Bushwick in New York: the USA’s Brewing Center

6:31 pm  |  11.09.2021

Many years ago, Brooklyn’s Bushwick district was known only as of the brewing center of the United States. There were 50 breweries in Bushwick as early as the late 1800s. This led to the creation of Brewers ‘Row, which you can find along Bushwick Avenue. There you can find the splendid houses of the brewery owners and other industrial moguls.

Today, Bushwick New York attracts visitors to its streets with much more than just good beer. Bushwick is colorful, very urban, hip, and still an insider tip among the dazzling districts of New York. Bushwick has become famous primarily for art, which can be found both in the numerous galleries, but above all on the streets of the district. There is also a colorful mix of great restaurants, hip coffee shops, urban tiki taverns, and a vibrant nightlife that makes Bushwick more than just worth a visit.

Our Top 5 in Bushwick

Street Art: The Bushwick Collective. An impressive street art gallery founded by Joseph Ficalora. The New Yorker is constantly working to persuade owners to make space on their buildings available for street art. The most famous works can be found on Troutman Street between Cypress and Irving Avenues.

Maria Hernandez Park. Locals like to come here to play on the basketball and handball courts and to enjoy the playgrounds with their children. The park was named after Maria Hernandez, who was shot dead in 1989. She worked to make the community a better place by fighting drug trafficking in the neighborhood.

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Microscope Gallery. The Microscope Gallery is a contemporary art gallery that exhibits art with a focus on moving images, performance, digital art, and photography.

Irving Square Park. This part is the heart of Bushwick takes up the entire length of a city block and is very popular with picnickers, dog owners, families.

House of Yes. The House of Yes is probably the most famous club in the area for the last few years. If you want to go to a party, this is your place to go.

Admire Street Art in Bushwick

If you’re into street art and looking for some of the best street art in New York City, then Bushwick is your destination. Strolling the streets of the neighborhood and discovering new works of art is actually one of our favorite things to do in Brooklyn. The most famous street artists in Bushwick belong to the Bushwick Collective. Make sure to check out the corner of Troutman Street and St. Nicholas Avenue and see for yourself their talents.

The story behind the Bushwick Collective dates back to 2013 when Joseph Ficalora, a Bushwick resident, decided to change his life after losing his father. He founded the Bushwick Collective, contacted artists from many countries, and asked them to bring their talents to the Bushwick community. The industrial and residential buildings in Bushwick served as canvases. The only rule here: nothing that could offend children, women, or local businesses.

Street art in Bushwick is not permanent and typically lasts for 12 months. However, some works have been on view in Bushwick for over 5 years. To get to the Bushwick Collective, you can take the L – Train to Jefferson Street Station in Bushwick.

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Visit Art Galleries in Bushwick

In recent years, Bushwick in New York has become an epicenter for alternative art and culture. 

Local artists and businesses have turned the neighborhood’s many abandoned warehouses into the best galleries and studios in Brooklyn. Many of the galleries showcase contemporary art and attract both emerging and established artists.

Relax in the Nicest Parks in Bushwick

Time for a break to relax? Then Bushwick has some really nice parks to choose from. Personally, we like Maria Hernandez Park and Irving Square Park the most.

Maria Hernandez Park is named after a local resident who and her husband fought drug trafficking in Bushwick. She had to pay with her life for this, which is why the city changed the name of Knickerbocker Park to Maria Hernandez Park in her honor. It is a great place to go to play sports, go for a walk, or just relax on the lawn.

You can also enjoy peace and quiet in Irving Square Park in Bushwick. It’s a small city park with curved paths between shady trees, lawns, and a playground. There is also a small stage for events and concerts in summer.

Celebrate in the House of Yes

If you really want to have a blast in New York, go to the House of Yes in Bushwick to party. The spectacularly decorated event room in an old warehouse houses pretty much everything you would expect from the hippest club in town, from thrilling circus spectacles, burlesque, and cabaret shows, parties, morning raves, and BBQs to bubble baths.

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The best artists, the most talented circus acrobats, colorful drag queens, strippers, go-go dancers, and the best musical performers in the world perform here.

Shop in Bushwick

Don’t even try to find big chains like H&M, Zara, Sephora, and Whole Foods in Bushwick. Although Bushwick has gone through massive gentrification, the retail sector has fortunately remained untouched so far, which is why, in contrast to most other parts of the city, small shops and independent labels still characterize the shopping landscape.

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You will find beautiful boutiques, bookstores, vintage stores, and record stores in Bushwick, where you can still find real treasures and very special New York souvenirs.

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