8 Locations for a Special New York Sunset: Where to See Beauty with Your Own Eyes

10:15 am  |  04.06.2021

A lot of people are very big fans of sunsets and we find it very impressive when the sun touches the horizon. Depending on the weather, there is a great play of colors in the sky. New York also has a lot to offer when it comes to sunsets. Quite apart from the typical locations, such as the Empire State Building, the countless rooftop bars, which certainly also allow a great view or the view from the Brooklyn Bridge. We share 8 personal insider sunsets in New York. You will be delighted.

It’s not that New York is a boring city. But it becomes really special when the sunset bathes it in a very special light. I don’t really want to worry about why the sky takes on this special color at sunset in New York. That has a bit to do with the particles floating around in the air and how the light is refracted as a result.

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1. The New York Sunset Park in Brooklyn

The name says it all. Surrounded by the beautiful Park Slope residential area, you’ll find Sunset Park. Here you have one of the best views of the sunset from one of the highest points in Kings County at almost 60m above sea level. One of the most beautiful parks in New York, a treasure in the middle of Brooklyn that is probably not in any travel guide.

Subway: D, M, R, N to 36th St.

2. Take the South Ferry to Staten Island

A trip on the South Ferry to Staten Island as the sun sets in New York is free and equally breathtaking. A look at the Statue of Liberty at sunset is something that won’t be easily forgotten.

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The crossing of the 5-mile route takes about 20-25 minutes and offers an amazing panoramic view of the skyscrapers. In our opinion, you don’t need to book an expensive tour of Liberty Island because you have a good view of the Statue of Liberty. Above all, this tour is much more relaxed and stress-free. If you want to take the ferry: next to Battery Park South Street / State Street is the entrance to the St. George Ferry Terminal.

Subway: 1 (red line) to South Ferry Station.

3. Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York

The beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park stretches along the banks of the East River in Brooklyn. At the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge with a first-class view of the skyline, you can make yourself comfortable at sunset.

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Brooklyn Bridge Park is a magical draw for locals, tourists, honeymooners, photographers, and TV production companies in the Brooklyn borough at any time of the year. Fulton Ferry Landing is always mentioned as the most famous and popular viewpoint. This is where the “Battle of Brooklyn” took place in 1776.

Subway: 2,3 to Clark Street, or A, C to High Street.

4. The High Line in New York in the Evening

One of the most popular tourist destinations right now is New York’s High Line. It’s quiet, relaxing and you’re just in the middle of a big city. But during sunset, there is something magical about the High Line that you have to experience. Our tip: start in Chelsea on the High Line and walk down towards the Meatpacking District. So you can end the evening with a glass of wine in one of the many bars there.

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Subway: C, E to 23h 8Ave.

5. Coney Island in New York

A day trip to Coney Island is definitely worth it. But our tip is: stay on Coney Island until sunset and sit on the beach while the sun goes down. It’s beautiful and very idyllic.

Subway: D, Q, N, F to Stillwell Avenue.

6. Top Of The Rock

You have the most beautiful sunsets when you look down on the city from above. The most beautiful view of the city is from the viewing platform of the “Top Of The Rock”. However, the view from here is no longer an insider tip and not exactly cheap either. So if you want to go up there spontaneously at sunset, you might be unlucky that you will only be let up at a time when the sun has long since set. You can of course book the ticket online in good time so that you are on the viewing platform at sunset. But then the weather can still knock a rope through the bill – or the many other visitors jostling in rows of three for the best spot for a sunset photo.

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The closest subway is the B, D, F, and M trains to 47-50 St, Rockefeller Center.

7. At the Pepsi Sign in Long Island City

The first time we were at the Pepsi Sign was actually only because we had seen the sign from the Empire State Building and wanted to see it up close. By chance, we discovered that the sign is in a really nice little park with a great view of the Manhattan skyline. And this view becomes even more beautiful when you see the sun disappear behind the skyline.

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Get to the heart of Long Island City by taking the E, M, or R trains to Queens Plaza.

8. Manhattan Bridge

Usually, we always say you should walk over the Manhattan Bridge towards Brooklyn and then enjoy the sunset at Brooklyn Bridge Park. But it’s actually even cooler to walk over the Manhattan Bridge when the sun is about to set. Because then you have a full view of downtown Manhattan, the East River, and the Brooklyn Bridge – and you don’t have to fight with other tourists to find the best spot.

The B, D, N, and Q Trains cross over the bottom sides of the bridge.

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