Long Island City in Queens: The Insider Guide Which Helps You to Know Everything

5:16 pm  |  31.05.2021

Long Island City in Queens is a booming bohemian neighborhood on the East River. Just one subway stop from Manhattan, Long Island City in Queens is the closest Williamsburg to insiders (you know: the Mecca of the hip, creative residents of Brooklyn). There are few tourists in Long Island City because many either don’t know it or think it is too dangerous, which is absolutely not true.

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The Way to Long Island City

The best way to get to Long Island City in Queens is by subway line 7 from Grand Central Station or Times Square / 42nd Street. Then get off at Queensboro Plaza.

In addition to the countless bars and restaurants, the art scene in Long Island City in Queens should not be underestimated. Become a true Queens Insider with our guide, because hardly any New York visitor has Long Island City in Queens on their agenda – they simply don’t know enough about it. Here you can find out everything about the hip neighborhood in Queens and what you should definitely not miss.

From an Industrial District to a Top Residential Area

The popular Long Island City district in Queens has long been spacious and open thanks to the low-rise buildings. High-rise buildings were not found here. In the past, it was mainly used for industry.

Many well-known large companies have had or still have their headquarters here. Right upfront is the well-known Silvercup Studios, where the world-famous New York series “Sex and the City” was produced. But the masses disappeared after Manhattan.

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Many industrial buildings were empty and attracted artists who converted the buildings into lofts and gave the area a certain flair. In the eighties, small studios were an indispensable part of the neighborhood. Long Island City also became increasingly popular as a residential area due to its proximity to Manhattan, which resulted in the luxury apartment complexes skyrocketing directly on the East River. Many of the long-established residents of the place were bothered by this, as the view of the skyline now disappeared. However, more and more residential buildings were built along the river and people flocked to Long Island City to find new homes.

Worth Seeing

Gantry Plaza State Park

One of the most popular places in Long Island City in Queens is Gantry Plaza, State Park. As the backdrop for many blockbusters, the park with its breathtaking view of Manhattan across the East River is a popular meeting place for young and old, especially in summer. but don’t want to lose the closeness to the city.

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The 16-hectare park extends over a total of 4 piers in the old port area and has a very special landmark: the bridge cranes that have been preserved. The park owes its name to these cranes. The view of the United Nations in Manhattan and Roosevelt Island is magical and, especially in the warm months, unforgettable.

Moma PS1: The MoMa’s Little Brother

Interested people in the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan should visit their little brother in Long Island City. The MoMA PS1 has made an international name for itself with exhibitions of experimental art and is in no way inferior to the MoMa in Manhattan. 

With an attached café that offers a magnificent view of Manhattan, this is the perfect opportunity to relax with a delicious coffee after visiting the museum. In the summer months, there is always a warm-up party on Saturdays in the garden of the museum. The audience is then just as freaked out and special as the museum itself.

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An Urban Legend: 5 Pointz

New York’s graffiti scene is widespread in Queens and it is said that this is where the great street artists roam the streets. The scene had a place where it was legal to spray the walls for many years. The former and legendary 5 Pointz is located near MoMA PS1 (not so far from Jackson Avenue) and was unfortunately painted white in the winter of 2013 in a night and fog action to make room for further apartment buildings.

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A shock for the graffiti artists who have immortalized themselves on the walls of the old factory. You can see the best works of art here. 19,000 m2 of walls were simply painted over without prior notice. Even today, many make pilgrimages back to where the greats immortalized. 5 Pointz belongs to Long Island City like his bridge cranes and should therefore not be ignored.

Historic Hunters Point

You can take a trip to the early 19th century if you take a stroll around 45th Avenue / 21th to 23th Street. The houses are all preserved from that time and show you the original Long Island City.

An Insider: The Sculpture Center

The Sculpture Center (address: 44-19 Purves Street / Jackson Avenue) in Long Island City is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the creative world of Queens budding artists. In 2002, the architect Maya Lin created this great art museum where there was once a workshop.

They experiment with new forms and materials in contemporary plastic and sculpture. The exhibitions have titles such as “Cosmic Voodoo Circus” and “Vide-Poche” and allow the visitor to play with the limits of his perception.

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