Brooklyn Heights & Dumbo: The Insider Guide with Tipps

9:23 am  |  03.09.2021

The beautiful area in Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo is home to many wealthy families and businessmen. In this area, your trees lined streets, historical “Brownstone Houses”, stunning views of Lower Manhattan, and super stylish lofts in industrial quarters at the foot of the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge. This mix gives this area in Brooklyn its special charm.

Unsere Top 5 in Dumbo & Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Bridge: Once One of the Must-Sees in Dumbo, of course, the Brooklyn Bridge belongs! Si is the most famous New York bridge and probably the US (only the Golden Gate Bridge makes her competition). We recommend crossing the bridge early in the morning when the light is the most beautiful and are not so many people on the bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge Park: Directly at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge is the Brooklyn Bridge Park with breathtaking views of Manhattan’s skyline. The New York ferries also stop here, so that you can drive from Manhattan with the Ferry to Brooklyn over the water.

Jane’s Carousel: Am Brooklyn Bridge Park is also the beautiful Jane’s carousel. The history of the carousel started in 1922 in Ohio in Idora Amusement Park. After the park was closed, the 48-piece wooden horse carousel moved to Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade: The promenade offers a wonderful view of Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Lower Manhattan skyline. We recommend that you walk along with sunrise or break.

Grimaldi’s Pizza: How about a classic New York pizza? Then Grimaldi’s in Dumbo is just the right place. They are known for their great coal furnace pizza. Bring friends, you will need them.

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The Creative Heart of Brooklyn

Many well-known US writers, songwriters have settled in Brooklyn Heights and Dumbo. Most of them denote the area lovingly as their creative bladder. The serenity of the area and the impressive peace – so close to Manhattan – has been the reason that history has often been written here for many years. For example, by Truman Capote, who wrote in 70 Willow Street “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Apartment

Strolls in your exploration tour through roads, such as Cranberry, the Hicks, Willo, or Pierremont Street, and discovers the area there from its most beautiful side.

What Does Dumbo Stand for?

The abbreviation Dumbo stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass” and refers to an area that can not have changed rapidly. It is not too long ago, there were mainly factory halls – one of the most famous is the so-called Eskimo Pie Building on 100 Bridge Street. Built-in the years 1908 and 1908, many years of the Thomson Meter Company served as a company headquarters. Old factory buildings like this are the Dumbo so special.

Artists attracted it in the seventies and eighties here and they turned empty complexes into great, generous lofts with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline.

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Dumbo attracts many creative shops, local artists from the area, great restaurants, and cute cafes.

The Brooklyn Bridge

Of course, who knows you do not know – every New York tourist comes once on his vacation on the Brooklyn Bridge. It is one of the landmarks of the city and daily crosses 120,000 vehicles the 6 traces of the Brooklyn Bridge. Around 4,000 pedestrians and over 3,000 cyclists use the Upper Level to come to Brooklyn from Manhattan.

Especially the way from there back to Manhattan is recommended, then you have a grandiose view of the Manhattan skyline. Plant almost 45 minutes for the 1,833-meter long distance. There is no matter what daytime or nighttime you come: The view of the bridge and the bridge is spectacular at all times. In the morning, however, few people are found here.

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The Brooklyn Bridge Park

Directly at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge is the Brooklyn Bridge Park. This extends to the right and left of the pier. 

Renewed, the park shines in new splendor and offers adequate grassland also much seating with direct views of the skyline.

From here you can see the popular Brooklyn Bridge from a completely different perspective.

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Brooklyn Heights Promenade enables breathtaking views of Lower Manhattan and the One World Trade Center. As a familiar and popular vantage point, the Fulton Ferry Landing is always called in the same breath.

In the summer a great place to relax, in winter a magical place, as it is very empty in contrast to the warmer season. If there is still snow, this place is hard to beat. The only thing you almost always see here, whether warm or cold, are the bridal couple, which can be photographed at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge.

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Jane’s Carousel

Since 2011, in the middle of the park is an old, romantic carousel – Jane’s Carousel. A beautiful attraction and photo process.

A ride on the carousel costs $ 2 and is fun for tall and small.

The Manhattan Bridge at Washington Street

Beautiful view that love all Instagram lovers

In Dumbo, one of the most popular photo motives in Brooklyn is waiting for you. At the corner of Washington Street and Water Street, the imposing bridge arc of the Manhattan Bridge projects between the house fronts and attracts photographers to the blue hour magically.

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