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7:58 am  |  16.04.2021

New York schools attract a huge number of young people. Foreigners come to colleges all over America, but it is the state of New York that usually attracts the most active and active students who want to be constantly at the center of all events!

The state of New York is one of the most populated and developed in the United States.

First of all, studying here is very interesting. The city of New York, which is recognized as the financial, economic, and political capital of America, attracts many students. There are a number of wonderful educational institutions, the most interesting events, and the most famous people. While living in New York is expensive, the student years spent here will be truly vivid and memorable. By the way, there are other interesting cities in the state, such as Buffalo, Rochester, and Niagara Falls, which are close to New York.

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Second, studying in the state of New York is promising. It is this state that is the leader in commerce, banking and finance, politics, telecommunications, and real estate. It is the largest seaport, producing a lot of foodstuffs, developed textile industry, metallurgy, chemical and heavy industry, machine building. In addition, New York City and neighboring cities have offices and branches of the world’s largest companies. All this means excellent prospects for internships, part-time work, and employment of foreign students in local colleges.

What is Community College?

Community College is an American phenomenon.

This type of college was created to make higher education more accessible to the population. Today, such colleges are attended not only by Americans but also by foreign students. Traditionally, colleges have a convenient location and relatively low cost.

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Due to its location in the city, municipal colleges are popular among local students. Especially among those who want to study close to home with a family, as well as among older students and those who return to school after a break. So, in college, your classmates will be completely different people, which will make the learning process more interesting and unusual.

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Traditionally, college education in the United States is seen by students as a step towards university education or as an alternative to higher education.

What do You Study in College?

The college, like the university, offers a variety of courses and curricula for students. Students may choose to specialize in a particular subject in preparation for further education or work in a specialty.

At the end of their studies, they can obtain a certificate or diploma, and the academic degree of association usually takes two years. Further, students can enroll in a bachelor’s degree program, which also lasts two years. Such a system is called «2+2» (2 years in college and 2 years in university) and is very popular among students. The fact is that the material studied in college makes it easy to enter university and to halve the period of study in the bachelor’s degree program.

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In order to study under the «2+2» program, the courses studied at the college must correspond to the future university specialization of the student. So the college and the appropriate courses have to be chosen according to what you want to study at the university.

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State University of New York College, Cortland

At the College of New York State University in Courtland (SUNY Courtland), you will be able to receive a high-quality education and comprehensive support from one of the best student cities in New York City.

As part of the academic system of New York State University, the college boasts a high level of teaching, a qualified teaching staff, and strong academic programs.

The College consists of many departments in which a professional education, a bachelor’s degree, or a master’s degree may be obtained. Media design, economics, healthcare, gender science, sports, pedagogy are just a few of the subjects that can be studied in college degree programs. At the same time, most foreign students receive unprecedented support of $6,000 and the opportunity to work directly on campus.

SUNY Courtland has an excellent location in central New York City, so students live a lively life and travel extensively. Also, there are 25 athletic teams on campus that you can join.

Metropolitan College of New York, New York

Do you dream of studying in downtown Manhattan? The New York Metropolitan College (MCNY), a small private institution with carefully designed academic programs and individual attention to each student, offers such an opportunity.

The College is attended by people from 26 nationalities, who have access to various internships and scholarships, interesting leisure activities, sports, and cultural centers. In just 1.5 years you can get an associate degree, in 3 years you can get a bachelor’s degree and in 1 year you can get a master’s degree. However, MCNY courses are flexible and offer accelerated learning options. Business and information technology programs are particularly in demand among students, and MBA programs provide a unique opportunity to gain experience of studying abroad.

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