Delicious Food in New York: Best Places for Your Food Guide

7:03 am  |  01.10.2021

In the Big Apple, there are currently around 18,000 restaurants. Accordingly, therefore, the variety of culinary delicacies, which is offered.

Whole Foods

Who persecutes us diligently in the social networks, certain traditions have meanwhile. At new places, we always visit a local supermarket. Yes, exactly a normal supermarket, where the normal inhabitants go shopping in a city. No kiosk or take-away load, but the local supermarket.

Why? Because you get to know the real-life here. What to buy z. For example, the New Yorker for your refrigerator at home. Which products are there that we do not yet know? The crazier the place, the more exciting the whole thing becomes. There can be quickly from planned 10 min one hour of a discovery tour.

Whole Foods is a supermarket chain from the USA that has become particularly known for its lush healthy offer. When we visited for the first time, the fruits and vegetable division was already literally killed us alone. That’s exactly how it continued in all other departments. Big is better here is the motto here.

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Especially great for tourists is the Take-Away bars in Whole Foods. Here there is warm and cold food to take away. Pack a delicious selection together and take your loot in the park. In the sun, it is an excellent picnic. And a few dollars saves her. Anyone who has failed in an Air BNB can also provide food from Whole Foods. For Prime members, there are special deals to save.

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Address: z. B. 10 Columbus Circle Ste SC101, New York, NY 10019, United States

Opening hours: daily from 07:00 to 23:00

Prices: The prices with Whole Foods have it in themselves.

Momofuku Noodle Bar

Those who like I like food shipments on Netflix like me know the Momofuku. David Chang is the owner of Momofuku and also hosts the Netflix series Ugly Delicious. David is an incredibly sympathetic cook with a lot of humor and a certain down-to-earthiness you do not expect. Finally, his local restaurants are known far beyond the national borders.

In Momofuku, everything is in the sign of the noodle. After his time in Japan, David Chang was inspired by the Japanese Ramen Bars and opened a short performance in New York. 

The ramen card is supplemented by small snacks and is based on classic ramen recipes. However, with an American twist. For example, there is also Ramen with Beef Brisket or Scallops.

Despite the celebrity of the restaurants, the prices are in a human setting. Here you get a portion of noodles plus a drink for under $ 30. Of course, it is far more difficult to get a table. Traditionally, the Momofuku is a walk-in restaurant. You can also reserve tables for up to 5 people via the website. The reservation is always open 30 days in advance, so it is possible to be fast. All Japan fans will be happy here.

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Address: z. B. 10 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10019, United States.

Opening hours: daily from 11:30 to 22:30

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Prices: $ 10-30 per normal pasta dish

Dylan’s Candy Bar

By chance, we landed here on the first New York Trip. The daughter of the designer Ralph Lauren, Dylan Lauren, built here a true candy paradise. Here is from M & M’s in all colors via rubber animals and acidic as well as suggested everything your Nasch heart desires.

Meanwhile, Dylan’s Candy Bar has become a small Sweet empire. With several branches in New York, but also Miami, Los Angeles, Hawaii, or the Bahamas, Dylan has created small candies temples. The store was known by Gossip Girl. In a scene, Vanessa and Dan buy a gift for the anniversary for Nate. The fans among you certainly know what is meant. For everyone else: It’s sweet, colorful, and tastes. Sometimes must be enough.

Address: z. B. 1011 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10065, United States.

Opening hours: daily from 10:00 clock. Monday to Thursday until 21:00, open Friday to Saturday until 23:00.

Prices: A Dylan’s Candy Bar Mega Candy Necklace costs z. B. $ 6.50. Very smoke for a sugar bead chain.

Tipping in New York

Good food and drinking in the US are always expensive. In New York, many service employees receive only a relatively low hourly wage and live quasi from the tip.

As soon as the bill arrives at you, do not frighten. Frequently, the net prices are on the menu and the bill will also be listed on the bill. Added to this is the tip. This should be an average of 15 -20% of the invoice amount. Sometimes they are included in the overall bill. You recognize this on the word “Service Charge”. Some restaurants also give tipping recommendations and already calculate percentages 10, 15, or 20% for you. Otherwise, roughly overflows in the head and round. You can then enter the tip in an extra scheduled field.

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Breakfast at the weekend from 9.30 am to 11.30 clock or longer transient to the brunch. Lunch between 12 – 14 o’clock and in the evening you go between 18 – 22 clock in a restaurant. On weekdays often right after work, at the weekend later. But there are numerous restaurants that reserve breakfast all day or stay warm food late at night.

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