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The Best of 2021
2021 will be leaving us soon. Should we remind you about the most interesting articles that have been published on our website? Here everyone will find something interesting.
When most people talk about New York, they naturally think of the vibrant, modern metropolis of New York City.
Brooklyn Botanical Garden
The Brooklyn Botanic Garden was founded at a time when the towering buildings and winding streets of New York City were developing. Although it turned out that New York City would eventually become one of the largest and busiest cities in the world, New York law wanted to ensure that the landscape wasn’t limited to just skyscrapers and cobbled streets and that some flora and fauna would be preserved stay. In 1897, New York State legislation cleared 39 hectares of land for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.
Where is education free in New York?
American education is one of the most effective and prestigious in the world. Many dreams of going to school in New York, but high tuition costs often prevent that from happening. But today we’re going to tell you where you can study for free in New York!
Best Colleges in New York
Best Colleges in New York 07:58  |  16.04.21
New York schools attract a huge number of young people. Foreigners come to colleges all over America, but it is the state of New York that usually attracts the most active and active students who want to be constantly at the center of all events!
The Best Universities of New York
Learning in the United States is an opportunity not only to acquire relevant knowledge and a useful diploma in employment but often also a way to gradually emigrate to the country. At the same time, the larger the city where the chosen university is located, the greater the chances of finding a good job and finding useful acquaintances.
Best School in New York
Getting into a good high school is essential for the child’s further education and career. Because it is in high school that children prepare for college, study more advanced material, and also have lifelong friendships, so the right environment is just as important as good teachers.