New York in Facts and Figures: The Key New York Facts

5:45 pm  |  30.12.2021

New York City, the breathtaking city on the east coast of the United States, is a living legend and one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and is always worth a visit. “The city that never sleeps” has been sung about and captured in films countless times. Millions of people are drawn to the Big Apple every year to live, to work, or to give in to their wanderlust in another world.

New York City (NYC) is not just the name of a metropolis of millions, it is the description of an attitude towards life. Nowhere else in the world do the most diverse cultures of architecture merge as in New York. It is not for nothing that the residents of New York are considered a separate people in America – a little more headstrong and self-sufficient than the rest of the USA.

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General Facts about New York

Around eight million people live in New York City. The city is part of the state of New York, which has a total of around 19 million inhabitants. New York’s population is multicultural. It is estimated that people from around 200 countries live in this city.

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About 40% of the population were born abroad. Around 30% are Latinos, around 25% are black and around 12% are Asians. There are Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, and probably every other belief that exists anywhere in the world.

The area of ​​the metropolitan area of ​​the Big Apple is 785.6 km².

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Manhattan is located on a sharp ledge between the East River, Hudson River, and Harlem River. The three rivers separate the district from the other four districts. The climate is subject to extreme fluctuations. In summer it is hot and humid, but in winter it can get icy cold. In July and August temperatures can quickly rise above 30 degrees, in January they can drop to -20 degrees. In addition, there are often strong winds.

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The Cityscape of New York

The “Big Apple”, as New Yorkers lovingly call their city, consists of five boroughs that couldn’t be more different: Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn (official name: Kings), Queens, and Staten Island. Each of the five districts in New York is absolutely unique and worth its own trip. The metropolis on the east coast of the USA is a huge puzzle that is composed of many individual parts.

The countless sights are one of the most important reasons for many people on earth to travel to the Big Apple. The most famous sights are the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. Both are synonymous with freedom and independence in the USA and have become an integral part of the cityscape.

Economic Metropolis New York

Pfizer Company

The metropolitan area on the Hudson River is one of the most important economic centers in the world. Many international corporations, such as the global pharmaceutical company Pfizer, have their headquarters in New York. Numerous companies from the film, television, and music industries are also based here, including Sony Music, Warner Brothers, and NBC. In addition, numerous international organizations have their headquarters here.

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The stock exchange has a special place in New York. Alongside London and Tokyo, it is the world’s largest stock exchange – around 2,800 companies are listed there. Wall Street also plays a prominent role in freight traffic.

There are huge docks in Brooklyn and Bronx, in the Bronx alone it is more than 130 kilometers. John F. Kennedy Airport also plays a decisive role worldwide as a transshipment point for freight. Over half of international freight traffic is handled through John F. Kennedy Airport.

Last but not least, tourism is also a decisive economic factor for New York. Over 45 million tourists visit the Big Apple every year.

USA Import Regulations

On a trip to the Big Apple, one should absolutely observe the import regulations of the USA. The import of money, food, cigarettes, alcohol, and valuable objects is regulated in the import regulations and must be strictly adhered to. After landing in the USA, as in any other country, customs must be passed and items brought along must be declared. So save yourself unnecessary problems and waiting times after arriving in the US and comply with US import regulations.

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Of course, anyone who works in New York also has to pay taxes. There is a significant difference between American citizens or foreigners who live there permanently with a green card and those who only work there temporarily. Permanent residents have to pay tax on all domestic and foreign income, the others only have to pay tax on the income they have earned in the country. These are paid to the federal government. Some cities, including New York City, also levy their own income tax, which, however, is relatively low.

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