The Best of 2021: Top 50 Articles about New York 

4:56 pm  |  29.12.2021

2021 will be leaving us soon. Should we remind you about the most interesting articles that have been published on our website? Here everyone will find something interesting.

1. Manhattan Scenic Corner: Hudson Yards 

Hudson Yards

New York is a dream city for so many people on the planet. If you are one of those lucky ones who managed to visit here, be prepared to explore this city, it will take a long time. As often happens, upon arrival in New York, you need to decide where to start your excursion. It is logical to start from the city center – Manhattan. But here again, the nuances, because Manhattan is also very huge, and consists of many neighborhoods.

2. 80 Incredible Facts About New York: a City That Never Stops to Amaze

New York’s view

New York is a city that never sleeps. If you don’t understand what we are talking about, you should definitely read this article because we have prepared amazing facts about this city.

3. What To Do In New York Without Friends: the Best Activities for Those Who Are Alone

Gathering of bikers in Little Italy

Here you can feel the life, the frantic rhythm of which rushes through the streets and underground, the life that rages on the busy Wall Street, in the hipster Williamsburg, in the touristy Times Square.

4. 9 Most Courageous Attractions on Staten Island That Will Long Live in People’s Memory

Historic Richmond Townhouses

Staten Island is undoubtedly one of the most exciting places in New York, where every visitor can find an attraction that will be kept long in the memory. The island is the home of five southernmost neighborhoods.

5. Crazy Empire State Building: Worker Pictures and History

Flirt with death: It was routine for the workers to balance on the steel skeleton without any safety device.

More than a million visitors flock to the Empire State Building every year. The purpose of the skyscraper on Fifth Avenue, between 33rd and 34th Streets, was clear: it was to become the tallest structure in the world.

6. Atypical New York: Where Better Not Even Looking

Shops can be different: New York is a city of contrasts

New York is considered the best city. They say that dreams come true in the US metropolis. The possibilities are endless, the buildings seem to touch the sky. Models, bankers, designers – people from a wide variety of industries can agree with New York. Tourists usually return from the Big Apple full of enthusiasm. We seem to be very lonely in my opinion that New York is not the most brilliant city in the world.

7. 10 Weirdest Things That Can Only Be Bought in New York 

Maple Syrup

Hello everyone! Today we are going to show you a wonderful journey in New York City. You’ll find, where you can buy amazing stuff, big varieties of different shops and other interesting things about this country. So let’s begin!

8. Northern New York: Most Beautiful and Interesting Places

Finger Lakes

New York leaves no one indifferent, giving a huge number of new impressions. But what about the north of the state? Only here you can see unforgettable natural wonders and small atmospheric cities with their own culture and rich history.

9. The Most Unusual New York Places Must-See

Juilliard School

New York has a huge number of interesting establishments, including themed restaurants. You can see both classic and rather quirky establishments in this amazing metropolis. We will tell you about the most unusual establishments in New York that will captivate you at first sight. These are not only restaurants and cafes but also unusual concert halls. In such places, you will have fun and will not see hundreds of tourists.

10. 7 Splendid Botanical Gardens of NYC

Narrows Botanical Garden, Brooklyn

In such an overloaded with traffic and people city like NY, there can’t be a better place on the Earth to relax than a botanical garden. Here one can enjoy fresh air, charming aromas of a huge number, and a variety of colorful flowers and rare plants.

Whether you are looking forward to spending a weekend with family in the way your children learn something new and get closer to Nature, or you need to escape from the megapolis fuss and stay alone in a meditative mood, you will find your dream spot in our list of 7 splendid botanical gardens of NYC below.

11. Festivals and Celebrations in New York City 

Hanami: This is what the Japanese call the tradition or, better said, the art of viewing and appreciating every moment of the cherry blossom season – from the first buds to the falling petals – with all your senses.

Envy comes when you consider the abundance and variety of festivals and celebrations in New York City. Almost every week on the streets or in the cultural centers of the Big Apple there are lively and interesting events that invite you to marvel and participate. Whether dance, theater or museums, district or flower festival, fireworks or food festivals – here you will find something for every taste.

