Luxury New York: Lofts, Townhouses, Estate on the Atlantic Ocean

8:06 am  |  01.12.2021

That there are many rich people in New York, who live in species that the normal citizen can hardly imagine, is known. But how is that actually concrete? Where and how do people who can choose it? Here is an overview.


Townhouse on the Upper East Side – Photo Corcoran Realty

The oldest noble residence in New York is the piece of Upper East Side, between 59th and 86th Street and 5th Avenue and Park Avenue. Here, near Central Park, the super-rich in the 19th century built their estates. Today you will find luxury residential buildings, often with huge sophisticated apartments, including many Classic 8 Apartments and Exclusive Townhouses (City Houses). In the middle of the legendary 740 Park Avenue, perhaps the most exclusive residential building of the city.

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Brownstone townhouses in the Greenwich Village – Photo Edmund Stevens

The Greenwich Village is a neighborhood in the middle of Manhattan despite the name and has been one of the most attractive residential situations in the city since the 19th century. The ‘Village’, as it calls the New Yorkers has the historical reputation of an artist and student district. Meanwhile, it is too expensive, but because of the New York University, the in the middle of the neighborhood, and the rainy nightlife, has gotten a lot of flairs. The most impressive way to live here is in one of the listed townhouses.

In this building in Soho there was once factory days, today are here lofts – Photo Edmund Stevens

Soho, Chelsea, Tribeca, and the Meatpacking District in the southern part of Manhattan were once industrial and commercial districts. In the 1980s and 1990s (in the case of Soho already much earlier), these neighborhoods became residential areas counted among the most sought-after in New York. There is a loft (old factory days) to live is difficult to top.

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Billionaire’s Row

On the middle part of the 57th street between Park Avenue and 7th Avenue, very close to Central Park, have been built since 2014 six ultra-high living towers of the absolute luxury class, including 111 West 57th Street, the slimmest skyscraper in the world and the Central Park Tower, the highest pure residential building on the planet. The four blocks are now known as Billionaire’s Row (street of the billionaires).

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A large part-owner life only part of the year in the towers. New Yorkers think of the residents more like oligarchies and people who want to park money in the US than the local elite.


Townhouse in Brooklyn Heights – Photo Nestseekers

Brooklyn Heights with its beautiful old townhouses and promenade with breathtaking views of the skyline has always been a coveted residential area but played only the second violin compared to the top quarters in Manhattan. The almost continuously continuous real estate boom in the city and because Brooklyn was always trendy, Brooklyn Heights became one of the absolute top resources in New York.

Dumbo – Photo Edmund Stevens

The nearby Dumbo (short for ‘Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass’) has another flair again but also became one of the most desirable parts of New York. Until the 1960s, Dumbo was a commercial district full of warehouses, workshops, and other small industries. When these farms left New York, people, including many artists, took the area, affordable prices, and an unusual ambiance for a residential area. In the 1990s, the transformation of Dumbo began one of the most trendy and most desirable neighborhoods in New York. Outwardly, Dumbo has received a lot of his old industrial charm. There are a lot of cobblestones and also rails of the old goods railway can still be seen.

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Scarsdale, one of the richest places in the USA

Westchester County (in about a district) borders north of New York. After surveys by Bloomberg News were 2020 eight of the hundred places with the highest income in the US here. If you walk through places like Scarsdale, Larchmont, or Bronxville, you are not surprised that they are high castles of the rich.

Property in Greenwich, CT

Fairfield County is located in the southern part of Connecticut. The stroke land where places like Greenwich, Darien, New Caanan, or Riverside is known because of the great wealth and the location on the Atlantic as ‘Gold Coast’. After surveys by Forbes Magazine live alone in Greenwich 11 billionaires.

Property at the North Shore – Photo Joe Ryan

The North Shore (coast) of Long Island is another part of Greater New York, known for its often extreme wealth. In places like Oyster Bay, Huntington, and North Hempstead you will find some of the most valuable properties in all America.

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From the 1890s to the 1930s, the super-rich of their time built more than 500 mansions (huge, sometimes already castle-like villas) here. Most were now demolished, but those who are still standing are some of the public access.

The North Shore was immortalized in one of the classics of American literature “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Although the book is almost a hundred years old, the novel and the North Shore are inextricably linked.


The Hamptons are too far away to fit in this article. In addition, a large part of the population does not live here all year round, but only in the warm months of the year. In the next few weeks, there will be a separate article about this part of Long Island, which gained as a summer playground of rich, beautiful, and famous worldwide prominence.

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