7 Great Bookstores in New York: Where to Find Something Interesting

3:59 pm  |  21.08.2021

New York is only for fashionistas and lifestyle queens? Not even close! The city that never sleeps also has plenty of hotspots for book guessing. In these seven bookstores, you can indulge your passion for books, lose yourself between the shelves and stacks, and discover the latest niche titles.

Strand Bookstore

Strand Bookstore in East Village

The Strand Bookstore in New York is the largest second-hand bookstore in the world. Over 5,000 books are sold here every day. The bookstore stocks over three million books. For example, Many celebrities are regular customers and regularly buy their books here.

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The Mecca for book lovers. The Strand Bookstore should not be missing on a New York bookstore top list. Known for its 18-mile long bookshelves, the store sells rare books and collectibles, as well as out-of-print editions – such as those of Tolkien and Homer. In addition to the limited editions, the Strand Bookstore has an insider tip in store for practically every topic. We particularly recommend the readings and visits to the authors, where you can have your work signed by the creator himself.

Idlewild Books

Visit the Idlewild Books in West Village

Idlewild is on a corner of the West Village and is one of our personal favorites. Why? The store focuses exclusively on travel literature. With the sale of city guides, voice tapes, and travel-based novels, it is a must for passionate globetrotters and wanderlusts alike – and thus the perfect place to get your next flight attendant. In addition to the book trade, the shop also offers language courses so that you can brush up on your French, Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese before your next trip.

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Dashwood Books

Dashwood Books in Bowery

This specialty photography bookstore is located on one of the most “instagrammable” streets in the city. Here you can find books about camera greats like Peter Lindbergh, Jonathan Becker, and Slim Aarons. Dashwood Books is not just a place to shop, it is above all to be amazed. Even if you will probably regret lugging around those heavy coffee table books with you during the day, we strongly advise you to pack your favorites, secure a spot at The Smile on Bond Street and enjoy the masterpieces of photography with an oat milk cappuccino devour.

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Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks

Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks in Bowery

This cookbook store is the perfect spot for pleasant master and amateur cooks. Integrated into a neighborhood of homeware, cake platter, and tableware stores, Boonie Slotnich Cookbooks is the icing on the cake for cooking fans. Be sure to visit this store after your meal – browsing through the many unbelievable creations from all over the world, resistance, when you are hungry, is pointless. Our highlight at Boonie Slotnick Cookbooks is the vintage copies. Many of them are provided with handwritten notes from the owner, which sweeten the cooking with a personal touch.


Assouline in Midtown

If you like coffee table books, you will love Assouline! The bookstore with multiple locations in New York City is THE address for chic illustrated books for your living room table. Our favorite location is the store in the Four Seasons on the Upper East Side.

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Here you will not only find an extensive collection of travel, fashion, and sports titles, but also the inspiration for your own library. Assouline himself specializes in this: Those who can afford it or who like it can bring the experts from the New York library home and have their own library designed. Your wallet won’t give you that? Then get one of the numerous accessories from the store and give yourself your very own Assouline souvenir.

The Mysterious Bookshop

Visit the Mysterious Bookshop in Lower Manhattan

The Mysterious Bookshop is a paradise for book lovers with a weakness for thriller and crime novels. With floor-to-ceiling stacks reminiscent of Harry Potter’s Ollivanders bar drawer, the decor of the store fits perfectly with its hair-raising inventory. The Tribeca Institution is America’s oldest mystery bookstore. A perfect place to test how far your love for shudders and shudders goes.

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Visit the Bluestockings in East Village

Bluestockings is a collectively run, self-proclaimed radical bookstore and a one-of-a-kind treasure trove in New York City’s Lower East. The shop, named after the 18th century Blue Stockings Society, a social and educational movement started by women, is run by volunteers. It leads activist literary topics from feminism to the environment. Included in Bluestockings is a pretty fair trade café that offers fantastic, organic, vegan dishes and invites you to immerse yourself in your latest achievements.

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