, and many other styles. The poster helps its readers to choose the best.

New York is the most amazing and unpredictable city in the world. In this city, all cafes, restaurants, and houses have an amazing identity and uniqueness. Cinemas were no exception, the design of each of them is unique, as is the repertoire. Billboard publishes a list of the city’s best cinemas, each different from the other.

AMC Loews lincoln square 13

Best Imax in town

New York’s most unusual places – top of the best cinemas. Cinema with the best IMAX screen in New York: AMC LOEWS

A unique cinema, which already in 1994 showed the world one of the largest IMAX. This cinema has experienced a large number of trials and scrapes: the closure of cafes close to it, a general decline in interest in cinema, and much more. Despite all this, AMC has been and remains the best place to watch modern IMAX-3D cinema.

The huge hall has 600 seats, the most advantageous of which are in the middle. In order not to miss your opportunity and for $ 20 to witness great technological progress, as well as to immerse yourself in the world of cinema without a trace, you should come to the cinema 45 minutes earlier than the show begins. You should not wait for huge queues, but it is always more pleasant to enter the hall in peace.

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Nighthawk cinema

Best movie dinner for two

Best Movie Dinner: NITEHAWK

A new trend has burst into the modern world, which everyone noticed: the combination of restaurants and cinemas in one room. This option is ideal for a romantic date or meeting with an old friend who did not have time to eat on the way to your place. If you are seriously thinking about testing a new format on yourself or surprising your other half, then you should only choose the best. Cinema NIGHTHAWK, in addition to traditional food in the form of popcorn and burgers, offers visitors food and drinks selected and specially prepared for a particular film.

Landmark sunshine cinema

The best premieres of the world auteur cinema

The world of auteur cinema: LANDMARK SUNSHINE

This stunning cinema, located in an old building that was built back in 1909, will pleasantly surprise all fans of auteur cinema. In the repertoire of this cinema, you can always find the unshakable classics of Quentin Tarantino, Hayao Miyazaki, Stanley Kubrick, and other meters of out-of-the-box thinking in cinema.

This movie theater is the epitome of all the old-world movie theaters tourists have come to expect from wooden seats, hot delicious popcorn, and a great movie. Do not forget that in this room the seats are not at an angle. Therefore, if your girlfriend or friend is not tall, buy tickets for the first row in advance so that the evening is not ruined.

Lincoln plaza

Best Secret Movie Theater Not Everyone Knows About

Life is like a movie – the best cinemas in New York. LINCOLN PLAZA

This small cinema located across the street from Lincoln Center surprises all its guests with unusual design solutions. All viewers buy cinema tickets on the surface, and then gradually immerse themselves in the stunning world of cinema, located “underground”. Such an unusual solution – to lower the audience on an escalator into the underground will make a trip to the cinema a great adventure.

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All representatives of the cinematic professions, without exception, love this cinema: Woody Allen and many others sometimes come here for their premieres. It is not worth looking back at this fact, it should be remembered that this place is cult in its own way.

 Ziegfeld theater

The most beautiful cinema

Places in New York that you haven’t heard of but should visit. Wonderful ZIEGFELD THEATER

If you want to give your movie trip an extra special mood, then ZIEGFELD is your choice. An amazing space opens its doors for you! Beautiful candelabra, velvet curtains with floor-length garters, and golden décor elements.

This cinema is the personification of all the beautiful past in the world of cinema: beauty and luxury, an amazing atmosphere of celebration and joy – all this is ZIEGFELD.

If you find it difficult and cannot choose the best place for a ceremonial appearance with your half, then your search is over. The repertoire of this cinema is not so extensive compared to its competitors. This hall broadcasts only one film a day, but this does not prevent it from remaining one of the best in New York.

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