Spooky Month: The Best Halloween Costume Rental Shops in New York

8:38 am  |  17.09.2021

Go to the clothing store and pick your creepiest, cutest, or most shocking costume to be terribly attractive on Halloween. Read more about costume rental stores in New York, in our material.

Halloween in New York is a great spectacle every year. Most people look forward to Halloween. You dress up in the most extraordinary costumes and children go from door to door asking for sweets.

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Having seen the Halloween costume mix, you may be sad that this holiday is only once a year. Should I buy a few suits and keep them at home? It’s best to rent a suit instead of filling your wardrobe with spandex superheroes. Save room for real clothes and sneakers, and with the money, you save on the suit, buy candy for the kids on Halloween.

Halloween Adventure/New York Costumes

You won’t find an armadillo costume in this year-round shop in Union Square, but you can find other creative costumes, creepy mascots, era dresses, and Hollywood props. 

The countless accessories and makeup kits you can buy will help you to add your individual touch to your leased suit. It’s possible to rent a day if you get an invitation to a last-minute Halloween party.

The costumes in the shop are conveniently organized by themes, so you can move from «Devils, Priests, Nuns» to «Hippies» and «Horrors». Huge stock of props means that you will find something, whether it is a simple costume for a party (lab coat «Sex Instructor» for $19.99) or want to rent a complicated suit ($350 plus a deposit of $2000). Accessories hit as many suits.

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The range of masquerade masks alone ranges from a $3 USD disposable eye mask to the development of limited series Venetian styles for $3,000. Dress in a suit from head to toe and add to your appearance professional makeup (from $10 for simple wounds to a hundred for complete transformation with prosthetics and makeup).

Frankie Steinz Costumes

You can win a costume competition if you chose a costume from designer Frankie Steinz. 

This luxury boutique, designed for meetings only, is designed for those who are not ready to spend money on an individual creature – you can rent vintage, bizarre, and unusually original costumes of professional quality.

Abracadabra Superstore

You can find it all in one mega costume store. From muscular knit suits to superhero costumes right out of movies. Scary pirates and a series of Santa Claus professional suits are waiting for you.

The three-day lease starts at $100 with a security deposit. Unusual costumes and kitschy accessories, such as Donald Trump’s wigs, abound in this store. If you want artificial blood or a gorilla suit, you’ll find it here, among many passageways filled with masks, skulls, and magic sticks.

Rubie’s Costume Company

You can rent costumes, from colonial outfits to fashionable outfits from every decade from the 1920s to the 1960s. 

You can find everything in a warehouse in a costume store in Queens. There is also a wide range of pet costumes. So you can skip the pet store and easily find suitable clothes for your friend.

We’re Having a Party

Spend this day with your kids

This 45-year-old party store in Brooklyn sells mostly costumes. If you want, you can find a pink skirt for your poodle or borrow huge heads of animals practically worthy of Disney Broadway heroes.

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Rent the Runway

Skip the banal Halloween costumes and come out here to show creativity to fashion. Solemn clothing, accessories, and many other things in this boutique are popular among citizens. 

For $25, you can make an appointment and meet a personal stylist who will help you find the perfect dress for your next big event. The shop offers a wide range of dresses from more than 200 designers. For $139 a month, unlimited subscribers who like to participate in or host a variety of costume parties can change their clothes for Halloween every day in October if they wish.

Halloween Tours

If you want to shudder, then we suggest Madame Morbid’s Trolley Tour. This hour and a half tour in a Victorian-style decorated car will get you into the darkest parts of the city and will give you goosebumps! The tour always takes place from Wednesdays to Sundays.

The Ghost Tour in Greenwich Village takes you to some places that are supposed to be haunted. On this tour, you will discover haunted houses, such as the house of Edgar Allan Poe and the Hanging Tree, on which, according to legend, traitors and criminals were once hanged.

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If you want to know more about the ghosts of Broadway, book the Broadway Haunted Tour. They visit the theaters in which ghosts are supposed to roam and sing to songs from the more sinister musicals such as Phantom of the Opera and Ghost.

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