The Bronx Zoo in New York: Amazing Fauna in the City

6:37 am  |  11.07.2021

The International Wildlife Conservation Park – also known as the Bronx Zoo – is the largest zoo in the USA and offers over 4,300 animals of around 765 species in an area of 300 hectares. For a visit to the Bronx Zoo, you first have to accept a 50-minute subway ride from 42nd. Many will certainly think straight away that this trip to the Bronx could be dangerous, but I can reassure you.

The Bronx Zoo is the largest zoological garden in New York with over 300 hectares and is located in the heart of the city, in the so-called Bronx Park. The New York Botanical Garden in the north is also part of Bronx Park.

The zoo was founded in 1899 by the New York Zoological Society after Fordham University gave the area of New York State on condition that a zoo and park be built on it.

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Arriving at the Bronx Zoo, the visitor can expect an interesting design within the zoo: the animal enclosures have been arranged geographically. If you start your visit to the Bronx Zoo in the north of Rainey Gate and walk clockwise through the zoo, you will explore the Bronx Zoo on the following continents: North America, Asia, Africa, and South America.

We found it impressive that you can admire many animals in the Bronx Zoo that have already become extinct in the wild. The Bronx Zoo is of course a paradise for children. There is even a children’s zoo (including a petting zoo), where children’s hearts beat faster. 

Bronx Zoo Admission Fees: Comes on Wednesdays

The Bronx Zoo is relatively expensive. Here is all the information about the Bronx Zoo admission prices: A standard adult ticket costs just under $ 37. In addition, there are all the attractions in the zoo itself, such as the gorilla or lion enclosure, the 4D cinema, or the Madagascar exhibition. For the 4D cinema, for example, it’s another $ 6 extra.

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On Wednesday, however, the zoo is (almost) free. On this day you only ask for a donation (pay-what-you-wish donation), which can be “only” $ 1. So if you want to save money, you should plan a visit to the zoo in New York on Wednesday. A visit to the Bronx Zoo is definitely worth it. The zoo is really beautifully laid out in the woods of the Bronx and you absolutely no longer have the feeling of being in a big city like New York.

American Animals at the Bronx Zoo

Bald Eagle

What is really unique about the Bronx Zoo is that there is a wide variety of animals that are native to the United States. Not only do you see the classic zoo animals, such as zebras and giraffes, but also a herd of American bison, some (rescued) grizzly bears, and even bald eagles. When in doubt about which New York zoo to visit and looking for some of the most impressive animals, the Bronx Zoo should definitely be chosen.

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Bronx Zoo When it Rains

If the weather isn’t on your side, a visit to the JungleWorld is recommended. It is a replica of an Asian rainforest, in which the corresponding temperatures also prevail. Otters, tapirs, and gibbons live together here like in the great outdoors. You can also visit the 4D cinema. The 4th dimension, which is available in addition to the 3D film, involves special effects such as wind, fog, light, and smells.

Bronx Zoo with Children

If you’re wondering what activities are suitable for kids in New York, the Bronx Zoo is a very good choice. The zoo has a special area for children, the so-called Children’s Zoo, which you should definitely visit with your children when you visit the zoo.

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It is a combination between a playground and a petting zoo and children can learn here how the animals live and move. It is also possible to feed lambs and llamas. You will certainly like “Madagascar!” Part of the zoo, especially if the children know the film of the same name. On “Madagascar!” You not only get to see the native animals of the African island, but you also feel like you are in Africa, as the enclosures are modeled on the natural habitat and landscape.

Those who do not want to set out on foot have the option of taking a small train ride through the densely wooded area or of floating above the animals’ heads in the cable car.

Particularly noteworthy is the design of the outdoor area of the zoo: As a visitor, you can hardly see any cages or panes. You get the impression that you are on a safari and the animals are moving freely in the area. Nevertheless, you can get very close to the animals and observe them well.

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Bronx Zoo and New York Botanical Garden

Next to the Bronx Zoo is the New York Botanical Garden. These two attractions can therefore be combined perfectly. I would recommend starting with the Botanical Gardens. It’s easy to get to by taking the 4 or D underground line to Bedford Park Boulevard and walking to the garden’s north entrance in around 15 minutes. If you are visiting the garden from north to south, you can get off at the actual main entrance. From there you can walk to the Belmont entrance of the Bronx Zoo, which is located at 2348 Southern Boulevard.

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