12. Homeless People in New York: Why Their Number is Growing

You can be illegal, you can have no documents at all this is not a reason to deny a person shelter. So they spend the night there for years.

According to volunteer organizations, the real number of homeless people in New York City is close to 200,000. It is impossible to confirm or refute this information, as in the summer vagrants prefer to spend the night in the streets, and official statistics (60,000 homeless people) are based solely on data from city shelters.

13. 5 Major New York Novels

It is one of the best novels by John Dos Passos. It was published in the same year as «The Great Gatsby», but «Manhattan Transfer» is much more complicated than Fitzgerald’s book.

«The Great Gatsby» Fitzgerald, «Over the Gap in the Rye» Salinger, «The Godfather» Piuzo are these and other novels about the city-symbol of America.

New York has inspired and charmed, terrified, and broken many. A city of emigrants, a city that never sleeps, a city of skyscrapers, a city of millionaires, a city of cars, a city of criminals, a city of bohemians, a city of celebration. All of this is New York, a mega-city with a thousand faces. The best writers of the last century have tried to show their essence in their books. New York is not just a background – it’s a full-fledged character, sometimes controversial, but exciting.

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14. Most Famous Artists from New York and Their Masterpieces

“House by the Railroad”, (1925)

One of the most populous cities in the United States is New York. Everyone knows it thanks to the famous Statue of Liberty and the tumultuous life in Times Square. But on the other side, New York is a culturally diverse place with a thriving life: from sports to new technologies, from fashion to exciting art.

The state also conceived and gave the world an unsurpassed form of performing arts, known as the Broadway Theater. Stan is a tribute to amazing artists, who were born and raised in New York. This city, with renowned museums and Broadway theaters, has been a source of inspiration and a dream for millions of artists around the world. This article contains the famous artists of New York, the most interesting facts of their lives, and masterpieces.

15. Where is Education Free in New York?

Studies in the United States are free of charge at Cooper Union, a prestigious private university in New York City founded in 1859 by American industrialist Peter Cooper.

American education is one of the most effective and prestigious in the world. Many dreams of going to school in New York, but high tuition costs often prevent that from happening. But today we’re going to tell you where you can study for free in New York!

16. The Collapse of the American Dream: Ninety Years Ago, the Great Depression began in the United States

People standing at the New York Stock Exchange on «Black Thursday» October 24, 1929

On October 29, 1929, the collapse of the New York Stock Exchange triggered the Great Depression. In a few days, investors lost almost $30 billion. The country’s banks and companies went bankrupt, and a large proportion of Americans were soon unemployed. The United States authorities were careful not to intervene and hoped that the economy would recover after the fall. At the same time, the attempt to support domestic production has spread the recession around the world.

17. The Irish Impact on the History of NYC

NYC in the 19th century

NYC is one of the world’s biggest centers of multiculturism, it was founded, built, and developed by different ethnical groups and nowadays can be considered a “face of the Earth” in terms of its population. The immigration wave from Ireland was very numerous due to a difficult economic situation at that time.

18. How New York City Barely Survived the Worst Night of Its History

Con Edison operators try to save the situation by gradually cutting off the power supply to consumers, but this does not help.

That summer, New York suffered from heat and fear. The abnormal weather was aggravated by general paranoia – on the streets of the city-operated «Son of Sam», one of the most odious serial killers in American history. 

19. The History of Prohibition in the United States: Its Influence on the Image of the American Mafia 

In the first six months of the 20th year, the Federal Government filed over 7,000 violations of the law. In order to reduce the amount of alcohol produced, the authorities had to poison technical alcohol. In response, the criminals hired chemists to make alcohol usable again. At the same time, the Government forced the addition of even more lethal substances in production. In particular, methylalcohol, which has killed thousands of people in 13 years.

The ban on alcohol has existed in many parts of the United States since the 19th century. In this way, opponents of alcohol tried to fight alcoholism, domestic violence, corruption, and moral decay.

