Closer to Nature: The Most Beautiful Small Towns in New York

12:22 pm  |  14.06.2023

In addition to the Big City, New York is known for its amazing landscapes, beautiful lakes, and numerous small communities. The culture of American small towns is strong throughout New York, from centers of art to rural farm towns.

At first glance, strangers may think that all the small towns of New York are mostly the same, but take a closer look, and you will find something special. It is difficult to decide which of them is the most interesting or most beautiful. Take a look at the ten most beautiful young cities in New York. Maybe you will find a place for your next vacation!


Marine Supplies

Greenport Slogan: “You do not need to go far to escape.” It seems that this is true! This small fishing town is beautiful in every sense: well-kept courtyards, neat rows of houses, attractive beaches, and sea landscapes. Although the city has charming historical sights, residents continue to delight his new things, such as fresh works of art in galleries and seductive dishes in restaurants.

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It is not surprising that Greenport is a popular place where you can stay at the B & B or buy an apartment.


Aurora in summer

Aurora – a village in the town of Ladyard, New York. It is located on the shore of Lake Kaiuga and has less than a thousand inhabitants. The feeling of a small town is what the Aurora gives a special charm. Most of the population are Wells College students, a small school that was once only for women. Famous graduate Wells College – Pleasant Rowland, creator of a series of books and dolls American Girls.

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Cold Spring

Cold Spring was built on the banks of the Hudson River

The village of Cold Spring is a wonderful historic city, which still retains the rustic atmosphere, as in the 19th century, when it was founded. Many residents of New York drive 50 miles by bus to visit this small town on weekends and run away from the bustle of the big city. The city was built on the banks of the Hudson River, so local residents and guests can enjoy kayaking, swimming, and fishing, as well as shops and restaurants that offer bizarre, old-fashioned enterprises.

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Cooperstown view

You probably know that in Cooperstown there is the National Hall of the Baseball Fame, but you probably didn’t know that it was founded and named after the father of James Fennamers Cooper, the author of “The Last of the Mohicans”. Then the city was much more remote and less developed. For many years, it was a house for countless writers and collectors of works of art, which indicates his inspiring aura.

Lake Placid

Lake Placid in winter

This small village is hidden in Adirondak Mountains. Although its population is only about two thousand people, it witnessed many significant historical events. John Brown, Abolitinist, built his farm here and was buried on his territory. Also, the city twice became the Winter Olympic Games residence. Lake Placid is beautiful all year round, and there are opportunities for endless winter and summer entertainment, from skiing to swimming.

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Woodstock – the place with a huge history

The area surrounding Woodstock was populated for an unknown time, but the first settlers founded the city of Woodstock in the 18th century. Although Woodstock is traditionally the center of art and music, his main claim for glory – the Woodstock festival, an event conducted on a private farm a few miles from the city and glorified the counterculture of the 1960s. There were countless artists and musicians who settled in Woodstock, attracted both by natural beauty and the artistic culture of this community.

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Skaneateles sunset

Every season in Skaneateles is awesome. In the summer, the lake is lit by boats, and children celebrate the summer holidays. Autumn leaves light the city with a bright flame. In winter, the city turns into historical clothes for the weekly Christmas festival Charles Dickens. Spring around the city blooms flowers as soon as the last snow comes. There is a delightful historical area in the city and still the best picturesque view of Lake Skaneateles.

Lake Saranak

Lake Saranak bird’s-eye view

Lake Saranak is called “the coolest place of Adirondaka,” because it is quite cold and very interesting for visiting. In this cold mountain village, the culture of Adirondakov is strong. Summer on Lake Saranak is wonderful. Tourists and locals are looking forward to the beauty and fun that brings the first snowfall. The biggest event of the year is the winter carnival, a holiday with treats from maple, a local beer, and the Ice Palace built by the community, which is suitable for Queen Elsa.

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Westfield in summer

Westfield – a small town on the shore of Lake Erie. Embodies is the best thing in the small town of America. Farm markets, art fairs, and shows in the park – all this is part of the everyday life of the inhabitants. The city is also known for its vineyards and wine. At the end of the 19th century, the founder of Welch’s Grape Juice translated his company in Westfield to take advantage of the excellent culture of grape culture. Visitors can taste local wine on one of the local wineries. To get unforgettable impressions of Westfield, visit the winery, which is simultaneously an art gallery.


Christmas time in Canandaigua

“Canandaigua” – the word of indigenous Americans, meaning a “chosen place”. This city is definitely a place that many have chosen for living, and it is easy to understand why. This city is well maintained, with magnificent gardens, which are scattered with multi-colored colors along the sidewalks. Visitors to Canandaigua with a pleasant walk along with the gardens of Zonnenberg, an extensive color area representing gardening styles from several different cultures. The city also attracts tourists with its other entertainment, including wine tasting, water park, and rope courses.

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