Where are the Tourists: In the Middle of Brooklyn

9:11 am  |  31.01.2022

An insider tip in the middle of the city of the cities? Yes, with the Ditmas Park New York belongs to the usual pictures. The neighborhood is a paradise.

The professional travel guides have lured their humiliation faithful fortunately a few years ago and promise a diverse Brooklyn, packed in small stories: Williamsburg was only dangerous.

Villa in Brooklyn district Ditmas Park: The variety of buildings could serve as a viewing material as a viewing material

Source: Lukas Hermsmeier

Ditmas Park is located in the middle of Brooklyn, but just as far from water and scene away, that tourists only come here when they want to adjacent Prospect Park, but too far with the subway line B or Q are driven. Yes, then they stand there, slightly nervous and somewhat lost, without suspecting that they are in the middle of paradise.

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Church Avenue is the best proof of the most amiable. Small cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores rows here completely righteous and without attention deficit. As a secret center, the Café “Lark”, whose small wooden bench is particularly popular on the sidewalk.


On the one hand, in the terms New York City and Architecture, they associate the impressive but somehow overwhelming ever-higher houses Manhattan and on the other hand, the cozy Brownstones (terraced houses of sandstone), which distribute across the city. If you are looking for a confirmation, you can not come to Ditmas Park. Anyone who wants to experience an architectural day room beyond all common pictures has to come.

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Today’s Ditmas Park belonged to the Dutch colony Nieuw Nederland and is now part of an area that calls FlatBush. From the 17th century, numerous farmers settled. But with industrialization, the trade was expelled and the shallow country was urbanized in the middle of the 19th century.

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From today’s perspective a blessing. For this purpose in the course of this process between Church Avenue and the Cortelyou Road a few hundred Victorian villas, which despite their uniqueness form such a closed ensemble that city planning students around the world should be committed to a semester abroad in Ditmas Park. The announcement at that time: No house like the other!

Busta Rhymes 

Taboulé, Souvlaki, Shakshuka Eggs or Chicken Couscous: In Mimi’s Hummus, delicious Middle Eastern food is served

Source: Lukas Hermsmeier

In all colors, the villas are next to each other in this settlement. In green, olive green, emerald green, mint green, turquoise, blue, navy blue, sky blue. Some have small turrets on the roof, other chic verandas in front of the door, you can see pillar inputs and classic brick substructures with adjacent wooden floor facades. Perfectly renovated, freshly painted.

They are like brothers and sisters, with individual strengths and yet recognizable with the same parents. The unmistakable prosperity does not work intimidating or exposing. This is also due to the sympathetic holes in the lawn and the non-washed foliage, through which the squirrels rustle.

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At the beginning of the 20th century, Irish, Italian and Jewish families lived here, the population was largely white. That changed in the seventies, as many African Americans and families with Caribbean roots came – and with them the hip-hop culture.

Busta Rhymes, Foxy Brown and Talib Kweli grew up here. No coincidence that in the 90s, Hamburg musicians Jan Delay and Samy Deluxe gave their music label in the Eimsbüttel quarter the nickname Eimsbush. It was a tribute to the New York laboratory of Hip Hop: FlatBush.

The Theater Stood Empty 40 Years

This neighborhood was shaken a few times. Today it is above all: colorful. Young families do not want to live stuffy but relaxed. Teenagers born in – black, white, latinos. Ditmas Park has experienced different phases and certainly has not arrived today. Anyway, in a metropolis that is naturally unveiled?

After more than 40 years  of sleeping: The King’s Theater

Source: Lukas Hermsmeier

The cinema at the FlatBush Avenue was closed at the end of the 1970s and was empty for almost 40 years. The restoration ongoing since 2013 costs $ 90 million, and who throws a view in the 3200 people’s room, knowing why.

He is gigantic, decorated with golden ornaments, and impressive like a sacral construction. The Kings Theater was the pride of the neighborhood and should be again.

The appreciation of the quarters is visible. At Cortelyou Road, there was a long time exclusively cheap hairdressers, snacks and kiosks. Meanwhile, finer shops have been established. Like the restaurant “Lea” (Italian cuisine with great terrace) or “The Castello Plan” (popular with the brunches).

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But nothing comes to “Mimi’s hummus”. Only seven tables hold the cozy space with an open kitchen, which can be prepared in Middle Eastern food. Taboulé, Souflaki, Shakshuka Eggs, Chicken Couscous – at Mimi Kitani.

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