20. History of Manhattan: Historical Facts and Personalities

The first group of settlers arrived here in 1624, these were the Walloons (Belgians), but the local Indians annoyed the fur traders a lot, even the protective wall that ran exactly where the world-famous Wall Street now passes did not help.

One day in 1524, the Florentine Giovanni Verrazano, who had been equipped by France to explore the northeast coast, docked at New York Harbour. He was the first European to open the area (much later the bridge connecting Brooklyn to Staten Island would be named in his honor). 

21. Twenty Facts about «The Great Gatsby»


In «GREAT GATSBY» one main female role and two male roles. Gatsby (Leonardo Dicaprio) is a millionaire who has earned his capital in questionable ways. Yale graduate Nick (Toby Maguire) rents a summer villa next to Gatsby’s mansion, becomes his frequent guest, and… witness of an incipient romance between his married cousin Daisy and Gatsby, whom she once rejected. 

22. How Broken Windows Theory Changed New York 

In the 1980s, New York City was in the grip of the most violent crime epidemic in its history. More than 1,500 serious crimes were committed every day in the city, including 6-7 murders. 

Crime in New York plummeted to its peak in 1990. The reason for the dramatic improvement of the situation was the application of the «broken window theory» on the urban scale.

23. Manhattan Hell’s Kitchen: an Amazing Gastronomic Story

The Irish occupied half-demolished houses abandoned by the former inhabitants for demolition. However, even this type of housing did not suffice for all – the rest settled in hastily made-up huts. The city provided humanitarian aid, but it was insufficient. Within a few months, about 20 percent of immigrants died of hunger and cold.

Can a big city area, which has been one of its criminal centers for almost 200 years, become the seat of a large number of expensive restaurants, theatres, and luxury apartment buildings? If it’s New York, of course. This was the route from 34th Street to 59th Street in Manhattan and 8th Avenue to the Hudson River called Hell’s Kitchen.

24. The History of One Famous House: The Dakota. The Place Where Politicians and Celebrities Stay 

John and Yoko in their apartment, 1980

From time to time, someone monitors the high-end real estate market of different cities in case he suddenly has a lot of money. Is there an urgent need to choose a dream apartment in New York or Rome?

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25. What It’s Like To Be A Dog In New York: Our Little Friends

The animal shelter in NY

It is estimated that there are roughly half a million dogs in New York. What is life like for four-legged friends in the urban jungle?

26. The Sale of Recreational Marijuana Has Been Legalized in New York: Authorities Expect to Create a Thousand Workplaces

The Government expects that the bill will create 30,000 to 60,000 new workplaces. However, the Government has not been able to implement the bill. The estimated tax revenue from the industry could be $350 million a year.

The adoption of the law will also lead to the removal of thousands of convictions. In 2020, Blacks and Latinos accounted for 94 percent of arrests related to the cannabis trade. In New York City, the Upper and Lower Houses of the Legislative Assembly approved a bill legalizing the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. Now, in order for the initiative to become law, the document must be signed by State Governor Andrew Cuomo.

27. What to Buy at New York’s Flea Market: Best Places to Find Interesting Things 

When flea markets close, people who are more interested in price than quality usually come. So if you’re chasing some cheap crap, come back this afternoon. Traders will give you used cans, plates, mugs, and forks marked Made in China almost for free.

In mid-May, the season of flea markets – unique outlets where you can buy absolutely any product – from rusty nails at a cent apiece to works of art worth millions of dollars. Relatively recently, the national flea market industry has generated $30 billion in revenue. Nearly two and a half million sellers served 150 million buyers.

28. Restore Penn Station: New York’s New Art Object

The 1962 year. New Yorkers are demonstrating to demand that Penn Station be retained.

On the eve of Thanksgiving Day, the National Society of Civil Art of the United States launched an advertising campaign in New York City to raise funds for the restoration of the original Pennsylvania Station. The legendary Penn Station demolition that they called the 1963 demolition «the greatest architectural crime of the 20th century».

