Children who won’t be adults after the war – those who were killed by russian occupants

6:12 am  |  31.03.2022

February 24th, morning. Millions of Ukrainians woke up because of the sounds of explosions and air alarm. February 24th, when peaceful citizens slept, putin cinically invaded Ukraine – the full-scale war has begun. 20th of March, 12 P.M – it was known that 115 children were killed by russian military forces. 115 pure, innocent souls. These kids won’t go to school anymore, won’t have friends, won’t celebrate their birthdays, won’t fall in love, won’t live anymore. These are the stories of Ukrainian children that only had their lives begun.

Alisa, 7 years old

Alisa, 7 years old - died under russian occupants airstrikes
Alisa, 7 years old – died under russian occupants airstrikes

You can see the smiling girl from the Ukrainian city Okhtyrka, Sumy Region on the photo. This place became one of the most dangerous war zones, where russian soldiers launched missile strikes on the living houses. It was only 3 months before her eight birthday – she got injured on 25th of February during the shelling of a preschool from “Hurricane” and “Hail”. Her grandfather died with her – he tried to protect Alisa by covering her with his body. It was told by the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Iryna Venedyktova.

Girl – the name is unknown, 6 years old

Girl, 6 years old – died under russian occupants airstrikes

Mariupol, Donetsk Region – horrible military action was launched here. The occupiers used weapons, tanks and air bombs against the civilian population. On February 27, a 6-year-old girl was seriously injured by russian soldiers shelling. Medics tried to save her life, but the child died in the hospital. Reportage from the hospital, to which she was brought, was published by Associated Press.

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Kirillo, 18 months old

Kirillo, 18 months old – died under russian occupants airstrikes. Photo: Evgeniy Maloletka/AP Photo

On the photo, Kirill’s parents are running to the hospital. A boy in a bloody blanket was seriously injured by rocket attacks by the russian occupiers of Mariupol on March 4. Doctors, despite all efforts, could not save the baby – the boy died. It was reported by CNN.

Polina, 4th grader

Polina, 4th grader - shot dead by russian military forces
Polina, 4th grader – shot dead by russian military forces

Kyiv. Polina was a schoolgirl, the girl went to 4th grade. On the morning of February 27, a Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group shot dead a car with civilians – the girl died with her parents. Besides them, Polina’s brother and older sister were in the car – they miraculously survived.

Sofiyka, 6 years old

Sofiyka, 6 years old – shot dead by russian military forces

On February 24, the first day of the war, the russian military shot a whole family near Nova Kakhovka. 6-year-old Sofiyka and her brother, who was only 1.5 months old, died in hospital – doctors could not save their lives.

Arsen, 14 years old

Arsen, 14, died from a fragment of a russian shell
Arsen, 14, died from a fragment of a russian shell

Arsen was 14 years old. A fragment of the projectile hit the boy in the head. Doctors were unable to reach due to the constant fire of the occupiers – russian troops even fired on ambulances. Arsenii bled out.

Iliia, a teenager

The boy's father Sergei cries over his son's dead body
The boy’s father Sergei cries over his son’s dead body

Mariupol. Iliia was a teenager – the boy died on March 4 in hospital as a result of shelling by the russian occupiers.

On March 8, it became known about another death of a child in Mariupol – a 6-year-old girl Tanya died. The child died of dehydration as a result of a humanitarian catastrophe caused by the russian occupiers. The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi stated this in a video address. The girl was pulled out from under the rubble of the destroyed house – her mother died. 6-year-old Tanya spent the last minutes of her life alone, frightened and exhausted from thirst.

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Since the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion, civilians, including women and children, have been dying every day in Ukraine at the hands of the occupiers. While NATO expresses admiration for the Ukrainian people every day and delays the decision to close the skies over Ukraine, children are dying who will never see that sky again.

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