Fashion Industry Boom in New York: What Makes You Want to Invest in “American Fashion”

2:24 pm  |  05.02.2022

American fashion has produced little excitement in recent years. The fashion city of New York is now awakening from her sorry bush sleep. These six points speak for a fashion comeback.

New York went through a lot. The apartments were empty, company bankruptcy, and shops barricaded. And the fashion scene? Brought hardly any significant developments or ideas for years, so many editors to New York Fashion Week came only when the PR v by Michael Kors insisted them.

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But times have changed. Hardly anywhere you would be just rather than in the US metropolis. Not only because you can sit again mask-free in the Yankees Stadium or on Sundays eleven in “Pastis” can rinse the cheeseburger with a Bloody Mary. Many fashion labels, from established mainstream chains up to small young outlines, provide news again, which makes them curious and wake the desire to spend money and invest in “American Fashion”. And the fashion decision-makers in New York work hard. These 3 points – a big comeback of American fashion.

1. Kanye West Cooperated with Gap

Gap stock soared after Kanye West touts collaboration with his brand

Sometimes you can see old Gap campaigns from the 90s with Spike Lee and Whoopi Goldberg. That was once. But it could be like that soon. The dusted fashion chain, in whose shops you get lost in the US rather than walking through a shopping mall, launched the first collection from ten-year-old cooperation with Kanye West and his label Yeezy at the end of June in 2021.

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This could bring the Gap to the long-awaited 180 degrees turn, both more creative and financially – after all, Adidas 2020 has earned $ 1.7 billion with Yeezy-Sneakers $ 1.7 billion. The minimalist sludge-colored loungewear of the Yeezy model line fits well with Gap denim and Kanye’s fans are known to their idol so that you can see the long man’s snakes in front of the stores. The Yeezy-Starpower also has its price: Kanye West’s whims and ideas are as unpredictable as his tweets. This always ensures excitement – recently also at the Supermarket Chain Walmart, the West poses, the new, like a sun-shaped logo of his label, see the Walmart logo. The worry can be understood – it’s already clear which sun will have more radiance.

2. Influencer in the White House

Kamala Harris at the inauguration day in the purple coat of Christopher Jones. 

Source: AFP / Mark Makela

This type of marketing is priceless in the US: with the First Lady Jill Biden and Vice-President, Kamala Harris can count America’s designers on two important women in the White House, who take their role as ambassadors for the local fashion scene seriously – unlike Melania Trump, who rather dressed in Dior or Dolce & Gabbana. Biden, on the other hand, initially put a sign in the inauguration with a turquoise ensemble of previously unknown New York labels Markarian, to the celebrations in the evening she carried Gabriela Hearst.

Kamala Harris chose a purple draft of the African American Christopher John Rogers, whose opulent, colorful designs made him one of the most promising young designers in New York. Gen-Z-Ler will feel most addressed by Harris’ stepdaughter Ella Emhof: The 21-year-old artist best carries self-kinky and now models for US brands such as Proenza Schouler and Batheva.

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3. Party with the Embassy

Traditionally, American style has been defined in relation to the principles of simplicity, practicality, and functionality, and has often been denied the emotional rhetoric of European fashion.

The most influential fashion show, which is actually not a fashion show, finally returned. The Celebrity Shaul for Social Media Theater this time has a particularly high symbolic power: the opening of a new mega exhibition on American fashion was celebrated.

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“In America: A Lexicon of Fashion” not only looked into the past but reflected how a new awareness of political climate and topics such as racism and equality characterizes American fashion – mainly thanks to a new designer generation that your social responsibility is just as serious as her creative. It deserves a lot of space in the Metropolitan Museum of Art: 2022 the exhibition is to be extended by a second part.

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