29. Top 5 Activities in Central Park: The Heart of New York

A ride in the famous horse-drawn carriages through Central Park is an absolute highlight in summer and winter.

Central Park in the heart of Manhattan is also known by the locals as “The Green Lungs” of New York. Central Park is also always an absolute highlight for tourists, as it has great events and excursion options to offer in every season. We have put together the top 5 activities in Central Park for you. Have fun exploring Central Park.

30. How did the Struggle for Equality Begin: Participation of Women in 1967

The origins of counter culture lie in several places, including New York, in the beat culture of the late 1950s. In 1967 its epicenter finally shifted to the west coast, when San Francisco became a pilgrimage destination for numerous so-called “flower children”.

While individual members of the African-American elite took one symbolic hurdle after another, this did little to change the extreme poverty of the vast majority of blacks. They often lived in inhumane “Third World” conditions in city centers.

31. What Happens to Taxi in New York: Taxi Driver Riot and Crisis Trouble

The New York City Taxi Union picketed the City Hall every day from 8:00 to 23:30, demanding full gratuitous reparations from the city. 

How the right to be a taxi driver in New York was sold for a million dollars, became a tool of financial fraud and a reason for suicide – and what the city authorities are doing now when desperate taxi drivers are standing outside the windows of the City Hall.

32. Sailing in New York: Breeze and Incredible Expanse 

Sailing in New York

Sailing in New York or off New York is an incredibly relaxed and impressive way to experience the city from the water. We love to be out and about by boat or ship because it always somehow conveys a vacation-on-vacation feeling. Great weather combined with a sailing trip on the Hudson River, the East River, or the port of New York is an experience that we warmly recommend.

33. Brooklyn Botanical Garden: Magnificent Corner of Flora

The Discovery Garden encourages children to discover the garden world in a playful and playful way. This interactive exhibition allows children to interact with plants and animals in its five sections; Meadow, swamp, forest, food garden, and four seasons garden.

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden was founded at a time when the towering buildings and winding streets of New York City were developing. Although it turned out that New York City would eventually become one of the largest and busiest cities in the world, New York law wanted to ensure that the landscape wasn’t limited to just skyscrapers and cobbled streets and that some flora and fauna would be preserved stay. In 1897, New York State legislation cleared 39 hectares of land for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

34. Experience New York City For Free: NYC Attractions

If you take the Staten Island Ferry and have a metro ticket (which you should definitely buy), you can travel for free from Manhattan to Staten Island, past the world-famous Statue of Liberty. 

Even if New York is one of the most expensive metropolises in the world, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get great bargains here too. But what does bargain mean here? In New York, you can experience some things completely free of charge. For some sights even we wouldn’t have expected it, but just let yourself be surprised and find out in our article how you can save a lot of money on your next visit to New York.

35. Dancing on the Graves: Greenwood in Brooklyn

New York’s most famous composer and conductor (“West Side Story”) died in 1990 of pneumonia. He found his final resting place on this hill in Brooklyn, where his wife Felicia was already lying and his sister Shirley was later buried.

Millionaires and murderers are buried here: Brooklyn’s historic Greenwood Cemetery is rich in monuments and bizarre anecdotes. But now the gravesite is running out. And the money. Now the director wants to reinvent the resting place – as a tourist destination.

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36. Who Invented It: Surprising Facts About New Yorkers’ Ingenuity

More than eight kilometers of fairy lights adorn the red spruce in front of the Rockefeller Center

The city is experiencing one of the toughest years in its history. But New York will reinvent itself again. After all, this is where the best ideas have always come from – from hot dogs to acrylic paint to disco.

37. Fashion That Moves With the Times: Dresses From 150 Years in the New York Met

The exhibition is structured like a clock face

150 years of fashion for the 150th anniversary: The exhibition “About Time: Fashion and Duration” in the Metropolitan Museum in New York tells how women’s wardrobe has developed – and which ideas shape it to this day.

38. Uncompromising: Danny Lyon From New York, Witness to the Big History 

Iconic photos like “The March on Washington” of August 28th.

