10 Free Attractions: You’ve Seen It In New York 

1:05 pm  |  23.12.2021

Anyone who knows how to know where and how to save in New York in the right places, which then has a lot of money for great extras while shopping or cool events at a different time.

Here you will find important, interesting, and sometimes still pretty unknown information about how and where you can have a great time without money in New York.

Free Attractions and Events in New York

New York for free? This works out? And not just any second-rate attractions, but absolute highlights! The best 10 free attractions and events in New York we have introduced you here. There are concerts, tours, and sights – New York for Free! Have lots of fun with it!

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1. A Tour with the Staten Island Ferry

Water tours are always available

One of the most famous and most popular tourist attractions is the Staten Island Ferry, which commutes between the southern tip of Manhattan and State Island. All trips are free in New York!

2. Summer Film Festival in Bryant Park

During this time Bryant Park is full of people

A real experience is the all-assembly open-air cinema behind the Public Library. This is an event where you feel like a real New Yorker: The complete bandwidth gathers here: Young families, friends, and older couples.

3. National 9/11 Memorial, Ground Zero & One World Trade Center

One World Trade Center

Ground Zero is not a place of terror more, but a memorial and a place of silence. Where used to stand the Twin Tower of the World Trade Center, the National 9/11 Memorial is now. The new complex of the World Trade Center around the tribute is finished soon. We find it worth more than a visit. For each of these three significant jobs in New York, we have put together the most important information.

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4. A Ride on Roosevelt Island Tramway

What you should definitely do is a crossing with Roosevelt Island Tramway. At up to 80 meters altitude you can enjoy a great view over the East River to Manhattan. Also on Roosevelt Island awaits you great views of Manhattan and a sometimes necessary rest from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The cost of a ride corresponds to the subway prices. So you can e.g. just use your MetroCard. If you have a 7-day Unlimited Metrocard, the ride is free!

5. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Beautiful park view

Just under the Brooklyn Bridge begins the Brooklyn Bridge Park – Just like Brooklyn Heights, he offers a stunning view of the Manhattan skyline. For the athletes among you: Jogging along here is one of the highlights – we guarantee you.

6. New York Public Library

The most famous library

The New York Public Library is an old venerable library in the middle of Manhattan. She finds it at the 42nd Street Corner 5th Avenue directly adjacent to Bryant Park. She is a place of silence: It’s a really crazy feeling when you get from the normal noise level – if you look at 5th Avenue as “normal” – goes into the New York Public Library. Everything is at once steamed and quiet.

7. Go Over the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

It is one of the most famous and beautiful bridges in the world and is immediately connected to New York by everyone: the Brooklyn Bridge. When the bridge was built, she was “East River Bridge” and today’s name “Brooklyn Bridge” was originally not the full name of the bridge: she was called “New York and Brooklyn Bridge”.

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8. The Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Terminal New York

Grand Central Terminal is the most visited building New York’s most visited train station: Still in front of the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the Rockefeller Center. A little curiosity: The ceiling painting has been painted a mirror. The reason: The painter had kept the card wrong.

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9. The Green Lung Manhattans: The Central Park

Central Park

Central Park is a popular meeting place for the New Yorker with its 340 hectares. With more than 25 million visitors, the Idyll created by human beings is not only a tourist attraction. Discover the 5 best spots in Central Park.

10. The High Line Park in Meatpacking District

High Line Park

You will find the High Line Park on the west side of Manhattan. He stretches from Gansevoort Street (there is also the great hotel “Gansevoort”) to the 34th street between 10th and 11th Avenue. We were there on a Saturday afternoon with great weather there – he was quite full. Such a green route in the middle of Manhattan is really an experience.

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