Shopping: What Can You Buy in NYC

6:09 pm  |  26.12.2021

New York is a city that you just have seen and experienced. The yellow taxis, the huge high-rise complexes. Not to forget the song that comes to everyone inevitably in mind when you think of New York: “New York, New York … I Wake To Wake Up in A City That Never Sleeps …” It’s one of the most impressive cities that really has to visit.

Especially for Christmas shopping, New York is worth a visit, especially if you want to capture the very special flair of this city. The luminous Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center fascinates young and old. You can call New York a real Christmas town. We even know that even the most famous films (Kevin in New York alone, because there are you, the wonder of Manhattan …). You just want to go there. And of course, you want to cover yourself with plenty of souvenirs.

This trip should remain unforgettable and what could remember more beautiful than things that have been bought directly there? There are all sorts of gifts for loving family, friends, and relatives. Everyone should get their own New York souvenir and there are numerous beautiful, little things that bring the hearts to light up.

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What Do You Just Have to Buy in New York?

Of course, each city offers very specific souvenirs, which then only has the respective city. Something can be found on eBay, but it is not the same as if you were buying it directly in New York in a New York business. Some souvenirs can only be found in small New York shops.

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Vintage Postcard

Stick figures with the typical New Yorks buildings and the Statue of Liberty are found in many versions. Keychain with the Empire State Building, bottle opener with the Statue of Liberty, pencils with the yellow taxi, Christmas tree trailer with the mentioned New York landmark, ashtray, New York caps, t-shirts, and hoodies with huge NY print. Postcards should be sent and enjoy taking themselves for at home. There are beautiful pictures of the typical New York. Pictures should be done all the time anyway, glittering everywhere and flashes. Times Square is truly impressive. The Brooklyn Bridge ensures snapping.

Which Department Stores and Shops are Worth a Visit, with or Without a Purchase Option?

In New York, there are some, for America quite typical shopping malls/department stores. The buying experience is hardly comparable even if online shopping today is terrific. These huge shopping shops are splendid and invite everyone. Here you can sweep completely, often snack bushes are in which you can strengthen and treat yourself to something delicious. In these huge malls, which extend over several floors, you can relax and easily stay several hours in the warm. There you can feel comfortable around. The shops are mixed in the malls, there is everything, from the tea shop to the lingerie shop, toy goods, household goods … there are also toilets and for the little hunger and thirst is also all kinds offered.

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Especially recommended is the coffee of Starbucks. Even if you are not a coffee drinker or no coffee drinker, you will certainly find something here. Fine cocoa drinks, teas, brownies, apple pie, everything you can imagine for in between. America is a country where you can find other sweet stuff than usual. It’s all sweet, even more marshmallows, and even more frosting.

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Bath and Body Works

That’s America and you can really treat yourself during the holiday! Fast food is home here, Subway, Mc Donalds and also chains, like Denny, just make fun. It has to be easy. Back to the shops. Typical American are shops, like Bath and Body Works. Women who love scents will no longer want to leave this business. You do not have to buy anything, but women are guaranteed to buy something here. Wonderfully fragrant soaps of Bath and Body Works, you can not describe them, you have to smell them. So it is also with the Yankee Candle Stores. These scented candles are unsurpassed, they are so different, so special and yet a glass looks pretty with a 623 gram of candle. This is also a gift for the loved ones absolutely high emotional value and you have a long time. For the Yankee Candles, there are now a lot of accessories developed with heads and should not be missing in the collection of true fans. In the Yankee Candle Store, you can just stop and smell the different scents and lookup. It is a trip to the realm of the senses. There is no purchase for sale here, you can first be inspired.

Further worth mentioning are certain stores, such as Victorias Secret. There are several VS stores in New York and these are centrally located. More than several floors can be found here lingerie, the sweetest pajamas, fragrances, and make-up. If you want to dress sexy for your own man/partner, you will find it at VS. There is everything you can imagine and all of them are typically existing there BHS in very large sizes. At 75 D is far from conclusion.

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In America, everything is bigger and that reflects everywhere, even at the lingerie shopping. At the bra or the sweet negligee, which was bought in New York, one will always remember. If you keep the laundry in your hand, you feel directly again, as at that time in New York City. A ride with the famous New York subway is a must! On this occasion, you should buy a subway plan and pick it up. You quickly learn how the subway network works. Many celebrities living in New York use the subway. A ride across New York with the famous subway belongs to the top of the to-do list.


There is so much to tell about New York and a one-week stay is not enough to experience everything there is to experience. Who does not make up the cold temperatures in the time of the Christmas Shopping, which should be able to schedule 2 weeks New York? There are inviting shops through which you absolutely have to run. New York is recommended at every season.

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