Greenpoint Brooklyn: Highlights for Your List

5:37 pm  |  08.09.2021

Williamsburg’s northern neighbor, Greenpoint, has a large Polish population and is just as hip and trendy as Williamsburg itself. Even if Greenpoint Brooklyn itself is quite small, there is a lot to see and discover.

Greenpoint mixes fantastic views of the Midtown Manhattan skyline with authentic Polish restaurants, shops, and hip eateries. Exciting vintage shops, the best bars in the area, and much more, Greenpoint in Brooklyn is all of this.

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Greenpoint is really great and has summarized the highlights that we have discovered for you in this guide.

Top 5 Things to Do in Greenpoint Brooklyn

WNYC Transmitter Park – A large, beautiful park just off Greenpoint Avenue overlooking the East River. From here you have the best views of the Manhattan skyline. This green oasis is a meeting place for the locals, especially in summer.

Beacon’s Closet – Probably the most famous second-hand store in all of New York. There is a colorful mix of vintage and modern clothing to buy or swap.

McCarren Park – The public park is a magical draw for the area’s athletes. It has a track & field for runners and is located right on the border with the hip neighbor Williamsburg.

Greenpoint Fish and Lobster – A must for all friends of fresh fish. In the front part there is a modern fish market and in the back part a great restaurant with great fresh fish dishes of the season.

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop – A Greenpoint institution that has been selling the best donuts and baked goods at good prices since 1953.

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Is it Worth Visiting Greenpoint Brooklyn?

Greenpoint is definitely one of the most beautiful areas in Brooklyn. After Chicago, most immigrants of Polish origin live here. The views along the waterfront are breathtaking. There is a lot to do and experience in Greenpoint. Incidentally, Greenpoint is particularly attractive for the locals, as the rents are a lot cheaper than in the neighboring districts.

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The Greenpoint area in Brooklyn is safe too, which is why more and more young families are drawn to the area. The only part of Greenpoint that we don’t recommend is along the water near the intersection of Greenpoint Ave and McGuiness Blvd.

Visit one of the Parks in Greenpoint

Greenpoint has two large parks: WNYC Transmitter Park and McCarren Park. In both parks in Greenpoint, you will definitely find a place to relax and enjoy the sun.

The Brooklyn Barge is located in the southern part of the WNYC Transmitter Park on the East River. Seasonal there is fast food and alcoholic drinks to cool off in the summer.

Right at the entrance of the park, you will find the Grand Republic Cocktail Club, which exudes a very maritime atmosphere and is located on a pontoon.

Personally, we really enjoy coming to McCarren Park to run on the track there. Especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you will find many New York running teams there, whose training you can definitely join. In addition, there is the possibility to play tennis and baseball for free and there are plenty of playgrounds and green areas.

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Shopping in Greenpoint

In Greenpoint, you can find everything, classy boutiques, second-hand stores that sell absolute vintage bargains, but also the latest trends, as well as regular shops.

Most of the shopping in Greenpoint takes place around Franklin Avenue, which is reminiscent of Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg.

Discover and Experience the Polish Culture

As already mentioned, the cultural influences of the Polish way of life can hardly be overlooked in Greenpoint. So it is really exciting to experience this culture up close in Greenpoint. You can try everything from typical Polish bakeries to restaurants and authentic delis.

Our highlights are Frankel’s Delicatessen and the Peter Pan Bakery, which is located in the heart of Greenpoint and sells by far the best donuts far and wide.

Tattoo Studios in Greenpoint

By the way, many locals come to Greenpoint to get a tattoo. We have two tattoo studio recommendations if you too want to get a lifelong souvenir of your New York trip on your skin.

Greenpoint Tattoo is very experienced in traditional tattoos. You come here especially for the very special, typical tattoo studio atmosphere.

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Three Kings Tattoos is another tattoo shop in Greenpoint that has employed an incredible number of very talented artists. The studio is very clean and the tattoos start at $ 60.

Best Restaurants in Greenpoint

Who would have thought, most of the restaurants in Greenpoint have Polish influences. But we have also selected the best tacos, the best lunch spots, and fish restaurants for you. In any case, we recommend that you at least visit a Polish restaurant or bakery. It’s really worth it.

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