The 8 Best Spots with a View of the Empire State Building: What’s the Best View of the Empire State Building?

5:31 pm  |  24.12.2021

The Empire State Building is part of the New York skyline like no other skyscraper. Actually, it can always be seen, regardless of whether you are on the East River, the Hudson River, Central Park, or Brooklyn. I’ll tell you our favorite spots to marvel at the Empire State Building – especially when it’s dark and the top is glowing, it’s just beautiful.

The Empire State Building is undisputedly one of the absolute best sights in New York and attracts countless visitors every day. Of course, you don’t get the best view of the popular skyscraper in the building itself. That’s why we’ve put together our favorite places for you, from which you have an excellent view of the famous Empire State Building.

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Refinery Rooftop-Bar

Relax, and enjoy a good evening 

Even if we love the observation decks in New York, we just as much enjoy enjoying the view over Manhattan from a cozy rooftop bar. The Refinery Rooftop Bar is one of our favorite rooftop bars because it is still an insider tip to this day! Not far from Bryant Park, you can enjoy the view of the Empire State Building in a really relaxed atmosphere.

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar

Rooftop bar 230 Fifth in New York – great view of the Empire State Building.

The 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar is no longer an insider tip, but it still has to be on this list. Why? The unobstructed and unobstructed view is just beautiful. Even in winter, it is cozy here, when warm blankets and patio heaters are available. And if the weather doesn’t cooperate at all, just go one floor down to the lounge area.

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Bryant Park

Spend a good evening with your friends at Bryant Park

Bryant Park is Tino’s favorite park in NYC: We took the picture when we visited last summer. As you can see, things are hardly getting any better. You can lie on the meadow, watch the hustle and bustle of the city and the New Yorkers and then look at the illuminated top. 

DUMBO – Manhattan Bridge


Very small, but in a great setting: take a closer look at the famous photo spot! The Empire State Building is framed by the pillars of the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO. Not far from Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Brooklyn Bridge, you can take this photo at the corner of Washington Street and Water Street.

Top of the Rock

View from the Top of the Rock towards Downtown Manhattan with the Empire State Building

That’s one of the reasons we love the Top of the Rock observation deck so much: the view of Central Park AND the Empire State Building. Make sure you take your time here because from the late afternoon to sunset the atmosphere is particularly impressive.

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From the Water On a Boat Tour

A boat tour is an absolute MUST DO

This is an absolute MUST DO for your New York trip: a boat tour. You are spoiled for choice. There are boat tours during the day with the classic sightseeing ships, but also boat tours at night, sailing tours, and dinner cruises. Or you can do it like the New Yorkers and take the NYC Ferry for the price of a subway ride along the East River.

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Relaxed from the High Line

High Line

The Empire State Building is more subtle but no less impressive than the High Line. Every now and then you can see it and then you can take a picture of it while sitting in the green. And while you’re here, go to the north end. Because there the newest attraction of New York awaits you: The Vessel in the Hudson Yards.

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With Goosebumps from the Helicopter

New York view

Exactly the opposite of subtle is the view of the Empire from high above. Flying over New York in a helicopter is not cheap, but it is a real experience. It starts at the Downtown Manhattan Heliport, around the Statue of Liberty, and then along the Hudson River to Central Park. On the way there you will see all the distinctive buildings of the skyline, including the Empire State Building.

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