New Art Installations: September 2021 in New York

7:50 am  |  18.09.2021

In New York City, the most beautiful season of the year is autumn. And while September is not yet joyful with golden leaves, cultural life in the city already holds the key. Here are some new art installations that you can see on the city streets this month.

Public art in many ways shapes the view of New York City. This city is impossible to imagine without ever-changing art installations.

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From August 18 to September 30, 2021, God’s Love We Deliver holds CowParade. 

The CowParade, known as one of the largest and most successful activities in the field of public art in the world. It has been held in more than 80 sites since 1999.

The event is a series of colorful cows sculptures for universal Ferris. Over the years, artists created about 5,000 cows, which saw more than 250 million people. At the end of each event, the cow is set to the auction, and the profit is distributed to charitable organizations around the world. Over the past 22 years, Cowparade has collected more than $ 30 million.

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By the way, in New York, sculptures will be placed on eight “pastures” in five districts of the city. Such places include Industry City, Hudson Yards, New York Hall Of Science, Bronx Community College, National Lighthouse Museum, Rockaway Beach, Macy’s on 34th Street, and Bloomingdale’s on 59th Street. Cows will be sold at Heritage Auctions.

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Endangered Fossils in Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Until August 10, 2022, endangered Fossils Judith Modrak will be exhibited in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens. This is a series of sculptures that are imaginary archaeological excavations of the state of New York.

Inspiration for creating sculptures, trilobites, brachiopods, and marine lilies, which appeared in the Devonian period of 400 million years ago. You can find it today in their similarity with modern crabs, mollusks, and marine stars. Each sculpture encourages the audience to think about the sources of our ecosystem.

SHARE in Rockefeller Center

Outside the Rockefeller Center is worth a new 18-foot bronze sculpture Share. You can see it until October 8, 2021. Share created by the famous street artist KAWS consists of two separate parts called Companion and BFF. 

The first part of the sculpture, companion, has an appearance, inspired by Mickey Mouse, with the company’s corporate pants and shoes.

The sign “x” over the eyes of a sculpture causes a sense of fear and isolation. It is even more enhanced with gray sculpture and lack of smile. On the contrary, BFF is a pink fluffy fake ELO, clamped in the hands of Companion – reminds viewers about the comforts that they are looking for in their daily life.

Possible World in Midnight Moment on Times Square

Still image from Possible World by Ezra Wube. Courtesy of the artist, Little Sun, and Times Square Arts.

In September, Times Square Arts will present “Possible World” Ezra Vube. The animation will be part of the Times Square Arts Midnight Moment series, which will be broadcast on 75 electronic billboards across the time of Times Square from 11:57 pm until 12:00 am every day.

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Artist created the Possible World as part of the Fast Forward – Little Sun short film series, in which the dreams of five artists about the revived world became true.

This installation has created an inspiring interview with more than 100 people from all over Ethiopia. Possible World shows a desire to embody the dreams of these people about a more sustainable world. For viewers, the installation also suggests thinking about how a more steady New York may look.

The artist inspires the creation of work through the participation of the community, where the voices of individuals can become a potential catalyst for action to develop a sustainable world.

Festival Photoville

PHOTVILLE Festival returns to New York to mark its 10th anniversary. 

PHOTOVILLE is a non-profit organization from New York, founded in 2011 in Brooklyn, which seeks to promote a broader understanding and expanding access to the art of photography.

In particular, PHOTOVILLE is working on the activation of public spaces in order to give visual tolders the opportunity to tell their stories, and the audience – the opportunity to expand their views on the artistic field.

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This year, on September 18, the Photoville festival will return to New York on its 10th anniversary. It will include virtual online stories, artists, seminars, demonstrations, educational programs, public programs, and open-air exhibitions in parks and public places.

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