New York Travel Tips: Real New York Travel Tips from Insiders

4:26 pm  |  19.08.2021

Every time we go to New York, the same questions arise again and again: What do we want to see and what is hot in the Big Apple when we travel? That’s why we have put together our best New York travel tips here to make your stay in New York City a lasting experience.

Best Travel Time

You’re going to ask yourself the question, “When is the perfect travel time to go to New York?” Well, the summer is super warm, humid, and hot. The winter is relatively long and crisp. Spring and autumn are relatively short. Actually, you can travel wonderfully to New York at any time, it has its great facets at any time.

However, the most popular travel time is May, June, September, and October. These are exactly the months that border the warm summer. You can do a lot outside and it’s still not crisp hot.


Christmas spirit in New York

When planning your trip to New York, check out the public holidays beforehand. There are very, very big US-wide holidays that are celebrated. Starting January 1st, Valentine’s Day in February, a big highlight with a big parade in March is Patrick’s Day, where the whole city is green and celebrated, there are many smaller and larger parades throughout the summer June is the Pride Parade.

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July is Independence Day, which is celebrated very, very big. In September there is of course a commemoration of 9/11. Then you can expect Thanksgiving in November.

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This is where Black Friday starts. The shopping mood will rise immeasurably there because big discounts are the order of the day there. And finally, it’s December, and the Christmas holidays are waiting for you.

Entry and ESTA

Here you need the entry authorization ESTA. That could all be done online. It costs $ 14. 

Please only go through the official website. There are a lot of websites that want to make money from you – for exactly the same service. You don’t need to do it! It costs 14 dollars – you can register for an ESTA as a family and for yourself individually.


Our recommendation is always: Do two or a maximum of three attractions per day. These can be free sights, they can be attractions where you have to pay admission but only plan two or three attractions.

Depending on what type of travel you are, you either do classic sightseeing days and can “have” the remaining days. Or you spread them out over the whole week. It depends on you personally. We recommend that you only put so much on your travel plan that you can give the city the space and time to let it affect you.

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Money and Credit Card

You will be surprised how much you can pay by credit card on site. This is the most common form of payment in New York. Conversely, this also means: you should have a credit card. You can easily find out which credit card is the best for you.

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You definitely need a credit card. A debit card as a backup. You can also use it to withdraw money from a very, very large number of banks. We always assume that $ 100 to $ 150 a week in cash is just fine. You won’t need more because you can pay a lot with credit cards.

Walk in New York

You will be surprised how much you walk around town. We run an average of ten to fifteen kilometers every day. And you don’t even notice it. There is a lot to see everywhere. It’s super interesting. At every corner, there is an attraction, a great tour or a great park, a great café. You won’t be able to get out of your amazement when you look in the evening to see how many kilometers he really ran.

Everyone can drive the subway with the Metro Card. You can either buy them in advance or directly on site. We even recommend the second, it’s really super uncomplicated. There is a machine at each station. There you can either buy the Metro Card for a single trip or for a whole week, as you want, and can get from A to B very quickly.

Either you can turn to the official places where you get the bikes. We use the city bike program called Citi Bike. You can rent bicycles at over 800 stations all over New York. There is a day pass. There’s also a single ride pass and it’s super easy to use.

New York Restaurant Tips: Eating and Drinking

From small spots to large food markets, the selection is huge, and we actually mix it up quite often that we also pick out a few nice restaurants, as a highlight, so to speak. There are great rooftop restaurants where you can relax in the evening and look out over New York.

In order to save the travel budget a bit, we are often super happy with a great pizza slice – there are a lot of 1 dollar slice spots in New York. You will have your joy there.

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What you should definitely consider is the EATALY Downtown – brand new on the High Line. This is the Spanish Food Market, the Timeout Food Market is brand new in Brooklyn. Then you have a great view of the city from the roof.

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