Now, 79-year-old American photographer, Danny Lyon doesn’t spend his time in Europe. His beginnings are located in the American civil rights movement of the sixties, where he documented the protests against race separation. But the first real retrospective of his career is now taking place in Europe, in the FotoMuseum Winterthur.

39. The Year that Lightning Struck: the Birth of the Subculture in New York 

“The Get Down” stages a mythical hero’s journey. In this, none other than Grandmaster Flash becomes a kind of Obi-Wan Kenobi for his young music students. Grandmaster Flash – now 58 years old – advised Luhrmann on the project and is the executive producer. And when the series isn’t busy with its Romeo and Juliet plot, it tells the story of hip-hop – the way it sees Grandmaster Flash.

The birth of subculture from the rubble of the big city juggernaut: The novel “City On Fire” and the television series “The Get Down” are a reminder of how hip-hop, disco, and punk exploded in New York in 1977.

40. Jackson Galaxy: The Story of a Failed Musician Who Got Working at a Shelter, Saved Thousands of Cats, and Became Famous

Jackson Galaxy on Stephen Colbert TV Show

It’s hard not to pay attention to Jackson Galaxy: this is a shaved, bearded middle-aged man with numerous tattoos, who drives through the streets in a bright pink convertible. Despite his shocking image, he is not an actor or a rock star, although he dreamed of a musical career.

41. The History of Chinatown in New York: The Places You Must Visit

Chinese immigrants in New York

Located to the east of Manhattan, New York’s Chinatown covers two square miles bounded by the Lower East Side to the east, Little Italy to the north, Civic Center to the south, and Tribecca to the west, and they condense a population of 90 to 100 people, including Residents, merchants, and tourists.

42. Romantic Mood: 10 Best Places to Walk in Central Park for a Fall

Red maples, hickories, tupelos, cypresses, and sugar maples. Everything that surrounds the Pool animates it with the bright colors of its leaves. 

Central Park has almost 20,000 trees of various varieties, including oak, elm, cherry, maple, and many others. This diversity makes the park one of the most attractive places to enjoy the golden autumn without leaving New York City.

45. Celebrating Halloween in New York: the Highlights

Especially if you are celebrating Halloween with children in New York, there is one event that you should definitely visit: the Pumpkin Flotilla in Central Park.

Halloween in New York – the originally Celtic custom is now especially celebrated in the USA. So, of course, in New York City – every year in October countless children take to the streets in scary costumes, walk-in packs from door to door, scare people and shout: “Trick or Treat”. 

46. The Best Low Budget Restaurants in New York: Insider Tips

Chipotle is a world-famous chain that brought Mexican food to the United States. While there are so many Mexican dining options in the Big Apple, we consider it one of the top low-budget restaurants in New York.

As a hotspot for foodies, New York offers endless possibilities for delicious food. Low-budget restaurants in New York are a dime a dozen, it’s just important to know which ones are really worthwhile.

47. History of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: It’s Interesting 

The 1930s stars of the time such as Benny Goodman and Harpo Marx take part in the Thanksgiving Day celebrations.

The very first Thanksgiving Parade started on November 27, 1924. The history took place in Harlem, on the corner of 145th Street and Convent Street. What has now become a popular Christmas tradition for thousands of visitors, and even a trademark of America, began when 400 department store employees moved.

48. 7 Tips: Things That You Should Avoid in New York

NYC Subway

Who visits a metropolis like New York for the first time, not only asks what highlights must be on the program but also what you should avoid better.

49. Music Meccas: Top Attractions for Rock ’n’ Roll Super Fans

The Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, where the very first rock ’n’ roll record was recorded

Do you know where your favorite musicians were born and which guitar they played on? Did you visit your childhood home and the location of your first concert, or even put flowers on your grave? Then you are really super fans.

50. Winter in New York: What Should You Do in New York in Winter?

Beautiful winter view

We have already been to New York this winter and can only warmly recommend it to you! From ice skating to special Broadway shows, there are also some special highlights in New York in winter. That’s why we’re giving you our tips for the best things to do in New York.

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