The Most Interesting Activities in Dumbo & Brooklyn Heights: Do not Miss Them

4:20 pm  |  05.09.2021

DUMBO is located in the northeast of Brooklyn, just across the river from Lower Manhattan and just to the north of Brooklyn Heights.

Run over the Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge

You can walk over the Brooklyn Bridge. But if you want to miss the crowds there, just run over the Manhattan Bridge. There you get a similar view and the view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Watch a Movie in Brooklyn Bridge Park

During the summer months, the city offers free film screenings in Brooklyn Bridge Park. This is one of our favorite summer events in Dumbo.

We recommend that you already be there for two hours before the bracket, so you get good places. It is best to bring a picnic blanket to sit with.

Gleason’s Gym

Did not you expect that we will send you to the sport for your Brooklyn exploration? But this gym you should definitely look at! The Gleason’s Gym is an icon of the boxing community. All the famous boxers that come in spontaneously have already trained here – Cassius Clay for example.

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Today, the training studio is no longer reserved only for boxers but is open to the public. The sporty ambition is extremely noticeable here, but the employees are very friendly and accommodating.

Visit the Archway under Manhattan Bridge

The archway forms a tunnel under Manhattan Bridge. There you will find picnic tables and not infrequently Street Food sellers. In summer, there are often small concerts and simply many New Yorkers who make a nice time there.

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Rises to the Roof of the 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Between the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge, the brand new luxury hotel 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge offers awesome views of Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Manhattan skyline. But the best is the roof of the hotel. There is a pool, a small sitting area, and a bar.

In summer, the Rooftop terrace is always full up to the last place and not infrequently are also prominent among guests.

Experience the Winter in Dumbo

The Manhattan Bridge in the snow

A very special experience is Dumbo during or after a blizzard to discover. Of course, we recommend the latter because then you can unpack the cameras and capture the unique mood.

Guided Walking Tours in Dumbo & Brooklyn Heights

The pedestrian trail on the Brooklyn Bridge

Roads of old cobblestones and new luxury buildings In addition to industrial warehouses, Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights give a very special atmosphere. If you want to know more about the most interesting corners of the neighborhoods and you would like to show yourself the sights from a professional guide, there are a few recommendable walking tours that can reserve your reservation.

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City Tour New York: Brooklyn Bridge and Dumbo

With this guided city tour, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Dumbo district are in focus. In doing so, you will learn the development of Brooklyn to the most populated quarter of the city and learns what political thoughts were behind the construction of the bridge. Your guide will explain to you the difficulties of the Roebling family, who designed the bridge, and an even more interesting background. Then it goes on to the most sighting places in Dumbo.

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The guide takes about 2 hours.

Private Brooklyn & Soho Tour with Photographer

If you would like to have special photos of yourself in New York, you can also book a private tour of Soho to Brooklyn with a photographer. He will not only show you the most beautiful places and share interests with you but also take pictures of the unique backdrop in Soho, on the Brooklyn Bridge, in Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights as well as in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Included in the price are 75 professional photos of you.

The tour takes about 2 hours.

Shopping in Dumbo & Brooklyn Heights

The area is not as big as other neighborhoods so that a small shopping spree is well connected to a sightseeing tour. You can always insert a stop here and there to explore the sweet, creative shops. Here are a few of our favorite shopping addresses in Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights.

In the EGG (72 Jay Street), a children’s fashion store, you get sweet clothes for the smallest.

The Modern Anthology Store (68 Jay Street) offers stylish household goods with entertainment factors, but also fashionable and urban everyday clothing for men. The small business is super stylish. There’s a lot to discover here!

The Powerhouse Arena (37 Main Street) is a huge bookstore with many special books of the Powerhouse Books Company. At the same time, this is also a gallery.

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Art Galleries in Dumbo

The art scene in Dumbo is growing and growing and the selection of interesting galleries in Dumbo is increasingly greater. Many galleries have also tethered exciting design stores to their gallery.

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A. I. R. Gallery, which stands for Artists in Residence in Dumbo, was founded in 1972 and is the first purely female gallery in the US. The main goal of A.I.r. It was to provide artists a room to be able to present their work permanently dominated by men.

Brooklyn Historical Society

The history of the city of Brooklyn is told in the Brooklyn Historical Society Museum. Founded in 1863 and recently renovated, this exhibition in the “Queen Anne style” building enchants its visitors daily. The well-assorted library, interesting photographs, exciting, very old landscape cards, even older newspapers, and excerpts from family stories from Brooklyn explain the history of Brooklyn and offer a very good overview of the events of the past.

New York Transit Museum

The New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn Heights deals with the history of the city on the basis of the development of public urban transport in the metropolis. The focus is on the development of the 100-year-old subway and the bus and trolley system of the city. It is the largest museum in the United States with this topic and has a very special highlight hidden in the basement: a faithful subway platform with vintage subway cars and an illustration of how to buy tickets back then through the “Ticket Chopper” tickets.

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